Scott Allan saga; don’t forget there’s a match on


This afternoon sees the latest
instalment of the ongoing Rangers v Hibernian saga, a soap opera which
dominated the Championship last season and saw Rangers come out on top,
particularly in the playoff.
However, unless you have been
living under a rock, you will know the entire match has been swamped under the
Scott Allan affair.
Confirmed events so far are that
Rangers have submitted two bids, the latest totalling £250,000, and buoyed by
the chance to switch to his boyhood heroes, the player himself has informed his
employers of the desire to leave them.

Unfortunately, for Rangers fans
anyway, nothing else has transpired. No confirmation of a transfer request, and
no further bid. Fans wondering why this is the case may be enlightened to know
there are whispers that Hibs have issue a ‘no sale to Rangers at almost any
cost’ warning, and that the player and his agent are aware of this. There are
also rumblings that Celtic, Wolves and Ipswich
are heavily monitoring the situation and sales to them would be absolutely
Just not Rangers.
In a sense, one can actually
understand Hibs’ stance regardless of the rumours. At the end of the day he is
their star player, the one who makes them tick. He is their biggest and most
valuable asset and they would be loathe to sell to their major Championship
I am far from empathising with Hibs,
but put Rangers in their shoes; if St Mirren, or indeed Hibs bid a few hundred
thousand for Lee Wallace or Andy Halliday, would we be happy to sell?
As Rangers fans, we need this
player. As a Club we need him too. But there is a reality at stake where Hibs
do not want to make Rangers stronger with their own player.
Either way, today’s match will be
completely overshadowed by this saga. As you will see from the title photo,
Allan is even their match program’s cover star. No one knows if he will start,
although word is Stubbs has included him in the squad.
But the tie itself is secondary
to the pantomime that the Allan saga has become, and we will see what exactly
ends up being behind him over the coming days and weeks.


  1. I really like allan. He is exactly what we need to complete our midfield. HOWEVER…..he isnt worth breaking the bank for. 500k is fair. Even a cool 1M would be money well spent but rumour is Hibs won't even consider selling to us for less than 1.5M. If this is true, the deal simply wont happen. Im sure Warbs could pick up a player of a similar quality (if not better) from down south for 1M. I'll be disappointed if the deal doesn't happen but our club should not be held to ransom by the wee team from Edinburgh. At the end of the day, Allan has had one good season. Its been well documented that Hibs would accept offers in the region of 500k for him (as long as its not Rangers). As Warbs jas said, there's plenty of young talent out there. Allan isnt the only one we're looking at. WATP

  2. If they don't sell soon then Rangers could just sign him on a pre contract in January, He can refuse to go elsewhere so Hibs could either make some money or no money. I know there is a catch 22 where they don't want to stengthen their main rival but are Hibs really going to challange Rangers this season?

  3. Hard to say, for certain, but the lack of bids by other clubs suggests that Allan's agent isn't sounding out other clubs. That would indicate that the player has made up his mind. If Rangers want him then he WILL be going to Ibrox and nowhere else. Whether he has made this clear to Hibs is also unknown. If not, perhaps, he should.
    Scott Allan does not owe Hibs anything. They got him for nothing and he was their best performer last season. He earned his wages. Now they have a chance to make a tidy profit on him, in the region of a quarter of a million pounds.
    This stand-off will hurt Hibs. An unhappy player is not good for the morale of the squad. Especially, when that player is their main play maker. If Hibs are smart they will make the best of things and do a deal. If not Rangers will benefit from the unrest at Hibs and pick up the player for nowt at the first available opportunity.
    Allan's wish to leave now is not unreasonable. Hibs should realise that. Their refusal to deal is juvenile.

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