Strike action


Rob Kiernan. Danny Wilson. Scott
Allan. Stuart Dallas. Reece Wabara. Andy Halliday. Wes Foderingham.
A combination of captured
signatures, and just a few of the names linked with joining them. But among
that glut of speculated (and confirmed) personnel, the one type of player
conspicuous by its absence is that of striker.

The only notable goal-getter
Rangers have been linked to this window has been Stevie May and he is currently
at Sheffield Wednesday in the Championship so
any move for him has been speculated as a loan. And unlikely – a solid English
Championship switched for the Scottish incarnation? Remote.
Beyond him, there are not a lot
of scorers linked with Ibrox, even less with concrete interest, and that is a
Right now, Rangers are furnished up
front with Kenny Miller, Dean Shiels and Nicky Clark.
Messi, Suarez and Neymar it is
Add Callum Gallagher to the mix
and it is a position Rangers are quite desperately in need of fresh blood for,
with Miller certainly not the player he once was, Clark already having peaked
at his previous club it seems and Shiels being patchier than a pair of 80s
There is not one player in that
clutch that fans can feel excited about, and none who score freely.
What does Mark Warburton do about
this? Behind the scenes the new boss is feverishly trying to get deals done,
but there is only so much he can do – the Scottish Championship is a ‘hard sell’
as he puts it; it is extremely tough to persuade decent strikers from the
English Championship or even League One to give up that standard for their Scottish
equivalent, with only money being plausible motivation.
Unfortunately it is even tougher
to persuade Scottish Championship rivals like Queen of the South and Hibs to
sell their best strikers to Rangers – these teams want promotion as much as
Rangers do, and getting a Jason Cummings or even a Derek Lyle is not as easy as
it once was – Rangers cannot just flash big cash and get their man now.
As I said in my last entry,
Warburton is not a miracle worker and will struggle to get the quality Rangers
need. Fans will need to cut him a lot of slack, and chances are the striking
pool come the 25th will be much the same as it was during the


  1. I think the only real option here is a decent loan player or maybe someone who needs an introduction to the UK and they would use it as a stepping stone to English football. There is plenty talent out there that would prefer actual competitive football than playing reserve football or U21's. Let's wait and see, losing goals is the first plug hole required from last season, Scoring goals is the next, Vukic wants to return so surely that's an option?

  2. I think Shield and Clark may surprise you they will may flourish under Warburton and Kenny will be Kenny and give 200% for the cause

  3. I don't agree that Warburton will struggle to get the quality Rangers need – we need to get out of the Championship, not win the Champions League.

  4. Assuming that we add Reece Warbara then the defence looks fairly strong but just as last season we desperately need a bit of class in midfield and up front. It might be that Dallas would add a new dimension and it might also be that Templeton will flourish under Warburton and Weir however I fear that if we do not acquire a quality striker and a box to box midfield player then we will struggle. King needs to prove that there is more to him than just talk!

  5. Give the guy a chance , its early In July and the proper League games start on the 8th Aug, I`m sure he will be looking at a few before then.

  6. Although a poor return was seen from our strikers last season, I believe that their main problem was the inept midfield and the lack of service provided. Too often Miller & Clark were running around doing the job of the midfielders.

  7. Hardie is quality and will flourish under W&W I also think getting Andy Little back would be good as that was a terrible move yet again by McCoist – as in bring in Boyd and Miller past it pals get rid of a guaranteed goalscorer after playing him out of position all season. A loan player from EPL or Europe also seems wise affording us a better standard than we can afford that or a Bosman signing…. I trust W&W we have 8 weeks of the just opened signing window left. We ALL said we need defence dealt with and Keeper FIRST he has delivered a total new defence assuming current trials are as favourable as ben mentioned by W&W, he looks like having Eustace (bin Law) and Halliday plus I think McLeod will come on loan, midfield boosted ! Just leaves him attack and 8 weeks to get that spot on. Miller will not let us down in a good team that is a fact.

  8. Young Keatings looked much better than anything we have last season and Hearts released him – could be potential?

    Failing that Miller should score plenty if the service is right.

    Difference this coming season is that we actually have a manager as opposed to gardeners so should win the league without breaking sweat.

  9. I think Warburton will come good before the transfer window closes. He has a lot of contacts and I'd love to see young strikers, even if its loans. Put some pace in our attack.

  10. Spent 220k on transfers, season ticket holders stepped up again, saved 2.5m on wages Dave King what's happening we need quality midfield playmaker and penalty box player let's hope Warby has the budget because I can't see many others buying books and I don't want to sit in a disgruntled stand or join the 45min loyal

  11. There were more than a few Hibs players who had redeem themselves last season (such as Craig and Robertson) and they certainly lifted their game during the campaign. But given the way they capitulated to Hamilton they had to walk on a razors edge to get our fans back on side. That's going to be your biggest problem this season. The players who are still there are going to be whipping boys if things take a while to gel. Hibs players are once again enjoying playing at Easter Road. We just need to convince the guys who said theyd never be back that things are improving!!

    It remains to be seen whether you bears will have the patience to back your lads if they misplace a pass etc. One things for sure. We both can't afford another season in the Championship.

  12. Sign Scott Allan, bring back Lewis mcleod and buy a quality striker, with the money promised from dave king, league won. Simple!

  13. Scott Allan will go if Hibs get an offer of between £800k and £1m.

    Where do you think that money is coming from when it's clear that King doesn't have the readies to pay off Ashley and return the IP rights to the club and at the sane time improve the merchandising deal.

    Ashley hasn't gone away. What happens if he calls in his loan and takes ownership of the assets secured against it?

    No training ground
    No Albion Street car park……so no access to the Club Stand.
    No Edmiston House.

    The clowns in the media don't or won't say a bad word about King….why not?

    He's been invisible for months and as far as I can see hasn't put a penny of his so called investment into the club.

    Look at the standard of player that's being brought in…..completely underwhelming, not forgetting the failures left over on the playing staff from last year.

    An earlier poster said that the league would be a scoosh this season……plenty of similar posts this time last year and look what happened.

    Hibs, St Mirren and Falkirk will make it difficult, make no mistake.

    We have a rookie management team who will be under pressure from day 1 if the opening cup game against Hibs is lost.

    Keirnan and Foderingham have fallen for the media spin talking about the CL in 3 years time. It's miles away, it's risable.

    Winning the Championship and then the SPFL with the standard of player currently on board will be impossible without massive player investment…..or over investment as King prefers to call it.

    If Celtic make it through the qualifiers this year then they have an immediate £20m advantage on us with the new TV deal kicking it………ffs that's more than our turnover last year.
    Their wage bill is 4 times ours and they continue to make a profit by selling on players, whilst we are losing £10m per year.
    Time for King to walk the walk but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

    I see an earlier poster saying t

  14. I just hope he's seen Gallagher and seen what I've been saying since the start!!!

    Although I don't think our strikers where the problem last year, I believe the lack of goals was more down to our midfield not giving the service to the strikers, The midfield couldn't pass a parcel last season and guys that can score 20 goals a season just didn't get the service, personally would of given Boyd one more season !!

    • Gallagher's an excellent young talent, and I too hope he's given a place in the team along with McKay, Hardie, Walsh and Murdoch.

  15. I hear an offer of £400k for Vuckic is coming and wages of £10k a week and 2 young Tottenham forwards coming too. Goals will come from all over the park as Warbs invigorates the whole team and style of play.

    • I'd be surprised if Newcastle would let him join Rangers for anything less than 5 million quid;).

  16. King's £30m will be used for the SPFL once we win the championship. £20m from other backers and £15m from SB sales will see us buy the best talent available as we push for the CL.

  17. But Squint is trying to get out and we need to pay wages, taxes, and other costs out of whatever money we get in?

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