Scott Allan: transfer request & third Rangers bid


Reports today suggest Rangers are
on the verge of submitting a third bid for Hibs’ star midfielder Scott Allan.
On top of the claims the player
will be formally handing in a transfer request this afternoon, the mooted bid
the Ibrox men are said to be weighing up is roughly £450,000 up front with a
further £200,000 if Rangers manage promotion.

After the former Arab was snapped
at Glasgow’s Bier Halle (the workplace of U20s coach Ian Durrant’s son Max) on Sunday
surrounded by his agent and a glut of Rangers players past and present, it has
become evident Allan’s heart is 100% set on switching to Govan.
At this point it is unclear if
the speculated terms of the third bid would be enough to force Hibs to part
ways with Allan, but they nevertheless risk losing him for nothing down the
line and having an unhappy player on their books, a scenario which never ends
The saga goes on.


  1. Perhaps the 3rd bid will be more appropriate to Hibs valuation and may be part of the reason that the lying King has asked Ashley to release the 2nd £5M tranche plus another £10m investment which will enable the new auditors to sign off on the accounts without a going concern warning, which would scupper any hopes of European football if such a warning was still contained in the accounts.
    So finally King unveils his over investment, spend whatever it takes strategy…………using ST money and further investment from Ash.
    It's clear who will be running the show if the club is £20m in hock to SD… no surprise to see King and Murray gone with Llambias and Leach in charge.

    Did King ever have a plan, other than try to raise investment from other RRM or from a share issue which is now off the menu thanks to his toxicity in the City?

    • Please stop your infantile fantasizing about matters you know nothing about and do not understand. It only makes you look silly.

    • pmsl somebody else with the same IQ as 3names, that article you read declan, what did you think of manslaughters claim that king tried to sell his shares to himself on the 12th june lmao

    • He's just another bitter supporter from the other side of the city. I think you should maybe post more on your own teams page. We are the people

  2. I like the player but this is too much for a player in the last year of his contract. If Scott wants to come then he'll wait. Rangers can afford to wait. We've got quite a few midfielders now.
    If 300,000 was accepted, that would be more realistic. Handing Hibs nearly half a million, with time to bring in new players to strengthen their sqad could come back and bite us. Scott Allan at Rangers? Sounds good to me, but not at this price. I know he'll have a good sell-on value if they ever sell him, that is, but that's secondary at this time. There's no sense in handing Hibs a wad of cash at this time.

  3. Why do these inbred pikeys not team up with their Roma kin folk in govanhill and reminisce about robbing and sponging instead of obsessing over their genetic superiors

  4. Allan needs to put in a formal transfer request to allow Stubbs to sell this to the Hibs fans as a discontent dressing room.

  5. We have to get realistic here fellow 'gers fans,hibs WON'T sell scott allan to us and all us teddy bears & scott allan will have to be patient and wait until january when allan will sign a pre-contract to come to rangers,simple as that guys so we shouldn't build our hopes up that he's signing for us in this transfer window because it ain't going to happen but we will get him eventually,keep your chin up scotty allan as you'll eventually get your wish to sign for the club you love and have supported from birth ie.'the famous glasgow rangers'

  6. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the 450K approximately the same amount of prize money for finishing first in the Championship.

  7. For fuck sake just let the boy go they either sell now or don't play him. To me it's a know brainer they just look so unprofessional. I get why they want to keep him but he has made his mind up. Also if it does happen how can Stubbs stay on . Not for sale who do they think they are man united or something same as any team in Scotland every player has a price

  8. Although I don't think we'll get scotty allan in this transfer window my message to hibs fc is quite simple-'FREE SCOTTY ALLAN' and let him come home!

  9. Why is it only in football this happens, most people can leave a job 4 a better 1 even if they sign a contract of empoyment. This situation needs 2 be looked at.
    We should wait till January & give them S.F.A.

  10. The response and media coverage is shocking and they continue to do all they can to keep Rangers down – at all costs. It is fine for Celtic to buy Stuart Armstrong, Gary Mackay Steven and Nadir Ciftci froim dundee United and not a peep in the papers we make an honest and correct attempt ot sign Scott Alan and WW III breaks out – shocking comments on the internet from so called Scots….. WATP. United we stand divided we fall, and looks like MW + DW are uniting us into a TEAM and we will for sure then be able to compete with all

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