Where does Foderingham leave Cammy Bell?


Rangers’ goalkeeping heritage is
a long line of shot-stopping luminaries, with some of the finest ‘keepers to
grace Britain having plied
their trade at Ibrox
In the 80s Rangers were blessed
with the likes of Chris Woods and present-day goalkeeping coach at Murray Park Jim
Stewart, while the 90s saw the magnificent Andy Goram take up the slots between
the sticks before Stefan Klos followed in his footsteps.

In more recent years we saw Allan
McGregor pull off maybe one of the greatest saves ever seen by a Rangers
goalkeeper away from home when he point-blank stopped Bremen’s Sanogo’s certain
goal, a stop which was every inch as good as The Goalie’s legendary point-blank
v Van Hooijdonk at Ibrox.
The point is, Rangers have been
lucky with the astounding quality their goalkeepers have brought to the team,
and while deputy Neil Alexander was appropriate for 2012/2013 and the Club’s
new circumstances, he was far from impressive and anything but a permanent
Hence, Rangers signed Cammy Bell,
the impressive stopper from Kilmarnock, whose displays had brought him wide acclaim
and a Scotland
call-up. He had been seen by some as the spiritual successor to Allan McGregor,
a very similar kind of ‘keeper; a talented shot-stopper the right side of 30
and perhaps slightly better than Scottish League 1 deserved.
Unfortunately, for one reason or
another, it has not truly worked out with Bell
and Warburton has made moves to sign ex-Swindon man Wes Foderingham. It is
being marketed as ‘competition’ but there is every inch the chance Warburton
has earmarked Foderingham as his first choice, given how frankly underwhelming Bell has been.
Knowing he was very much the
leading candidate to take the managerial position from Stuart McCall, Warburton
would have placed a very close eye on Rangers’ fortunes through the playoffs,
and one thing that would have definitely caught his attention was how poor Bell was at crosses,
clearances, and commanding his goal line.
I will not blame him for the
farcical lob error – it has happened to many a keeper. But it did seem to sum
up Bell’s
general demeanour in his time at the Club. Never terrible, never diabolical,
but always mediocre and rarely above it.
He did manage a few good saves,
his block v Raith in the-then Ramsden’s Cup final was a fine effort (albeit the
rebound still found its way into the net), but unlike the legends of the past,
few if any of his better saves defined the result.
One only has to Google “Cammy
Bell save” and most results relate to his Kilmarnock days, where it seems he
hit his peak and somehow has slid dramatically to become quite average at
And may be very much looking over
his shoulder now that Rangers have an experienced English League 1-class
goalkeeper on board with age on his side.
No one claims Foderingham is in
the same league as the luminaries of the past, but it will only take him a few
high-quality saves to likely seize the slot between the sticks for himself.


  1. Hopefully bell is on bench all season …he's not good enough and can't command the box ….he can go if he wants as he's part of the deadwood from last season ….

  2. Don't know if anything in it but see what I was saying about lack of info on official website, well they showed a gallery of yesterday's training & the only pictures of goalkeepers training were off foderingham & Liam Kelly

    • You're spot on about the website, Alex, it's poor. Sorry to mention Southampton again, but for me that club has some of the best in the business working behind the scenes. Their website is clear and gives up-to-date information (their Youtube page is excellent as well). One of the main headers on the Saints website is called 'Youth', which opens into a drop-down list giving loads of information on the Academy, including some FAQs like "How do I get a trial at Southampton Football Club?". Go to the Rangers site, and 'Youth' is hidden away in the sub-headings – which speaks volumes, and in a way reflects the importance the club placed on youth development as a past strategy. I also can't see any email address or phone number listed that parents could use in order to make contact with the Academy. The fact that the website has been like that for years tells us it's being run by bloody amateurs who have no concept of what it should be offering or who it should be reaching out to.

  3. Never really rated Cammy Bell was surprised when we signed him, at the time Alexander was a decent choice and we should have held onto him instead of the extra wages on Bell.

  4. As Warburton will be playing attacking football, by all reports, then Foderingham looks a cert for the No,1 slot.
    As Rangers will play with a higher backline this season, Warburton will be looking to play a 'sweeper/keeper'. Foderingham played that role at Swindon and, apparently, he's suited to it.
    So it looks like Bell will be second choice, at best.

  5. Bell seems like he was rushed back in last season before he got fully fit. Simonsen and robinson were the worst "goalies" ive ever seen
    cammy will come good with a good pre-season and sone competition for his spot.

  6. I hope Foderingham can score goals cos saving goals is important but who do we have that can put the ball in the pokey.. I am worried about scoring goals more than the goal keeping situation.

    You rarely get a goalscorer free or on the cheap and that's where we are shopping. King has reneged on his recent promises and fat mick will want his wedge back soon and King has made sure we will not be getting any freebie NUFC players as he has burned that bridge..

  7. Bells inability to command his 6 yard box especially in regard to attacking crosses cost us dearly last year. Coupled with the poor standard of defending it meant that more often than not it was an opposition head that got on the end of crosses. Panic every time and painful to watch.

    Like a lot of players who came to Ibrox recently Bell looked half the player he was prior to signing. Maybe that was down to poor coaching, being surrounded by poor defenders or whatever he never looked like Rangers quality.

    Foderingham is still young and could become a top quality keeper. I hope he starts as the first choice.

  8. On The bench if not out the door, shambolic and poor and showed no command of the box last season.

  9. I think we should wait and see how our young players already at Ibrox perform Gallacher Hardie and Walsh should be given a run

  10. Hopefully Bell is sold!

    Neil Alexander is and always has been a better gk than Bell, the later has always been overrated and made numerous errors at Kilmarnock. This article is an insult to Alexander and overrates Bell pre us!

  11. Have a look at Fordingham on youtube he is a very good keeper and imo he will be number one for forseable future there is no way W&W are risking a loser like Bell costing them results early season as we try to gain confidence i new defence, a weak keeper = a nervous defence. Bell is the worst keeper, all round, I have witnessed in 50 years of following Rangers.

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