Four months & counting; where’s the money, Dave?


Four months, five days. 16 weeks
and counting since Dave King and his band of merry men swept into town and seized
control of Rangers’ boardroom.
Most readers of this site will
know it was never in favour of King, but, in the interests of fairness, was
willing to give him a chance and hoped he, Murray and Gilligan succeeded,
because Rangers are frankly far too valuable and important for anything else.

It was in everyone’s interests,
everyone associated with Rangers that is, that King’s coup of the Club
succeeded, and succeeded well.
And, to their credit, certain
good things have happened;
  • Shedding eleven pieces of dead wood. We can argue
    about the manner of their exit, but the fundamental action was correct.
  • Not bringing McCulloch back as coach. He has made
    enough cash out of the Club and frankly does not deserve any more
  • Securing an excellent manager in Mark Warburton. He truly is better than Rangers’ current position deserves and it is kudos
    to the ‘committee’ who managed to nab him.
  • Getting at least two fine signings. Wilson on a
    free and Kiernan for around £250,000 was a great start.
So, the ball was definitely
rolling in the right direction, and few can have too many complaints about the
work done since the end of the playoffs.
However, and the crux of the
problem still sits with the majority of supporters about King and his promises;
the lack of their delivery.
Well over four months on and
there is still no hint of any major investment at all. Quite simply supporters
need some kind of official statement on the official site officially confirming
many millions have been pumped in, with proof.
King promised £20M. He said, and
I paraphrase:
“I expect to put in 10, and I imagine the
others will make up the rest”.
Fine, excellent in fact. But
where is it?
A full fiscal quarter has now
elapsed and we see absolutely no evidence of any major investment to help the
areas of the Club which badly need an injection. Assistant coach David Weir
rightly bemoaned the lack of a scouting network:
“Scouting is a fundamental part of any
football club and it is a big thing Rangers have lacked. The scouting structure
hasn’t been as thorough as it needs to be and my experience is that the best
clubs have the best scouting structures. It is something that over a period of
time the club needs to put in place. It
is definitely one thing we are working on but there has been no changes as of
So well over four months down the
line and no changes implemented to a critical aspect of the Club. That, simply,
is not good enough. Weir himself is even admitting his displeasure that nothing
has been done.
Instead every few weeks the media
hypes up ‘Dave King jetting in’ as if Rangers fans should bow to his feet that
he is (occasionally) willing to take time out of his precious day job to attend to matters at
Rangers should not be a part-time commitment and if
King cannot dedicate himself to the position 24/7 he should delegate his role on a
permanent basis to someone who can.
King had no part to play in any
of the signings, nor did he negotiate with any of the managerial candidates,
including Warburton. He admitted himself that was left to a ‘committee’ who
carried out the discussions and made the final decision.
On no level is this good enough
for the supposed boss of the Club. And neither is his lack of significant
And that goes for the rest of the
board too.
Fans are going with faith right
now that ‘everything will be fine’ and, with luck, it will be; but the
disturbing lack of fundamental changes at the Club (Weir highlighted that
next-to-no new staff have been brought into the Club and it is the same old
faces he remembers from the last time he was here) and the even more worrying
absence of notable investment after a full quarter and counting just is not
Not even remotely.
Dave; board; get your fingers out
of your pockets and into your wallets.


  1. Sadly, I have to agree. I never expected Murray to put in a cent, that has been par for the course for him all the years he has been associated with the club. Speaks a good game but has short arms and deep pockets. As for King, well he has promised substantial funds and has promised to back the manager to bring in what is needed on the playing field and so far we are still significantly short of players in most of teh major positions. Thankfully we now have a decent goalkeeper and three out of the four back four but still no right back and in midfield, Murdoch apart we will either have to depend on youngsters or play the failures from last season and this is teh same for the forward positions. Of course there is still time for us to sign the players that will make the difference but right now, Hibs worryingly appear to have made more of the preseason than us and the one thing we don't want is to have to go through the playoffs for a second season. Time for King to give Warburton the cash needed for a quality striker and a ball playing box to box midfield player that will make a difference

  2. Surely by having a 'committee' that is delegation? It's also not up to Dave King to go out and appoint coaches and scouts that would be down to the management team to bring in the coaches or scouts they want. As for investment why do we need a press release every time there is some form of investment? Are you referring to player investment? There's no evidence to suggest that Mark Warburton has requested and funds or earmarked any players that would require a transfer fee to be paid. But hey, don't let facts get in the way of a good story!

  3. 'After being beaten by effectively an u-17 Spurs side it’s unlikely that the London side will be sending any players on loan to Ibrox to boost their development.'

  4. You will of course have the be patient loyal at your door with this article today but heh ho everything is rosy in the garden, we played our first game yesterday wouldn't have known would you & we had a resounding 3 – 2 loss to Tottenham development team, do you know what if we had the last board in charge the caped crusaders in our support would be going apeshit at this precise moment, in fact that anon who was telling me the other day that you can't trade shares when you can actually, he would be telling me in a perverse way that I would like the last board to be in charge, bullshit I say give me the lion king & murray no mint any day, only jestin anon big dave weir said they have targets just a matter of time tick tock tick tock get your fuckin finger oot simba

  5. At last someone is also asking the question, I have written on this site on numerous occasions that Mr King is not living up to his promise of investment and the fact the season book money is also not being spent on the team. 21,000 season books at £450 a pop is £9.5m, where is it? why is it not being spent on the team? and more so where is the £30m, my children's inheritance, investment gone?

    • In fairness it takes about £20m a year to run the club before you start thinking transfers or players wages so the money King is promising might help keep the lights on.

  6. how dare you ;this is the man who will take us back to former glories namely 3 div championeees 2 div championeees and ramsden cup finalists some people get the wrong idea about dave like that judge in south africa how dare he call him a glb and shameless liar look how far he has taken us in a short space of time we were just beaten by spurs 17 and under squad 3-2 so things are lookin up in king we trust

  7. Why is everyone going crazy about spending money.? Dave Kings or anyone else's.. The new management team have had 2 weeks trying and has had one yes one closed doors game to judge his players.. What would be the point in spend £2-3 million pound on 6 players and making them into a team instantly.,? It wouldn't work, the manager is still assessing his squad to see what he needs and if the players fit.. Hence Wabara and Halliday and Eustace on trial.. Which if the sign on makes 5 new signings plus the 2 new kids we bring in. Time to settle down and be patient me thinks.
    Or we could just spend money for the sake of it.(look where that got us last time)

    • Alex nobody is asking for king to spend 3 mill on 6 players they are asking for some money to be spent on at least 1 or 2 players, I understand we can pick up good players for hee haw but as I have said above spurs development squad beat us yesterday hardly bodes well does it, now Mr Warburton has said he likes players who can manipulate a football fine & dandy every great team has a great centre mid who can dictate a game we have Nicky law & Andy Murdoch vying for that position hardly jaw dropping quality there then is it, now the author of this article has quite rightly pointed out simba has said he will put in ten mill & thinks the others will put up the same well in the words of Cuba Gooding Jr show me the money just don't ask Murray mint for any money

    • Again though as I pointed out, if the trialists show up well then that's another 3 players.. As for a development squad beating us, Alloa Athletic came from 2 behind to beat us last year and we had 11 extra players to choose from, Celtic got beat 5-3 from a team called Dukla Prague.. It's pre season.!!
      Is the issue not spending the money or doubting if the money is there.??

    • You are correct it is pre season & just to put everyone at ease it was not an under 17 team we were playing it was their development squad which has plenty players over the age of 20, now I believe there is money there because dave weir says they have targets & I believe him more than anyone in charge at ibrox just now, the only thing is how much money, enough to get a decent centre mid & decent centre forward who knows

  8. i think its time we all sold our shares to somone who is willing to take us forward you can say what you want about ashley but he put money in and i think if he owened all af our shares he would make us great again at least we might not get beat by spurs boys club so fuckin embaressed by that result watp

    • You and similar illiterate clowns that followed the pied piper Green and his buddy McCoist are the reason we wee so easily conned by this crooks. The fact you are such a retarded tool you STILL think Ashley was helping Rangers in any form defies belief. Listen I have a car for sale than runs on horse sh*t and old scud mags I only want £2000 for it are you interested ?

    • very constructive reply, everyone is entitled to their opinion Gus so stop posting your not that funny .

    • we all know its you wee paul potless sticikin up for yer pal now fuck off paul and away and iron your blazer ya fud

  9. I agree with everything you have mentioned I am disappointed at the lack of investment from Mr King and his cohorts pie in the sky as far as am concerned, I think he was actually hoping that he wouldn't be passed as fit and proper and when he was he shat himself well done to the SFA for calling his bluff, so come on Mr King time to put your money where your mouth is.
    you cant keep expecting the fans to keep bailing the club out.

  10. By far the most important thing we should be discussing and preparing ourselves for is the outcome of last week's tax panel and its the only thing not to get a mention.

    • In what way is the tax case the most important thing and why should we be preparing ourselves for the outcome?

    • If the judges find against RFC it will mean that the Nimmo Smith verdict will be set aside and this is the only official source of the claim that we have one continuously running club. If they do not find in our favour, HMRC will take it to the high court in London. This is not over yet – fact, plain and simple, no spin.

    • Horace C, I doubt very much that the outcome will effect us at all and that's why no one is taking much of an interest. The football authorities are happy that we're the same club and that's unlikely to change no matter what happens with the appeal.

  11. Mcculloch has joined killie as player coach …must thank Mr king for that and showing him the door …outstanding news … for kings cash no idea what he's playing at … He will have to invest sooner than later or no chance of selling extra season books … goodbye jig

  12. Smiled at the "In King we Trust" comment, if I had a pound for every time I read "In Craig we Trust" comment", I'd have a nice fortnight in Spain well paid for.

  13. I 100% agree with wat you're sayin takin far too long we need player of a good quality fast hibs are going too b even more of a hurdle too over cum in the cumin season n you want too put a marker on them in first game as this is the gers you're playing this year not the half hearted one of last year but with no players cumin in anytime soon and the first game against them 3 wks away the chance of a strong Gelled-ish team are very slim. Get the finger out king and hand your children's inheritance over!!

  14. Just what were your expectations when King took over. Did you really believe that the next manager would be handed millions of pounds and that top quality signings the likes of which happened during Murrays chairmanship was likely.
    Do you really believe that after having absolutely no scouting system for years that in 4 months the club would have a working system in place.
    Do you really believe that after less than a month after being appointed Rangers manager Mark Warburton could have done much more than he has in bringing the type of players he is looking for while keeping to a realistic budget for the Championship.
    Have you heard from any source that Warburton has been denied any money for any player that he identified.
    And are you not aware that modern technology means that King could actually do just about as much for our club from his SA home as he could do from Ibrox.

    Only a naive or stupid person could have expected millions being spent in the first few months or even first year of King and partners control of the club. You supported charles green and backed ashley but contrary to what you say you have never given King a chance. He is not going away once he has lined his pockets. Resurrecting Rangers to its rightful place is not going to happen in a few months. You had already judged King long before he took over but realistic fans will at least give him to the end of this transfer window, if not the next or the one after that before passing judgement.

    • Warburton and Weir didn't come up the Clyde on a scooter. They will have had access (I assume) to Brentford 's scouting files and they have personally seen every English Championship and League 1 player over the last two seasons. The Hibs match is a fortnight away and unless something happens there is going to be a tannoy announcement asking if anyone in the crowd has boots. This is seriously embarrassing. The which seems to be bang on says King can't come up with money until October. It doesn't say what is special about October but that probably means frees or loans until January. Not looking good.

  15. Omg you lot are unbelievable. Do u remember where spending tens of millions got us last time round. You guys must think we are talking about barcelona or bayern munich when you talk of spending that kind of money on what many people have been calling 'world class players'. Yeah im sure these world class players are gonna come and play for us against county and caley infront of 2500 in the highlands IF we get promoted never mind infront of 900 at alloa in the championship. Id much rather warbs took his time and brought in half decent young hungry players for free or next to nothing than spending 3 million on a donkey that may not gel to scotland. You all seriously need to look back over the last 3 years and decide if u enjoyed what rangers have gone through after buying top players. Wr are lucky to have a club to support and thats whats important. We still have a few weeks to bring in some promising talent. My only concern is that we wil only have played 2 or 3 friendlies before we get going and some of the new faces may not even of played in them depending on how late they arrive. For the record i am a rangers fan through and through so call me a tim if you want but my blood flows blue

    • well said that man – we need quality and not quantity, young hungry players who will add value to the team and have some resale value. We also need to (and should have done over the last three years) get some of the young team out and playing – best striker we had last year was playing against us!!. WATP

  16. People need to get over this desire for marquee, big money signings. The club needs to get out of the Championship with minimal investment before any serious investment will be made.

  17. Investing in the Club does not mean just buying players.
    There's much more than that,that also needs fixed.
    What pisses me off is…
    All he had to do was announce that he had kept his promise..that he had pumped £10 million in and had also got that matched from the others…but the money would be carefully used where necessary.
    Just a bit of transparency that he also promised would have gone a long way to keeping us happy.
    As it is…he's welshed on his promises and I've had enough.

  18. Personally I am not looking for big money signings, I am looking for a decent right back, two quality midfield players as well as Eustace and at least one decent quality striker. Hopefully the Arsenal youngsters will join for a season and will prove to be good acquisitions but we still need quality upfront, especially since our only decent goal scorer, Vuckic, has not been replaced. There is also a frustration that King is no different than the other jokers that we have seen, including SDM. The promise of funds were there in black and white. We need to see some investment otherwise his credibility will be gone, especially if we lose the early games to Hibs, St Mirren and Peterhead. Right now the current situation shows all the hallmarks of the PLG era when Murray promised him the funds for quality players and we ended up with 4th or 5th choices! Warburton will have enough problems convincing decent players to come to a second division in a footballing backwater without the further constraints of no funds to spend!

  19. From what I am hearing out of Ibrox contacts in Admin we are having a matching sum of close to £10million lodged on top of the Seaon Tickets £10m approx (sales ongoing), this is not from just King but the 3Bears and other investors. I trust my source and if I am wrong I apologise in advance but apparently this is a fact. It is after all one of the only things left for the board to do to try and end the detractors. I find most of Ibrox Noise posts to be good and informative but feel with this you are just inciting the lowest common denominator idiots into doubting the new regime.

  20. Dear Angus
    That only leaves us with 20 million total or just about enough to keep the lights on
    Not to mention the mones owed to Mr Mike
    I have had enough and can only hope that one day a new team can rise from glasgow , the name may change but the order of the club will go back to our glorious days of pet history. William (king Billy )

  21. The club needs a truthful statement from King backed by a finacially confirmed event, it was after all King who promised money when asking to be put in charge of our club, one thing missing from the article for me, Mr Ashley put his money in and did not make financial statements and in short delivered money with out much complaint (about the need for his the money). King so far has promised, not delivered and basically asked the fans to sign on in our thousands, bit like Whyte if you ask me, this situation stinks at the minute and the article calls it out, well done J

  22. Investing means shares. King spent to get the control he now has. What we require is a new share issue. Buying shares today puts nothing into the club just buys out current investors. The board has said there will be a new issue. That is when King should invest. Stabilise club is first essential. That's happening . Planning for the future had to be delayed until results of playoff were known. Share groups are uniting and the have reported they are satisfied. Be patient.

    • Alan, to launch a share issue, a company needs to have a listing on a recognised exchange. We do not have that and are nowhere near meeting the requirements of getting one. This cannot happen for years, if ever.

  23. Being judged in court as a glib and shameless liar means anything king says is rather pointless as it's worthless glib and shameless lying. Why let that get in the way though – he is classed as fit and proper in Scotland so must be telling the truth when he says 20 million including 10 million of his own money. He wouldnt tell fibs would he?

    • I cam back from the shops the other day and my wife shouted at me. "That's meat, I told you to get fish". Only excuse I could think of was " Sorry, I met Dave King".

    • What you doing on here dumbo – you breathin is bad enough, but what's that mince you talkin and what's it got to do with anything? Fuck off back to your pigshite.

  24. King regime extremely disappointing on many levels thus far.

    Have not renewed my season ticket as a result of so far unfulfilled promises in respect of funding.

    • 21,000, and still counting, have put their money up front… keep your money -tight arse – you won't be missed.

    • Thank you for your kind words sir..

      I WILL miss being there and in the meantime I hope I'm wrong..

      Unusual to splice a sentence with a commas in such a manner.

  25. people need to wise up, there is a big cost to just run a football club and paying the VAT and other taxes has to be done first otherwise the tax man will be back. At present all purchases are money up front because of the financial woes and not being able to trade shares etc. Dave King and the others will make money available, albeit the fans season ticket money, and that will ensure that the club does not go back into liquidation. Murray said it would take 6 or 7 years to get back to the heights of European football due to the financial issues and after the squandering of the £70-£80million over the last few seasons there is no way that any creditor is going to wait long before taking legal action and putting the club back into liquidation if the bills aren't paid first. Fans have to realize they need to pay the bills and wait on success.

    • All this defence of King is crap, quite a few thousand starting to regret ditching Ashley for ping pong King J

  26. Re 11.36. Why the hell are u on here? Please tell me cos I would never go near your dirty ira loving paedophile sweeping cheating bastard sites. Oh but it's all about the rangers. How sad!!!

  27. I'd say to those worrying about the spurs result to take a deep breath and realise that although the spurs kids that beat us are between 17/18 years of age they would likely win the SPL at a canter. I heard this from one of our players and Mr Warburton said as much to the players on the long bus ride back. We will demolish every championship team even without strengthening our first team. As for Mr King, I believe he is keeping his powder dry for our return to the top league.

  28. What a load of rubbish. Warburton WILL have a decent transfer kitty. He would not have taken the job if he didn't. Most buying and selling gets done towards the end if the window, as clubs hands get forced. Transfer windows have been like that for years. Look how many deals get done in the last MINUTES of the window. Calm down. Maybe warburton is confident of getting us up, without spending a fortune – and wants a bigger budget for next season. This is when we really need to spend, so we can compete with Celtic. If Warburton gets us up without spending a small fortune and we genuinely compete and challenge celtic in our first year up – he will have played a blinder. He is not a stupid guy.

  29. Need hungry, young players who will add value and have a sell on value.

    If we are picking up free transfers, some of whom have been shifted around the lower English divisions for four or five years, how in he'll 's name will we turn them into players that can be sold on for millions.

    King promised that a squad would be built that would compete with Celtic when we are promoted to the SPFL!

    Really……look at the current Celtic squad, there are more than 12 current internationalist on their books, we have none….nada, zilch.

    This �� crap in 3 years time is a fairy tale being sum by Level 5, yet most fans have swallowed it.

    Where is King, where is his wallet?

  30. People on here are talking utter nonsense king himself said he pt in his children's inheritance wasn't plucked from no were the idiots that keep sayin wat r we expecting him too spend like Murray days .NO!! All we want is too c more progress on many fronts after all 4 months have past n war burton n weir wuda had a list of targets for the gers job before officially unveiled us as fans are not daft we cud easily pluck the best players from the Scottish prem and championship too make a decent team that cost about £3m ish nt a lot out of the inheritance is it, for the fans that hink we re jumpin the gun a think that's reasonable £3mil, players like scott Allen,osman soe, shay Logan, Jason Cummings,Murray Davidson,Jamie walker etc gd hungry young player that won't cost the earth. Just too say I was the happiest man alive wen king took over n still very positive for the gers going into the future bt jst want a wee bit more clarity on funds available plans for season ahead scouting situation, merchandise situation etc. I'm still very much a king fan he won't do our club wrong jst a bit on the quiet side. WATP!!

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