Durie & Henry out, McCulloch in?


It has been revealed within the
past 12 hours that Rangers assistant coach Gordon Durie and Head of Sports’
Science Jim Henry have both left Ibrox.
Details of their departures are
sparse, but it is conceivable that both were regarded as remnants of the failed
McCoist era and were not seen as part of new manager Mark Warburton’s plans.

Durie spent a significant portion
of 9IAR at Ibrox, being an integral part of the squad during that era and his
coaching role expanded in late 2014 after a promotion to the senior coaching
staff following a period with the U20s.
But like his colleague Henry,
Durie has now departed the building and moves onto pastures new.
This news has all broken on the
same day as speculation regarding Lee McCulloch returning to Ibrox in a
coaching role has emerged, the obvious conclusion being he would replace
But McCulloch’s arrival would
unlikely be a popular decision among the fans, if it transpires.


    • come on we need someone for the new kids coming in to look up to ive heard this young guy eustace can be a handful out all night with the dreaded and feared saga posse

  1. Surely a big backward step bringing Lee back ! I think new faces no more of this old boys, palls stuff.

    • Gordon had previously practiced his skills with east fife I believe. no success there so was appointed by McCoist to develop youth at murray park. Was then a cheap stand in. Such a bloody lazy, amateur approach.

  2. Good decision to remove Durie and Henry, and I would expect them not to go down the same route as Boyd, Black and Foster in having a go at Dave King/the club. As for McCulloch – I think his name has only been punted by his agent. He doesn't have the required skills or character to coach at Rangers, and I think Warburton will only want people he knows/trusts.

    • he dosen;t have the skills are u kiddin mate he;s got more skills than warburton he learnt his from playing fifa in his office fuckin wise up we need guys like jig even as player coach lets face it we are giving a guy who;s 35 and won fuck a trial a fuckin trial so dont knock jig

    • don't think the Chelsea manager won anything as a player. Why, why do we need McCulloch? What a thought! Allowing him to develop and produce a team of young 'jigs'. There are many genuinely talented coaches who can nurture and develop skills and foster attitudes in our young players.

    • Exactly 11:18, we want a team of serious young professionals, not a group behaving like NEDs. Jig's the man if we want the latter.

    • Jig was captain and undroppable under the lawnmower man.He went along with the 3 wise monkeys training regime,ahem,cough…….farce.If he didn't query their methods then,when we had all heard the stories,then I for 1 don't want him near the place.

  3. Warburton has had months to prepare for his next role. Ibrox has not only brought in a fresh ideas manager but a guy who works in a team, his team that he knows well. These two positions will be filled by Warburtons people that actually produce for him. Evident last year and previous players were not improving at Murry park and treated it like a holiday camp for old pals act. Things have changed! If your not apart to his vision of how Murray park should work then rightly your not up to the task then your out. Too many have been using Rangers as a pension plan, a safe harbour cashing in on past reputations and services to the club. Too many fixture a fittings hanging around. A scout network needs to be built maybe Durie could have slotted in there. As for the sports science guy they looked unfit last season, players looked off the pace.

  4. what exactly will Mr McCulloch bring to the development of players at Murray Park (time to rename). If he is employed as a goffer to move the cones around on a meagre wage then fine
    I thought the old pals gravy train had stopped. I trust Mr Warburton's judgement but this is potentially his first error.

  5. reply to willie anderson,,,,,,,,,dukebox is as thick as two short planks we need people that can mastermind our return to where we should be.he hardly fits the bill

  6. We need to bring in someone who has some skill to pass on to young players mcculloch has none.Hope we are not going back to jobs for the boys.

  7. A lot of people seem to be experts in mccullochs coaching ability or lack of I should say! So what makes all of you the experts in decididing that?
    McCulloch has had an excellent career playing at the top level in England and in Scotland and has served rangers well. Give the guy a chance.

    • You have defended every anti-Mcculloch blog throughout the history of this site. why don't you reveal your relationship with him? Relative, friend, wife?

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