The “new-look” Rangers


With three signings confirmed,
and another four currently on trial, there are tentative feelings that, should
the trialists all win deals (far from guaranteed), it will be the first time ‘new-look’
Rangers can truly be applied.
Currently the only borderline
certain two starters from the fledgling Warburton regime signing ‘spree’ are
Rob Kiernan and Danny Wilson, both defenders. And even they are not absolute stick-ons
given it is uncertain just how big a role Darren McGregor, last season’s Player
of the Year, will have.

Nevertheless, if we go by the
general assumption that a new manager usually elects to select the players he
signed himself, then Wilson and Kiernan, and conceivably Foderingham will form
the core backbone of the side that Warbs will take to Easter Road two weeks on
But what of the trialists?
Currently Murray Park is hosting
the well-documented (and mildly bizarre) case of John Eustace, the ex-Bradford
and Dundee Utd (and Rangers) midfielder Andy Halliday, former Manchester City
right back Reece Wabara, and Manchested United youth product midfielder (and equally
adept at left back) Jordan Thompson.
If all these won deals within the
next two weeks, Mark Warburton’s maiden bow at Easter Road could see:
Foderingham in goal, a back four
of Wabara, Wilson, Kiernan and Wallace, a midfield of Halliday, Thompson,
Eustace and McKay, with Miller and Shiels up top.
Naturally, this is absolute
guesswork, including the formation and striker selection. But one universal
fact is new managers want to put their own stamp on the team, and if given the
chance to make a host of new signings, they are much more likely to use the
players they have chosen to bring in, rather than inherited.
So the team that ends up starting
v Hibs could, if Warburton’s signing endeavours go the way he (and we) hopes,
be dramatically different to the one which fumbled so horribly at Fir Park.
I concede that previous entries
were worried about the lack of deals, and that the team that starts said match
could be made up of much of the rubbish which failed so horribly last season;
this situation, currently, still stands. Not enough transfers have taken place
yet to truly feel at ease with the surgery on the squad.
But the trialists in conjunction
with potential new recruits does give a crumb of hope that a genuinely and
pleasingly unfamiliar Rangers team might line up in just over a fortnight.
There is, however, a great deal
still to do.


  1. Totally agree, but we need strikers immediately, other than the two you suggested.
    What has happened to Mark Allen and his link with RFC? Been away on hols – has it gone belly up?

    • Mr King handled the discussions but failed to get him on loan paying 65% of his wages. Decent try.

    • Why would Hibs let S Allan go on loan to RFC – stupid reply!!

      He is not going either because he does not want to or RFC would not offer the correct monies – simples!!

  2. i think its time for wabo to start the real signings king has given him a war chest no rangers manager has had for years king has given wabo about 20 to 30 million for players but he seems reluctant to spend it come on wabo this kind of money should make sure we are in the champions league in three years as you;ve promised

    • Only someone who is not very bright or who is deliberately trying to sh**stir would suggest that Warburton has been given £20-30 million to spend on players!

      So are you just thick (forgivable) OR
      A sh**stirrer (unforgivable)?!!

    • You are an interlouping wastrel from the piggery. Nobody believes a a word King says so forget trying to wind us up you tucking fosspot

    • Don't have to justify myself to you son but I've been a Gers fan (admittedly as my second team) since the early 80's and not missed an away game in Europe for 5 years including the last two at Malmo and Maribor – there is a new air of positivity at the club which will take time to come together but as I said above only someone who is thick or a sh**stirrer expects King to put £20m+ into buying players as we can win this league by buying wisely and developing a decent squad over the next couple of months!

      As for you I guess you are both thick and a sh**stirrer!

    • gers fan but only as ur 2 team ??? WHERE DO U SCUM COME FROM so u had a coulple of lads days out watching ur 2 team and com on here trying to put us bears down well i think u should fuck off and watch ur first team ya fanny

    • totaly agree mate i dont think we need to spend 20 million in one season though half this season and the reat next year as we push for that champions league place ithink we will see some big names next week watp

    • @16.05 You are clearly one of the thick fans that many teams unfortunately have!

      As I said 30+ years supporting the Gers and supported them all over Europe so hardly a fanny – just someone with a little more intelligence and a little more positivity than you and the other negative a***hole thinking King will hand over £20+ million for players!!

  3. Scott Allen is NOT coming to RFC – simples.

    RFC need three new significant striker signings or they will suffer same as last year, almost but really not good enough – simples.

  4. Nothing wrong with being impatient mate, it's a common human trait, but including the two teenagers signed last week Warburton has actually signed 5 players with around the same on trial. I appreciate time is of the essence but I would rather avoid the 'knee jerk, appease the fans at all costs' policy we have witnessed in recent seasons buying in ex players well past their best and others who came with inflated egos from provincial Scottish clubs. I think your back four might be spot on but Eustace wont be fit and I would very much doubt if McKay and Sheils will start against Hibs in a fortnight . I think we will have at least another 3 permanent signings by then excluding one of two excellent young players on loan from top Premiership teams, possibly Spurs. Personally, I am delighted with the progress being made on and off the park.

  5. We must make at least 1 significant signing, someone with flare and character, get among our blues brothers Chelsea, what ever did Kyle Bartley do wrong?, their are certain people out there to help with good players for loans, nevertheless the board need to make a statement of content with a more than average signing, I live in Coventry which has just sold over 3,500 season tickets, Ibrox is a monument treat it as one.or WATP will mean nothing

  6. We need Warbs to find the next Henrik Larsson. Miller and Shiels will struggle to get 20 goals between them in the league, 11 last season. Not good enough.

  7. Weir criticising the lack of scouting facility, sounds like an excuse as there are plenty of players details sent to clubs on a daily basis.. Just go spend some of the money available from King and get the quality needed to make the first team, especially a striker, they don't come cheap.

    • It's hardly an 'excuse' as there is obviously a big difference between having reports from a scouting network who know what they are looking for and may have seen a player in action a few times than just receiving a list of available players every morning that THEN need to be watched and assessed if they will fit in with our style, have the right ability, temperament etc etc!!
      And you are correct that decent strikers dont come cheap but just as importantly they will have other teams after them too who can offer better wages or prospects and that is why a scouting network is essential to sniff out the relatively unknown bargains!!

  8. 2 players in is frankly shocking, the old boy Eustace should be sent out to pasteur. The other development players should just be counted as normal business, youth will come and go. First team players are required to come in and bed in asap.If not we need to know why this is not happening.

    • give that fat cunt fuck all,,him and his palls tryed to kill our club,, in king our trust watp,,

  9. I totally agree defence wise though to be blunt and honest I think Wallace will be in a sink or swim scenario as he really struggled in the playoffs. I see Warburton giving him a chance but I think he will fail to fit in with the speed and dynamic nature of Warburton model, he will be replced by Sinnamon or Wabara depending on how W&W decide best to fit into a new young defence.
    Midfield is where i think you are missing the 2 players Warburton will most definately like Walsh and Murdoch, tough I do see that Murdoch may have to sit and develop under influence of Eustace they seem to be similar styles but Walsh for me is the player that will stand out this season. In attack I am sure it will be Miller then either Hardie, Gallagher or Shiels though I think Hardie will make centre forward his this season. McKay and Templeton for me is a very interesting dynamic can one or both of them finally flourish under Warburton bearing in mind he reputation as a rebuilder of broken players ? I feel they may get their chance with the bonus we may have Harry Winks and/or Dallas as real quality in this position. Good crossing is the number one criteria here and that may be an issue for both Temps and McKay I do not remember either being good at this element, again why I see Walsh being our top player in 2015/6 as he does put fantastic crosses in.

    • Sinnamon and Wabara are both right sided I believe, so unlikely that either will replace Wallace.
      I would like to see McKay finally given a chance. Bin him if he doesn't take it, but at least try him out. Not convinced Temps can deliver more than once veery few games, so doubt he will make it.
      I hope you are right about Hardie, or Gallagher, making it into the first team

  10. I am really excited by the forthcoming season. I think the pieces are starting to come together. My best football bet for next year is RFC to win by at least 10 points.

  11. Exactly what planet do some folk live on?! There is absolutely no way Dave King will be spending £20 or £30 million on players….Even if this amount was available( and I've yet to see proof) we cannot go back to the old days. We need to have learnt our lesson. IF there is money then I want it spent when we are back in the big league.
    I honestly believe that we will see 2/3 more signings and these will be propped up with some loans.How often have we seen a new manager come in and turn around supposedly mediocre players…Warburton ,I believe,has what it takes to put an entertaining team out on the pitch…something we have been crying out for,for years.

  12. Win the league by at least 10 points…..ffs have you learned nothing from last year?

    A rookie manager, a rookie assistant, no scouting system in place, no Nomad, no share issue due to delisting, no over investment as promised by TGASL, no spending whatever it takes to win the Championship as promised by TGASL.

    Ashley rumoured to be taking legal steps to have his loan repayed, having turned down the offer of taking Murray Park in lieu of payment.

    It's a shambles and could all come crumbling down tomorrow so desperate will the financial situation be if Ashley turns the screws.

    Where is King, where is his mobey?

    Keep your fantasy of winning the league by 10 points plus, you are probably one of the deluded expecting CL football in 3 years.

    Don't you realise that even if we manage somehow to qualify for the Europa cup that UEFA will not issue a licence as we have a warning about the ability to trade in our lasf setvof accounts.

    Stop reading the PR crap being printed in the media. Everything is not tickety boo, on the contrary financially we are on our knees and without continuing support from Ashley we are doomed, doomed, doomed I tell you.

  13. Can't believe Nicky Clark hasn't been mentioned above,with the style of play and service needed this season which I believe will be forth coming Nicky Clark will be Rangers top scorer.

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