Miller talks up coaching role


With Rangers reportedly
confirming Lee McCulloch will not be taking up any immediate coaching reins at
Ibrox, speculation about Kenny Miller instead adopting that position at Ibrox in
the future has surfaced.
Miller, 35, has admitted he wants
to “100%” become a manager at the end of his playing days, and to that end is
currently in the process of attaining his A-license, having already completed
part one of the three-stage process required to become an officially endorsed
and affiliated Uefa coach.

That initial portion, naturally,
was the B-license and once he gains the A, Miller’s sights are set on the Uefa
Pro License, which would round off the entire process.
He said:
“Coaching is the next stage of my career.
I’ve no thoughts of hanging the boots up quite yet. But it’s the next step.
It’s 100 per cent what I want and that’s why I’m doing the course so that I
have the qualifications under my belt, so that when the chance comes around I’m
fully ready to go.”
Rangers could do a lot worse than
employ Miller in the mid-term future as a coach – in terms of his playing days
he has seen it all and does not lack wisdom, but he also concedes he would be
around 37 or 38 before such a move ever took place.
“But, even now, the aim looking ahead to
next season is winning the league and getting back to the Premiership. Hopefully,
there will be a year or so left in me after that as well.”
He does accept though that a
player/coach role would be unlikely, wherever it was, and suggests such a role
is just too tricky to do properly.
“I think it would be hard to do both
roles. If you go into a coaching role you are maybe veering towards the side
where you don’t want to play every minute of every game and, at this minute,
I’m not quite willing to give it up yet.”
Whether Mark Warburton sees
Miller as a major part of the playing personnel next season remains to be seen.


  1. player/coach i wouldnt let miller drive a coach to the game he;s another ponce we;ve been unable to get shot of he wants to play till he;s 37 or 38 well he should be able to because he;s done fuck all for the last 2

  2. He's been a bit at a fair number of higher level clubs before coming to Ibrox to end his career, so that has to be to your advantage. Don't drive the mother of convention over to Coventry. She could well come back to bite your prick.

    • Pearce we all know your a fuckpig rhat, but she and her mother ran oot that convent and it weren't bitin they done.

  3. Fraser Aird doesn't get mentioned much these days, but then there's a few over there want to compress rising talent and we all know what that leads to don't we Barry F.

  4. I was never convinced that Andy Murray was a Hibs supporter, so have been very dubious these past few days seeing him wearing emerald green at training sessions and interviews. He was a strong supporter of the Yes campaign furbye, Draw your own conclusions, anti union and probably kick dancing chip muncher.

    • fur fuck sake boydy can u no jist concentrate playing fur killie and get aff oor websites ya walloper

  5. I only post on here every three to four weeks, and my message is the same as the last time. It is not easy to understand how so many intelligent people among our support and in the papers carry on in this imaginary fashion, ignoring the reality of the true situation we are in which is more than horrible. I know why the press do this, but I may need to revise my descriptive "intelligent" to our support if this goes on much longer.

    • Hi Calvin, long time for me too.. They didn't listen or understand before and I don't think anything has changed but it was better than ignoring the folly.Still doing copious Lindt and kirsch at Basel.

  6. Don't know or care if Hibs supporter, but definitely chosen and accepted as an SNP spokesman starting soon.

  7. Fucking coaching ?!?!…..

    …..aye in earning millions from limited ability.

    The only thing he had in his game was pace. Now that's gone he's got fuckall.

    Do one Kenny lad.

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