McCulloch coaching role


Further to the news Lee McCulloch
has been seemingly earmarked for a coaching role at Ibrox are more specifics regarding
the position he may be getting offered.
McCulloch, 36, has been
conspicuously quiet in the press in recent months, with the widely-held notion
that he would be released from his playing contract come the end of the season.
Of course, that is what

However, news broke recently of
his potential return in a coaching capacity, and it is understood this role
would be within the youth setup.
Ian Durrant is already coach of
the U20s, with Billy Kirkwood in charge of the U17s. So it is unclear which
portion of the youth academy system McCulloch is being groomed for, but it is
certainly notable to point out any position he would take at the Club is extremely unlikely
to be in senior management.
There remains the outside chance
of a u-turn to the Kilmarnock post offered by
Gary Locke, however, and nothing is signed or sealed regarding any direction
McCulloch will take.


    • Get him right tae fuck. He does not deserve to be anywhere near this great club. Same mold as Mcoist. Absolute leech. What he got paid was a disgrace for his efforts. GTF

  1. Coach 'driver '@ £35k a year for 30 years and deduct £30k a year off his wages towards refunding the club some of the £2.1million pilfered using the guise of a "Legend" whilst actually falsely claiming to be a defender and this losing countless goals for our team ultimately costing us promotion. He can use one of his best buddies McGill's Coaches. Seriously he needs kept away from anything to do with the footballing side of our club as he is part of the old regime Walter/Durranty/McCoist/McDowall etc and can only infect the new players with lack of dicipline and disorganised chaos that we have been for years

  2. He should be no where near a coaching role at the club. His qualities on the pitch do no merit it. For example his "kidding on I injured when I screw up routine" when he makes an error is not evidence that he has the attitude we need within the coaching ranks.

  3. So much for clensing the coaching staff of dead wook,, we are just papering over the cracks, we have learned nothing,, what has McCoist and McCulloch got over the Rangers board,,they have such a charmed easy life,, they have robbed our team and embarrassed us by not making it into the premier league,, get Durrant, Kirkwood and any other hanger on that hasnt produced anything world class, with the so called brilliant facility as murray park,, its not the facility thats the problem,,its whos running the show,,, bin the bloody lot of them,, we wont go forward with the crap we keep hiring,, !!

  4. Why do we do this time and time again???
    We have backed King and Murray to resurrect the team with inward investment and so far we are looking at 35 year old's, kids that have failed everywhere else and now McCulloch as a coach.
    WATP? we are all mugs, or they King and Murray certainly think we are.
    They said if we renew they would invest all the money in the team, so far the transfer fees are zero and book sales approx 21,000. I am no genius but that is £8.5m approx in and sweet FA out. This means that K&M have not only lied about spending their own money, but are lying about spending the money we, the supporters have put in to the club. These idiots must go and go now!!!!!!

  5. KEEP MCCULLOCH AWAY… What is this guy gonna teach anyone about football…?? He couldn't even recognise his own frailties! Selfish shite… when he was costing us goal after goal and he was in the team meetings in his capacity of first team 'coach', do you think he took one for the team and said 'guys, I'm causing more harm than good, perhaps I should sit the next few games out'… Did he fuck, he made sure he was the first name on the team sheet… And please guys… none of this patter about servant for the Club… bollocks, he cant have it both ways.

    He either took a sensible pay cut and is a rangers man through and through or he took his inflated wage in a part time league and he's just a professional like the rest of us… one or the other, not both… and we know which one he is.

  6. great news big jig coming back he willl keep an eye on the slackers and freeloaders this is what we need real legends not 35 year old trialists and rejects from elsewhere and he can also step in if we short with injureis welcome home big man follow follow not wollow wollow

    • aye right mcculloch we know its you now fuck off and take kenny miller with you a legend a fuckin legend its between you and novo who was the worst player to play for us

  7. Jig was not a centre half ,he played where he was asked to play by the management team and at least he always tried which is more than we can s y for the rest of the dross

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