Rangers v St Mirren – an early indicator of the title


While the trip to Easter Road
sees Mark Warburton’s Rangers Revolution take its maiden bow a fortnight on
Saturday, its domestic campaign gets underway in earnest when the former
Brentford’s charges host St Mirren on the opening day of the Championship season
on the 8th of next month.
Widely-regarded as Rangers’
toughest rivals for the title, with Hibs being second, the Buddies are reformed
under new manager and former Rangers defender Ian Murray, and also contain a
second Rangers-related subplot with talismanic striker Alan Gow also plying his
trade during a disappointing spell at Ibrox.

Mark Warburton’s hosts have made
three confirmed signings, with a glut of trialists currently at Murray Park
and further negotiations for loan deals in the making, and the chances of the
opening match of the domestic league season seeing a very different Rangers to
the Fir Park disaster are high.
Many would argue Rangers are the
favourites, but in recent seasons Rangers have been plugged as such and the
results have not borne that out, and St Mirren will still be reeling from their
demotion to the Championship, eager to return as soon as possible. Bears keen
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The visitors have also enhanced
their squad by getting ex-Celtic development squad product Paul McMullan,
further adding to the sub-plots featuring in this match (Alan Gow desperately wanted this fixture to be the first one St Mirren got). It will also be the
first time Rangers and St Mirren have actually met in over three years, the
last clash being in 2012 with a 3-1 victory for Rangers at Ibrox.
Warburton will certainly be
hoping for something similar next month.


  1. cant wait for this one i reckon we could take 6 or 7 of this mob lets face it there biggest threat is a 37 year old dud i think its time to fill ur boots the way wabu is building this squad it will blow the whole league away before xmas just cant wait watp

  2. couldnt agree more this sqaud has the making of a great team that will take us forward for years to come i would like us to get a top striker for about 1 or 2 million then i cant see anyone to touch us i just wish the fans would get behind dave king and stop fighting with each other in king we trust in king we can acheive greatness

    • If you think that you are deluded, King just wants his money back, we will regret flinging Ashley out, still the team signings are what they are, promising and cant be any worse than last year, get the feeling we are deluding ourself if what we have signed will sort us and achieve greatness. J

    • Squad? Great team? Are you out of your tiny mind? What would be your line up then? Please enlighten us all with your vision of "greatness"

  3. Oh my Gawd…how gullible can you "peepil" be..?
    No money being put in…except ST money of course…which will soon be swallowed up..
    Signing some players that no one has heard of…
    And as for "early indicator of the title"….?? What kind of crap is that…?
    We at HIbs await you… with revenge on our mind…
    Be afraid for the future of your club…be very afraid.

  4. why be afraid of a small provincial team like yours .how many cups and leagues have you got in your history you are nothing but manky mob reserves watp

    • how many titles have u got 2 the last time i counted scottish cup o league cup o ramsdens cup 0 and the 2 were in the lowest leagues in britain

    • Think you'll find we've got a wee bit more than that and even if that was all we had it would still be more than your'e pathetic green n white mob lol.

  5. Hibs will run away with the league this year with Rainjurs fighting it out for 2nd with QoS,Falkirk and Saint Mirren

  6. I am too and fuck hibs but you will win league easily this year my foe gers are shit bet hibs 5 to 2 I already have been season ticket holder last 11years Will maybe get ticket for next season off my 200 quid bet if gers give me a product to buy in to don't mind getting beat etc just wanna see commitment p.s king get lost

  7. We really have to get off to a flyer this season not just to get the team going & bed them in but just to lift evrybodys spirits after the sh*te of last year [ and the outgoing comments of certain players] If we can batter the Buddies and set a marker down then we can win this league.
    The Hibees will be our main threat but I do think we will be capable of dealing with them.
    I fervently hope we can get promoted as this is dragging on for far too long I have supported Rangers all my life & will continue to do so but its becoming boring now when the Media,Other teams,Football associations continue to have a dig, This man Warburton has to get it right 1st time

  8. Many people are tipping st mirren to win championship this year if so get on at bet365 at 6to1 hibs best 5to2 at Ladbrokes if you bet rangers you are mad with this team we can't win and if we do Warburton is a genius

  9. Every league game is huge guys!!,, We have to play every single league game like a cup game,, I could not give a damn about any of the cups at all,, I want this league sown up with committment, professionalism and heart,,,, give Rangers back to the fans, and be where we belong,, at the top,,, We will need to see what happens, but I will be there roaring our lad on,, Warbuton is saying the right things,,but as we all know,, all the talking must be done on the pitch,,, time to look forward, and get right behind our team,….

    • play every game like a cup game eh when have u mob ever won a cup ramsdens final thats ur history in cup games so need to think again bozo in king we trust eh

  10. No matter what just know this… It's all about the Rangers… Why else would you all be commenting 🙂

  11. D'Yknow what?
    I think it is coming together you can have a go at us if you like but we keep believing .
    Fans of other teams can line up round the block to have a dig but who cares

    We have managed to get rid of the sh*te Boyd,Black,Foster etc, Jig is supposedly on his way [ fingers crossed]
    The kids are gfonna get a chance
    We are playing tonight at White Hart lane & will hopefully get a a player outta that [ whether its Winks or Fredirikson i dunno, hopefully both] maybe this chap wabarra will step up to the mark

    Im hopefully that Murdoch will improve on last year he needs to roll his sleeves up

    The goalie is good I have seen him at Swindon [ face it he cant be worse than cammy]

    And as far the rest Templeton.CLarke Law etc they need to have a good look in the Mirror

    because quite frankly if this team cannot beat a the rest of the championship then then we need to have another rethink

    Warburton has the backing of the Board so no Ally exscuses he has Weir to be his right hand man

    So im hopeful for this year I just hope im not sitting here next year whinging

    Anyway onwards & upwards eh?

    • naw its no ur goin back down to where you came from and where you belong in king we trust heh heh heh

  12. Wish my fellow Hibs fans would log in with their real names given this is a Rangers site. We're guests so if your going to mouth off use your name eh!

    As for the column above? Sorry but how on earth can you rate Rangers favourites at this time given you still have the bulk of your squad from last season. I can't see Stubbs and co quaking in their boots at the signings you've made so far.

    St Mirren second favourites? No chance. There's no way you would have conceded six against them. Everyone could see Well had the core of a decent team well before the playoff.

    However depending on your January signings (King said it would take a few windows to rebuild) you should be clear favourites THEN to push on for the championship and only an idiot would say otherwise.

    Hibs will be better than last season and that makes them my second favourites. Queens are never going to be the team they were last season having lost the best players in their small squad. Falkirk could be the team to watch and it all depends on how St Mirren react to relegation. I personally believe they will struggle.

  13. What are some of the posters on?

    Quote…. Warbs has greated the makings of a great team that will take us forward for years to come, with the addition of a £1m/£2m striker…….ffs what a load of bollocking.

    Signed a couple of journeymen pros from the lower levels in England, all of whom have been around the houses, to add to the failures left over from last year.

    Have you seen the Celtic first team squad…..almost all of them are current internationalist for their respective countries……we have none, yes none.

    WRT the £1m/£2m striker…….have you not got the clear message yet?

    There is no war chest, no over investment, no spending whatever it takes.

    We are still on pay day loans, from where who knows despite the new transparency promised by this board.

    Would be no surprise to find out that we are using the 2nd tranche £5m of Ashley ' s monies to keep the lights on.

    God knows if it was King's money Level 5 and Jackson would be shouting it from the roof tops.

    Where is King, where is his money?

    As the business fundamentals have not changed since last season we are on course to lose another £1m. …..apart from ST money, where is this being funded from?

    King is a busted flush. Turns up now and again, the PR machine gets racked up, players we have never heard of, apart from Dank Alves, are being lauded as stars…..then he disappears before anyone gets the chance, or dares to ask him…..Hey Dave, forgotten your wallet…..again!

    It's the same story, same shambles as before, only it's RRM that are taking the p*ss.

  14. I don't know, King never says much and it took him long enough to get on board, he is always guarded, possibly like has been mentioned he won't inject more serious money until the next transfer window when we should be looking to be on the way up and maybe is waiting for the time to put it in for us in the SPL as maybe he thinks we don't need it right now.

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