Warburton drops major hint about defence


Mark Warburton has dropped his
strongest hint yet that he does not view last season’s Player of the Year Darren
McGregor as a first pick defender within his new-look Rangers side.
The new Rangers manager has
already secured former Rangers, Liverpool and Hearts defender Danny Wilson, and
an experienced English Championship centre back he knows well from his Watford
days in Rob Kiernan, and today Warburton let slip that his new recruits are his
first-choice central defensive partnership.
The boss said:

“Danny Wilson and Rob Kiernan are a strong
centre-half pairing.”
Rather than highlighting their
strengths as central defenders individually, he went further instead and paired
them. This leaves McGregor potentially demoted to squad fodder (as speculated on here some weeks ago), with both Reece Wabara and Ryan Fredericks potentially
the selection for right back (if both join), that slot being McGregor’s
auxiliary position.
Warburton went on to indirectly express
that he sees McGregor and Lithuanian international Marius Zaliukas as strong
depth and no more.
“We also have Darren and Marius, so
we’re strong in defence.”
It does appear that Rangers’
first-choice defensive pairing has now been as good as confirmed.


  1. Let's hope that he secures the services of Warbara as well; then all he needs is a midfield and an attack. We need to hope that Spurs do us a favour but up front I reckon that we need some of the promised season ticket money to secure someone of quality. Unless one of the young boys comes forward I don't see us having any real quality with Clark and Miller, (although teh latter will certainly give 100%).

    • So once you sign another defender you only need a midfield and forward line…wow, so close to being world class.

  2. what does wabo base this on darren was our best player last season keernan hasent playd a fuckin game yet and as far as ive heard once we see him he will not play many more

  3. R-E-S-U-L-T !

    I was hoping the numpties that conceded 6 goals to Motherwell would become "squader" as it is far easier to bring an average player into an organised good defence than the other way round, a system is always more likely to stay solid as long as the player being brought in is told his role exactly. We will only run into problems if we were unlucky and suffer injuries to both Wilson and Kiernan

    Glad to see Warburton already thinking his signings are the future

  4. McGregor was okay last season
    And the fact he was player of the year says more of the standard of the rest of the players he was playing with.
    In my opinion he is no better than a back up centre half.

  5. The manager has seen the players from last season on video only (ignoring training) and can't have been impressed. Poor fitness, lack of commitment, etc. Warburton is someone who places a lot of faith on fitness and effort. Is anyone surprised that last seasons players are second in line compared to the players the manager has brought in who fit his values?

  6. I totally agree with a couple of you,, McGregor is nothing more that a back up squad player. He was responsible for 60 to70% of goals conceded last season, most noticably in the Motherwell game whereby the defence leaked 6 goals, 3 of which McGregor was playing at Ibrox. He only got the player of the year of award because the others were so god damn awful. Dont get me wrong, I like the lad, he is an honest player,, but agree with Warbutons assessment that Wilson and Kieran are a better pairing, but i still think there is a place for Mcgregor, I'd have him in front of defence to assist the midfield.

    • No he wasn`t ! .At least you did manage to work out you can`t be responsible for losing goals in games you don`t play in ! We all rightly criticised McCulloch , Mohsni and Zaliukas because they are crap so how would you like to play alongside them .Perfect example Hearts away , 2-0 up McGregor having a stormer , gets moved to right back to accommodate McCulloch and we draw 2-2. He was the only centre half with any pace .We will need more than two centre backs next season and I expect Darren to feature heavily .Also I am willing to bet you have never seen Kiernan play and I so how do you know that these two are a strong pairing.

    • McGregor was nowhere near being "60 – 70% " responsible for goals conceded.

      He was probably responsible for us not conceding more than we did, having a dud like Jig picked week in week out regardless of form, not forgetting also being played out of position at right back by McCoist most of the time.

      He was our player of the year , because he earned and deserved it.

  7. God knows who believed that we actually had a player of the year – we where atrocious, and that is a complement. The really bad ones have been culled, and Warbo has got rid of the rest –
    thank God!!

    Still need three or four players.

  8. Well we get what we sow or pay for and that at the minute is dross. If we really think we can put a championship team together and basically do what Hearts did last year, we are miles off the mark, oh and where is your money Mr King, to be honest, only he knows and it aint coming our way J

  9. Worried that Warburton talks about longer term when we need to win the league above everything else this season and Weir also seems to be making excuses on the scouting front.

    Both these facts suggest there is not enough focus on having a team set up to hit the ground running this season.

    My question is.. Would we deem the season a success for W&W if there was no promotion because we are looking at the longer term.?

  10. relax bears and wind down.
    this new manager knows what hes doing.
    you will be pleased when you see his playing system.
    exciting stuff ahead.

  11. Never heard so many panic merchant, pessimistic, knee-tremblers in my life. ffs calm down. we have until end of August to assemble a squad to beat a team we beat in the play-offs last year with a group of very mediocre players and clueless coaches!!! Listen to the manager. He knows what he wants but these negotiations take time. Get your season ticket now. You will enjoy some attractive football this season. WATP

  12. Like yor positivity, wont last long, we were promised the earth and received nothing, King must go J

  13. There is no difference between Dave king and Craig whyte, whyte came into club skint tried to broker 4 years of season ticket money to run club, king using fans money to see club through this year anyone can do that hate being pessimistic but reckon it will take longer to get rid of him than Ashley, king isn't even a football fan he himself has stated this, also he said he will only spend a month at the most in Scotland hence why he brought in ex Motherwell chief to run business for him, I smell a rat, hope I'm wrong.

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