Warburton’s marker as Rangers humiliate Hibs


While the first 30 minutes of
this afternoon’s match were slow, and Rangers struggled to get to grips with a
fast-paced home side, including the concession of an incredibly sloppy goal, it
is plain to see the level of resilience and teamwork which followed this, and
when new signing James Tavernier brilliantly netted from a edge-of-the-box free
kick, it galvanised the entire side to finally splutter into life.
This was a hungry, methodical,
clinical and devastating display from Rangers, absolutely decimating a very
strong Hibs side.

Many will point to Scott Allan’s
absence from the starting XI as a factor, but that would be illogical. Even
without him they were superior. Until, that is, Tavernier equalised.
Then the tide shifted in a
dramatic fashion, which saw droves of home fans head for the exit before Allan
even made his appearance.
An appearance which made
absolutely no difference, incidentally.
From Halliday’s curling sizzler into
the postage stamp, to Miller’s clinical finishes from close range, to that
Tavernier free kick opener, this was a statement to Scottish football; Rangers
do not pretend we are the finished article, or rebuilt to the glory days from
years ago, but we are going in that direction.
No one in Scottish football can
ignore Rangers going to Easter Road and registering 6 goals. It is not quite
Rangers getting 3 at the Gerland in Lyon in
2007, but in the context of today, it is just as important and just as
While there is still much to be
done, with some tinkering required and a few new signings probably still
needed, Rangers today put down a marker – a marker which completely slaughtered
a very competent Hibs team, and embarrassed them on their own turf.
It was Rangers’ most emphatic
display since 2012, it is that simple. It might have had a delayed start, but
by 90 minutes and Rob Kiernan humiliating Scott Allan, the tone had been set.
Welcome to Mark Warburton’s
Rangers; We Welcome the Chase.


  1. Saying we humiliated Hibs is a bit much, 6 – 2 is a big score line but Hibs looked capable of scoring more through out the game, especially in the opening 40. Rangers did play some worrying football in the beginning and Foderingham looked less than sure in goal.

    Yes i am aware that this is still a team that is getting to know one another but we cant ignore that wasnt a full strength Hibs.

    And Templeton is a waste of space.

    • A 6-2 defeat (at home) wasn't a humiliation? If it had been the other way round you can be sure there would have been no shortage of people only too happy to shout about how big a humiliation it was. It was a tremendous 2nd half performance, more so considering it was the team's first competitive game together. Some of the goals were brilliant too. If you're a Rangers man and you weren't impressed, you must be a very hard man to please. It was a world away from all the crap we've had to watch for the last 3 years or so and at last the future looks very promising.

    • Dont get me wrong there was a lot in there today to be impressed and encouraged by, it was good to see as many goals and the style they were scored, it was also good that when we went 1-0 down and even when they pulled it back to 3-2 the players didnt seem fazed by it. It isnt something we're too familiar with recently.

      There were a lot of positives yes, just not wanting to get ahead of ourselves yet.

  2. Most excited I have been about our future for so many years. Ripped a young hungry Hibs side apart. Still a couple of chinks to be sorted out but that's expected. The level of that performance was not. I hoped it would be but couldn`t have expected that. Absolutely delighted. Onwards and upwards. Cant wait for next game. Been a long while since I felt like this. Congrats Mark Warburton and his squad. Yeeehaaa 😉

  3. How wrong I was. I thought that the game would be a bit of a fizzer, with no bang. Turned out to be a good game.
    Rangers proved that they have the strike power they'll need, this season, on the books already. So long as they make enough chances the goals will come.
    Goalkeeper looked a wee bit suspect when put under quick pressure. He will have to move a lot sharper, if he is to play his sweeper/keeper role. He won't need telling that, when he watches the replays. But the Gaffer will remind him anyway.
    After a couple of shaky spells in the first half, Rangers stamped their authority on the game. There were quite a lot of good performances. Lee Wallace looks back to his best. Law looks a different player, too, now that he has players working hard around him. They all worked to get into space to give each other options. They are really trying to work as a team. Good to see.
    Central defence is far from the finished article and, like the goalie, looked a bit vulnerable when pressured quickly while trying to play out of defence.
    Teams will be looking to do that to Rangers this season, so they'll be told, no doubt, that if teams push too many players up to pressure our defence, it's fine to play some long balls in behind them to keep them honest.
    The play out from defence strategy is, however, the right one. Hibs forwards ran out of petrol in the last 20 minutes, or so, due to their efforts in pressuring Rangers defence.
    Lots of good performances on display. I'm well pleased.
    I said, on a previous article, that Rangers won't face a better team than Burnley this year. Either in the league or, if they manage a Cup run, against Premier league teams. Including Celtic.
    I was dreading the last meeting with Celtic at Hampden. I think that the state of the pitch saved us a real drubbing that day. Today, it's a different story. This team has made a good start. But the real good news is that it will get much, much, better as the weeks go by. If we meet Celtic later on I think we will all approach it with a degree of confidence, this time around. Onward and Upward.
    C'mon the Gers!

  4. Against Burnley we started well but finished looking fairly ordinary. Against Hibs the start was ordinary but the finish was great.
    As fitness levels, team work and confidence grows. I'm expecting our squad to become a very potent force this season and beyond.
    C'mon the Gers!

  5. What ever bread Warburrs used at half time was the big difference, the start and going 1 down, oh no but considering these boys are knew to each other, Law was wasteful 1st half but what a transformation the 2nd, as for Wallace player we all know, some backpasses to the keeper need to be a bit more precise put the lad in trouble when their was no need.I think a commanding player in the air would a top priority a Stein if we can find one, obvious Scott wants to play for us and would be a good buy, well done lads keep it going.

  6. Terrific performance after slow start , keeper wants to play the ball out but needs to learn that there is a time and a place for it and sometimes he will need to just get rid of it. Both wingers struggled first half but got better .I thought Holt had a really effective game in behind Waggy .As for Allan ,I thought he showed why we want to sign him when he came on , found space , ran with the ball and beat men at will …fortunately it was too late .He is a player far beyond this level of football and just what we need as we try to reclaim our place at the top .Sign him now or next summer …..but sign him.

  7. Yes I thought the first 30 min we were nervous after that I thought we got better and played some good football but as the manager said we will get better ,as they get more games ,well done .W A T P .

  8. C'mon author no mention of waghorn, did I not say the other day he would be top goalscorer, ok early days but mind you think Kenny Miller won't be far of either if we keep creating chances like we did today

  9. All the rangers players shook hands with hibs players except for scott allan who got big hugs from all our boys. Do gers players know something we dont yet know. Was it "see you in training" type gestures????

  10. Without going overboard (2 games) the improvement is there for all to see,Mark Warburton can motivate and man-manage of that there is no doubt.I saw more energy from him in 5 minutes on the touchline than I saw from McCoist in 2 full seasons.Take Barrie McKay for instance he's like a new player,Nicky Law 10 times more involved as the ball gets played through midfield rather than over it and finally good to see a right back who has the confidence and ability to get forward and pass the ball to one of his own team rather than hoof it and hope for the best.
    It's clear temperamental players like Templeton need to improve both physically and especially mentally as Warburton doesn't seem the type to put up with passengers!
    I am sure the players will have been told from the start from this no-nonsense disciplinarian get yourself fit,sort your head out,abide but the rules and listen to instructions all of which have been lacking for the last 4 years.
    I agree with the above post that the goalkeeper is suspect,hopefully in time that position can be sorted out whether it's him or Cammy Bell I'm not sure.
    As I mentioned above it's very early days but the signs look great,if we play like that every week the ground will be full as that style of play and commitment have been cried out for for years.
    Onwards and upwards.

    P.S. Bet of the season in every Rangers game,both teams to score!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Brilliant goals. Fantastic and exhilarating possession football. Battling and confident displays by so many young players.The use of the ball in the second half reminded me of Barcelona and Real Madrid v Eintracht at Hampden. It really was top class. Mark Warburton said they could have lost the game by the 43rd minute. Rightly so but the reasons why WILL be fixed. But from then on I was sitting on the end of my seat. Better get the builders back into Ibrox. 60.000 will want to see this Rangers team. We are back in town.

  12. Excellent performance. New signings have made a huge difference. Few things to work on defensively but overall style of play and workrate was brilliant. Bring on next week

  13. We need to give Templeton a chance, McCoist made him a lesser player and he has has 0 football for 2 seasons. Getting on his back making him feel unwanted is not going to get him back to the player we signed. I support every current player of the club 100% and will do as long as they wear the shirt. The dross has gone the ones who ripped the shit out our club are away. Lets get behind our boys …. ALL of them. I have stated in previous posts that Nicky Clark needs a loan as I don't believe he is currently good enough for the first team, but he has potential so I guess MW will decide.

  14. I said from day 1 that Warburton was a coup. Puts people in their place thinking we need big name or big money players. Hibs were impressive last season and this Rangers team dismantled them in their first competitive game. Bring on the new season.

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