Report: all the trialists at Murray Park


With the summer transfer window
well underway in earnest (is it not nice to be discussing this stuff these
days!), felt it a worthwhile idea to take its readers through
the trialists currently going through their paces at Murray Park, and leave it
up to you as to whether you want said individuals to win a permanent deal or
Today we learned John Eustace joins the others in trying
to win a deal, but as examined earlier on this site, the conditions of his
trial are certainly a tad more unique with Rangers under the spotlight every
inch as much as he is. But what kind of player is Eustace?

At 35 he is certainly no spring
chicken, but every single Derby
County fan interviewed
about Eustace said the same thing; their season took a serious turn for the
worst when Eustace succumbed to a serious injury in January. Prior to it, Derby had won 8 of 12
including a 5-0 thrashing of Wolves. After it that dipped to 6 wins in the next
12, and indeed Derby
went through the whole of March without a single win, the absence of their
holding DM a critical factor.
John Eustace in his Derby days
Eustace has quality, and fans,
despite his age, may just hope Rangers and he can come to agreement because he
could well be the kind of lynchpin leader in the middle the Ibrox men have
sorely lacked.
Moving on, former Murray Park
youth product Andy Halliday continues
his trial at Auchenhowie. Midfielder/winger Halliday, 23, has had a pretty
solid career in England,
with the main plug on his CV being a spell at the Riverside
with Middlesbrough, along with loan spells at Bradford and Blackpool, but
naturally he is experienced in Scottish football with 24 months at Livingston which saw double figures of goals in under 50
appearances. Halliday can score, quite essential for a primary flanker, but is
versatile enough to play centrally too, with the left side of the engine room
his preference.
Andy Halliday in action for Boro
Lastly is the right back Mark
Warburton is keeping a keen eye on, Reece
(also 23). Another free agent, Wabara is widely regarding as a
dynamic ‘flying’ full back, with pace to burn and no lack of skill. Think of,
let us be honest, a rather poor man’s Dani Alves and that is the right track.
He quit Doncaster Rovers on grounds, essentially, of ambition, and his resume
boasts spells at Ipswich and Blackpool on top of Rovers and it is safe to say
if he impresses, and Warburton’s words suggest he has, Wabara would be easily
first-choice right back for the one area of Rangers that is most definitely ‘new-look’,
that of defence.
Reece Wabara (left)
Expect more activity at Ibrox
over the coming weeks, hopefully rending Rangers ready for Hibs on the 25th.


  1. If we do sign him, all talk of a 'revolution' should be put to bed. It's not a revolution if we keep doing what we've always done. Giving a starting berth to a 35 year old is a luxury we could once afford, when the development of younger players didn't matter. What surprises me is that so many fans are settling back into the old way of thinking, like nothing ever happened at Rangers. So what if a 35 year old is short-sighted thinking, we can always buy new players next year….

    • Spot on ! there is NO sense in signing this guy ? he brings nothing , and his team mates will have to watch they dont stand on his TONGUE . I fully expect him to get run ragged ………..its not as if the guy was ever world class .

  2. How many of the guys with negative comments on Eustace thought the same With Ray Wilkins, Richard Gough, Davie Weir Himself ??????? Would they want they guys put out to retirement at 36 ???? No I don't think so, Lets put our trust in the new management team as see what we are looking at before the criticism !!!!!!

    Are we all saying the same thing on Kenny Miller ? I for one want to see some younger Strikers in there although not quite ready to see off miller, he can still mentor on the field.

    Changing subject, I really do not !!!! want to see Jig return to Ibrox in any shape or form, this is part of a squead that are talking about tribunals for holiday pay ? Give us a break, the half story we heard on the whiners wanting pats on the back where their own doing as we read yesterday, Paul Murray had organised a get together which they refused to attend to receive their "private" farewells, Boyd, Black,Foster "Good Riddance" you were well paid unlike some of us mere mortals who also never get that pat on the back, its life.

  3. A bunch of journeymen free tranfers added to the left over failures from last year will be lucky to win automatic promotion……..never mind this CL crap within 3 years.
    How does any of this transfer activity tie into King's talk of over investment or whatever it costs nonsense… doesn't!
    He's lying through his teeth again as he does every time he opens his mouth yet not a single journalist is questioning the actual level of signings against what King promised.
    This lot will do well to get automatic promotion, never mind winning the SPFL in the first year back.
    The stark reality may well be exposed by the Hibees on day one.

    • Guys been in the job three weeks man !!!!!

      Stark reality on Hibs ????? Get it in just now, I don't think we can expect to beat hibs first day of the season Warburton does not have a magic wand unfortunately, plus the fact we beat hibs in the first round of this mickey mouse cup last year, "A LOT OF F*****" GOOD IT DID US !!!!!

    • I hope all of u anon moaning face gits are not season ticket holders. If so do the rest of us a favour and go watch tennis.

  4. I think the hope is Warburton has enough knowledge and vision to bring these types of players in and make them into a good team. I don't think you can compete with Celtic with free transfers and out of contract lower league players no matter how good a manager you are. We will need to spend next year for sure to bring in some quality! – I don't think King going for Warburton was all about his management credentials, it was about his contacts nd animator build cheap squads..

  5. Some people are being incredibly short-sighted saying they don't want Eustace simply because he's 35. What does it matter how good a player and captain he might be for us and how his experience would benefit the team in general and the youngsters in particular? As Anonymous 09:41 points out, Gough (2nd time) Wilkins and Weir were all well into their 30s and did a great job for us. Age doesn't matter, it's ability that counts. Warburton's building a team and I would think he knows Eustace better than anyone on these forums. The guy's on trial over the next few weeks to assess his fitness and that's what should be important, not his age. Trust Warburton's judgement and give Eustace a chance before just moaning about his age.


  6. Lets stop moaning and get behind the team…give the new manager a chance…some would twine if we signed Messi and Ronaldo.

    • i dont know about messi and ronaldo but ive heard we;re takin pele on trial at least he;s younger than eustace

  7. It's interesting that whenever anyone puts forward an argument against signing a 35 year old, those arguments are quickly white-washed as being “negative thinking”, and the proposers are quickly labelled "moaners” and “whiners”. Those who do this labeling are too thick to know the difference between putting forward an argument and having an argument (as in, falling out), we know that, but it’s worth highlighting. They talk of the need for us all to show “faith” in the new manager; but many of us don’t do religion. We don’t kowtow to anyone, especially not one who’s just waltzed in the door. You kowtow and "show faith" all you like.

  8. Guys like weir and gough were established as top players. Eustace is not and never has been. Where is all the young talent? Guys like robertson who has gone from queens park to the english premiership. There is a lot of talent in the scottish leagues waiting to be developed instead of english championship journeymen and rejects. Build for the future.

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