Do Rangers still need Scott Allan?


Yesterday this site regaled its
readers with why Rangers critically need Scott Allan, why he is the missing
piece of the jigsaw to cope with the rigours of Championship life this season.
All the points made in that entry
remain true – Rangers have lacked a regista for a great period, literally since
Barry Ferguson left, and the morale boost from securing him at Ibrox would be
an exceptional fillip to everyone associated with Rangers.
Until, that is, around 14:30
today, when a travelling Rangers romped home to a ridiculously easy 6-2
slaughtering of a side they had failed to score more than two goals against in
any single match last season, and one which scored a total of 11 against the
Light Blues.

Today’s score quite simply
changed everything. Rangers no longer need
one man to complete the jigsaw.
The pre-match interview from Mark
Warburton highlighted why – the former Brentford man kept preaching about how
it is not about any one player, and
it is about the team as a whole. That the whole
squad must be good enough, that components from throughout his entire armoury should be able to come
in and do as good a job from the bench as those he selects to start.
This match showed why. While it
was a stuttering start and took until Tavernier’s stellar finish to get going,
from there on in the individual became irrelevant and the team became the
No more relying on a sub to make
a difference, no more pinning all our hopes on one player to produce – no more
Haris Vuckic-type scenarios where a player becomes a cult hero because he is
the only one we can rely on.
Now it seems, if this throttling
of our traditional conquerers is anything to go by, that the whole team works
together, links, plays, fights as a unit, and can be relied on to produce a
For the first time in a long
time, Rangers appear to truly have a team, one which can only get better.
The statement of intent by
nabbing 6 goals at the Championship runners’ up’s patch is clear.
Now, I hasten to add Scott Allan
is utterly welcome. He is an excellent player and could only strengthen Rangers
further. Absolutely at no point am I dismissing his use to the Club.
I am only pointing out, thanks to
our display today, we learn we do not need him like we thought we did.
And that applies to all players.
Warburton this morning said he wanted a couple more. Why? To make the squad
stronger. Not the team, but the squad. Now he almost certainly realises the
urgency to do that is not quite what it was.
Rangers are not the finished
article, still some way to go. But 6-2 against one of the best teams in the
division on their own patch shows why Rangers are not dependent on anyone anymore.


  1. Very encouraging performance and impressive result mate but let's not get carried away. We need him, not because he is world class or to be the player that every other player looks to pass the ball to, but because he compliments what we have and offers something different from Holt, Halliday, Law and Shiels. It is not about dependency but rather looking to complete a jigsaw and he is crucial part of that jigsaw a contemporary visionary coach is piecing together.

  2. What you have to remember is Scott Allan wasn't playing for Hibs today, what difference would he have made to the Hibs side if he had played from the start. I don't think it would have been as easy a victory if he had played.

  3. I think its unwise to be too cocky after one game….but i must admit, warburton has the team performing the way i 'hoped' he would. Now my hope is that this is only the beginning and that todays performance can and will be improved upon. Still think we need another centre forward and Scotty Allan would be the ocing on the cake but the signs are better than good. One super impressed bear….. WATP

  4. The score suggests you are right, but it will also have been a message to Hibs that holding onto Scott Allan will not give them an advantage over Rangers in the tussle for the Championship. T

    hey need to budget for staying there for another season so the sale of Allan now rather than losing him for free makes perfect sense. This is why Hibs went public with the Rangers bid for Allan as they need to generate more interest in the player.

    If Allan holds firm then they will have no choice, but to accept Rangers bid and this will happen sooner as they cannot let the clock tick down to the end of the transfer window and allow Rangers to pull the plug.

    I expect Allan at Rangers next week for something like £250,000.

  5. When Allan came on the park he was for me man of the match creative, smooth, acceleration, great forward movement and passing. Rangers should get him quick and pay the value as Infear some English team will come in with a big wage that will take him South. As far as your last article that Mcoist cost us million by not signing Allen if our board and Warbs donuts sign him now we will loose many more millions on ant sell on fee

  6. What a result!!!!!!!! First and foremost…..BUT…….first 30 mins was very uncomfortable to watch and struggled to get going, maybe a bit of nerves or something not sure but to answer your question YES we still need Allan and 1 more striker in my opinion maybe a younger striker with potential instead of paying a lot of money for a proven one….. Anyway happy teddy bear tonight again!!!!!! We are the people…….

  7. I'll reiterate what I posted on here the other day,scott allan WON'T become a rangers player in this transfer window because I 100% believe that there's no chance of hibs selling him to us,our only hope of signing him is on a pre-contract in january and by that time there will also be a few english teams in for him,let all us bear fans concentrate & support on which players are actually playing for us as the team is coming along and the future under warburton is very good,regarding scott allan,'que sara sara'!I rate allan highly but if we don't eventually get him then we move on,simple as that fellow blue noses!

  8. Scott Allan will be a rangers player I have no doubt at all. Even though how impressive the victory was today we could still do with Scott Allan in the middle of the park. He reminds me so much of Barry Ferguson actually. If he comes I think he will take Nicky laws place, although law played well today.

  9. Allen would be a luxury. Murdoch is a class product of the academy we need to give him a chance, if eustace and Allen sign Murdoch will be even further behind in the pecking order.

    Pick up Allen on a free and in time for the premiership next year

    • I don't think we will see Murdoch much this year, personally I dont think he has it.. I don't know what he's did to make people think hes that good.. He probably the slowest midfielder we have.. For a young lad, that's not good and all his passes are sideways..

  10. Hearing also tonight that rangers are very interested in signing ex brentford midfielder who's now a free agent,irishman jonathan douglas who's very similar in style to john eustace who we're currently assessing at murray park regarding his fitness,douglas is actually 33 years old and 2 years younger than eustace and equally as experienced as him

  11. Until Rangers scored they were a shambles in defence, after the goal they grew into the game and I was very happy at the result, also noted they were much fitter than hibs and it showed in the last 20 min

  12. I was on holiday but sky+ the game…..knew the result beforehand and had read the post match comments…..all I want to say is if the first 40 mins wasn't acceptable to "the messiah "warburton…I cannot wait for the rest of the season!!…the pressing,passing,passion the bears showed is something the "beechgrove garden 2" could only have dreamed of….last thing….Ally if u have any sense of loyalty to the club that has made you a VERY rich man please please end the contract!!…..your legend status is greatly reducing by the day!!….God forbid your mentioned in the same way as whyte,green etc

  13. Also everyone saying sign Scott Allan on a pre contract in January! You do realise that teams from the same country can't sign players on a pre contract?? We just need to bite the bullet and sign him the now 350k should do it, even up to 500k

    • Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story. When can teams from the same country not sign players on a pre-contract?

  14. I think half a million is a steal for boy
    with his ability and his best years in front of him, when you consider the money spent on some terrible signings over the last few seasons.
    there should be no messing about , get him on board now!

  15. Over reaction on one performance. We have medium and longer term objectives. We should sign him whenever possible. If Hibs want to run his contract down, fine. Unsettled player for a season will benefit Rangers? If Mr Stubbs is the obstacle, perhaps they should consider a new manager. Failed to get promoted last year, losing out to a shambolic Rangers squad. Dispirited performance yesterday.

  16. I did think the boy Allan looked good when he came on, straight from the off he wanted the ball & seemed to want to drive on with it.
    i also thought we were mince in the 1st 30mins, there did seem to be a disconnect but we started to Gel & i think Taverniers goal gave them a bit of desire to go in with there heads up at halftime,The 2nd half was just excellent I dont think i have enjoyed a Rangers game so much for ages. Im hoping this man Warburton continues with this style and I hope that man King chips in more money to help him

  17. I think unless I'm very much mistaken that two teams from the same country can sign players on a pre-contract,remember celtic signing up gary mackay steven on a pre-contract in january there before the eventually decided to sign him there & then for a small fee along with stuart armstrong

  18. I think unless I'm very much mistaken that two teams from the same country can sign players on a pre-contract,remember celtic signing up gary mackay steven on a pre-contract in january there before they eventually decided to sign him there & then for a small fee along with stuart armstrong

  19. Quite agree with everything you said. What worries me is the 2 goals they let in. Defence still not watertight

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