“The Released Eleven”; did they deserve notice?


Former Rangers captain and
stalwart Barry Ferguson has condemned Rangers for the Club’s methods in
handling the release of the out-of-contracters.
Ferguson believes they deserved more
professional respect than to find out their fates from the back pages, but is
he right?
This debate is one which is
springing up more and more now that Ian Black has joined Richard Foster and
Kris Boyd in publicly castigating how they were released, or, more to the
point, how they learned they would not receive new deals.

So let us look at all sides of
the argument and see who is right:
First is that of the players.
These are professionals who gave up superior levels of competition to join
Rangers. Kris Boyd gave up an excellent spell at Premiership side Kilmarnock,
Richard Foster sacrificed English Championship outfit Bristol
City and Ian Black said goodbye to
Hearts in Scotland’s
top flight. While wages clearly paid a big role in persuading them to join Ally
McCoist, they still did sacrifice a higher level of competition in order to
come to Govan. In Black’s case he came to the Third Division, in Foster’s case
League 1. If we are to praise Lee Wallace (and McCulloch, Little, and Alexander
et al) for remaining at Ibrox, do these others not also deserve credit for
Consequently, while they were not
exactly ‘servants’, they would argue that they deserved some sort of formal
advance notice that they were no longer required, purely out of courtesy, to
give them time to make arrangements for departures to new clubs.
Admittedly their gabbing to the
press to complain about their ultimate treatment did not exactly endear them to
many, but then again, without them doing that, how would fans know the truth?
Many point to the fact their
performances were diabolical, and they were not ‘deserving’ of such courtesy as
to be informed in advance, and that they gave so little on a playing front that
they are lucky they were not hung, never mind given respect.
However, Rangers (and many fans) would
argue their contracts were up, and the Club owed them absolutely nothing. It
was evident in the months leading up to the playoffs that none of those out of
contract would be earning a new playing deal (McCulloch’s alleged coaching
offer notwithstanding) so the lack of offer of one should have come as no
Indeed, it is argued strongly
that that knowledge is half the
reason the playoff performances were so poor – with players like Mohsni,
Foster, McCulloch and Boyd knowing they would not be involved next season, how
exactly could any manager have motivated them to fight tooth and nail for the
So, not getting an offer was not
a shock.
But, this is where Ferguson’s argument holds
water: we are Rangers, and we are supposed to do things the Rangers Way. If players are being
released, it is the dignified approach to tell them in advance. Or, at the very
least, swiftly following the playoff exit.
For professionals to all find out
they had lost their jobs from the media, when the employer had the power to
inform them directly first, is not good.
Do not confuse this argument with
defence of their displays and wages, or condoning of their running to the press
to whine about how they were released; it is far from that. But at a base
level, these players should have been told they were not being offered new
deals, simply because that is the courteous and respectful way to do things.
Some might construe this entry as
an attack on the board; which is ironic as when I praise them, I get criticised
for being pro-board. But it is not –
it is just an appraisal of a valid issue, and for all the things the board is getting right, such as a brilliant
managerial appointment, and getting a couple of top defenders in quickly, this
is something they got wrong.
None of these players deserved
new deals, but they did deserve to be told so.


  1. why is it all the so called duds will be playing in the spl next season and all the fuds will be playing against hibs in the fuckin ramsden cup i think maybe it was because mcall couldnt hack it not the players

    • I'm cool about your language ya fucking idiot ramsden cup doesn't exist anymore but other people need to realise we have to live amongst people who use industrial language and wankers like people who have nothing better to do than voyeurism on their rivals websites

  2. It is common at most clubs when players leave to publicly thank them for their efforts. It's difficult in Rangers case given so many players played well below their capabilities.

    BUT! I've been made redundant and knowing I would have to continue working a notice I approached our HR department and asked for voluntary redundancy which I was granted. Your players couldn't do that could they.

    Yes I know all the arguments about "putting yourself in the shop window etc." but like little old me it sure doesn't help your confidence being told your surplus to requirements.

    Your club got it wrong in this case. It's simple courtesy to inform and thank staff for their work. Yes they were very well paid but something wasn't right behind the scenes. Your new board has been left looking arrogant and without any empathy towards its staff.

    • the players got it wrong big time,,,,let the fans and the club down big time,,,time for them to shut up and move on,,,in king our trust watp,,

    • in murray we trust in whyte we trust in green we trust in ally we trust in paul potless we trust in king we trust do you see where this is leading take a wee while to think about it are you still thinking though so

  3. At the end of the day, dave king, paul Murray and john gilligan said they would bring back rangers values to the club and the rangers of old and the values of rangers old would not have allowed any rangers player no matter how badly they had played treated like this, thwe board didnt just get this wrong, they got it badly wrong.
    they have to come out and put it right or at the very least contact the players and apologise! WATP!

    • what values are they then the same as his of course don;t pay your tax bill and borrow borrow like theres no tomorrow same all same all

  4. At the end of the day, dave king, paul Murray and john gilligan said they would bring back rangers values to the club and the rangers of old and the values of rangers old would not have allowed any rangers player no matter how badly they had played treated like this, thwe board didnt just get this wrong, they got it badly wrong.
    they have to come out and put it right or at the very least contact the players and apologise! WATP!

    • Fully agree, not even to mention that have none of them, especially King learned that its a bad idea to break the law?

    • You don't even know your name or who you are. I live in a villa overlooking Lake Geneva, so a bit less confused than you are.

  5. It should be a criticism of the Board. It shows poor administration and lack of management just as previous regimes. I do not see a real change in this department. All individuals should have been informed of their situations as well as the club ensured it met all of it's contractual obligations ensuring no litigation would follow and further money lost.

    I would also state that the boycott put us in the position we were in last season, the most important part of the 3 year journey. King's actions undermined McCoist, the team and the finances and we lost McLeod in January. King should immediately compensate the club for the loss of income, about £8 million before the start of the season that's not a loan or investment.

  6. While I agree with both arguments…we do NOT have a 'Rangers Way of doing things now, that has all but disappeared. Our new board have made that abundantly clear they do not take ANY contract or obligation as a given….only when it suits their needs. Doing things 'The Rangers Way' died when SDM took over and that sad demise is no more apparent than now.

    Irrespective of how they played, and some of that was not their fault, you can not and should never treat human beings with disregard and toss them aside like garbage….if that's how the 'New' Rangers are and how they conduct themselves…..then we do not deserve the respect we so dearly crave….sad times for our once great institution …the Founding Fathers and Mr Struth will be turning in their graves at such disgraceful handling of players, good or bad it doesn't make that sort of behaviour right.



  7. Black shouldn't have been there after betting against his one club ! Foster also for his fowl mouthed rants directed at the long suffering support. At least Boyd had the decency to admit he fell short, for his past efforts with the club he did deserve better. But surely none of them could have been surprised their time was up , 3 years of doss was enough thank you guys.

  8. IN – I think you're missing the prescient point here. A few days after these guys were bleating and sooking their thumbs in the press, it came to light that rangers had organised a farewell and thank you to the players after the last game against Motherwell.. Well beyond the call of duty in my eyes… Of the 11, only Robinson and simonsen bothered turning up… The rest ran home greeting… So we see them once again for what they are- failures, an embarrassment to rangers and an effrontery to the legacy of Mr Struth.., good fucking riddance.

  9. Dispite being someone who is definately very pro-board I would have to agree with you here. Obviously these players were failures on the park but they still deserved to have been treated with respect and informed in person.
    It would have been the dignified way to manage the situation and after having 3 years of chancers and scumbags in charge of the club we need King to restore a bit of decorum.

  10. There was some report that Murray had organised some evening for the players where they'd be thanked and so on. All but two snubbed it, so if that is the case then fuck them.

    They didnt show up on the park/in training why should they be treated like they did. They were employed to do a job, they didnt do it so they dont deserve a pat on the back and a big thank you.

  11. All those players failed. Mr King is angry at that very fact, just as most of us Rangers fans are. These players were paid thousands, and had the capability to beat any team and win the championship, but they all decided to play when they felt like playing. Some of the lack of urgency and commitment was absolutely soul destroying to watch. So no,,Mr King was damn right to show his anger at the wage grabbing merceneries and not acknowledge any of them, because there is absolutely nothing to acknowledge them for!!! We are still in the Championship because of them!!!

    • I think he's going to be a hell of a lot angrier when the tax court reconvenes. Sir David has been very quiet for a long time and DCK never saw eye to eye on anything.

  12. The players should have thought about writing to Dave King to thank him for paying them exorbitant salaries. Rangers delivered on its share of the bargain by overpaying them for the modest goals they were asked to reach, and (as far as I'm aware) never once missed a payment to their bank accounts despite the club being crippled financially. Rangers delivered on its promises. In return, the players were asked to give high quality performances in every training session and every game. For them to go to the media and point the finger at Rangers for their own catastrophic failures just confirms what we already knew – they are absolutely bloody pathetic.

    • no they should have thought about writing to mike ashley for paying them king won;t pay tax never mind wages

  13. I can undestand why barry is saying this, But honestly?
    I seen Boyd being interviewd by BT Sport before he came to us & he was desperate to return you could see the £signs in his eyes, And as soon as he shows up he does nothing
    Black was released & again you could see another desperate player
    Dont even talk to me about foster I go to watch Bristol City & he was RANK when he played for them
    So I see this as just the usualdull comments from Ex- Players who have got the hump

    Quite Frankly would yo have kept them on, I dont think any serious minded bear would have!

  14. King has a big mouth, a habit of lying every time he makes a statement often contradicting what he said the week or month before.
    Check his statements on how his dad passed down the Rangers traditions to him as a boy, most receng statement, and compare with last year's statement where he talks about his dad having no interest in football having seen as a policeman the havoc caused by OF matches.

    He makes it up as he goes along. The SA judge who who made the strongest attack on King's character wasn't wrong.

    In addition to the famous glib and shameless liar jib he also said that he wouldn' t believe a word that came from King's mouth unless there was documentary evidence to support it.

    Kinb would routinely during his SA trial refer to paperwork that he had at home to support his ramblings……….when asked to bring them into court the following day he would just sah that he couldn't find the documents.

    Is it any wonder we can't get listed, therefore no share issue,

    Thanks Dave, and where the hell are you?

  15. As a professional courtesy maybe. However once the contract has expired and management has not offered a new deal, the player and the agent should assume its time to move on and look elsewhere. It happens on more than one team in more than one sport.

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