Rangers sign Northern Irish midfielder


Recently-released Old Trafford
starlet Jordan Thompson has this afternoon confirmed he has joined Rangers and
becomes manager Mark Warburton’s latest recruit.
The ex-Man Utd youngster, who
plies his trade in midfield, tweeted to announce his arrival at Ibrox on a
permanent basis, and will give Warburton badly-needed depth in the middle of
the park.

He said:
“Over the moon to announce my signing at
Rangers. Honestly a dream come true for me and my family.”
The Northern Irish player, 18, is
most likely to be an academy recruit for Auchenhowie, like his now-colleague and
fellow midfielder Tom Lang, but nevertheless if he is good enough, like his
peer, and like many other Murray
Park graduates, could
well be deployed in the senior team if he impresses.
He joins Lang, Gibson,
Foderingham, Wilson and Kiernan as the new manager’s transfer window work so
far, with surely more to come in the following weeks.


    • i know what u mean mate a united starlet another duffer more lie get the money out king ya fanny

  1. Glad to see rangers signing all these youngsters hopefully they will be good enough in 3 years to get us out of championship we certainly won't be going up anytime soon trust me king is sitting on his bum in Africa laughing the man was never to be trusted

  2. are u a depressed manic no game played u haven't seen new players yet u say we wont get promoted. a least give them a chance u fool

  3. You are deluded you idiot we have worse team than last year hibs have a better team than last year the maths are simple you clown so do one

  4. Give the new management team a chance. It can't get worse than the absolute 'over the hill dross' McCoist signed and played! McCoist should hang is head in shane for still taking money from the club.

  5. A ball hasnt even been kicked in answer,,, and yet some of you are not impressed with the signings?,,, you havent even seen our team play a game, yet, you want to criticise Warbuton, Weir and King? For what?!!,,, Give them space to do the job,,and dare I say,, wait until christmas before judging anybody,, the team needs to gel,, the other teams in the championship dont, and that gives them the advantage in the start of the season,, so give W+W time,, get behind and support them,,

    • wait till christmas is it fuckin santa ur waiting for ya boaby right enough there more chance of santa putting money in than king and paul potless when will u fannys wake up eh in murray we trust in whyte we trust in green we trust in ally we trust in fuckin mad mick ashley we trust in king we trust in paul potless we trust do u see where this is headin no dont suppose u do ach well in santa we trust eh

  6. By Christmas it will be too late we will be 20 points behind by then and we will have a bunch of rejects no other clubs wanted on the payroll

    • Hopefully, unlike you, most supporters will be a bit more appreciative of Warburton's methods and ideas and will actually be prepared to give him a chance before they start shouting about the league being lost. You seem to think because he's not running around throwing cash about on "big name signings" to get you excited, that he's not doing his job. Warburton obviously knows these players a bit better than you do, can see their potential and thinks, under his guidance, they can be moulded into a good team. Most supporters seem to be looking forward to the new season more than they have in a long time. What we don't want to hear is doom-merchants like you telling us how bad we are before a ball's even been kicked in anger.

    • I would not be surprised to see Warburton walk soon enough.

      He is trying to build a reputation especially having really been too involved in football so if he is not getting backed where he is at he will jump ship to save himself which is perfectly understandable.

      I also think there will be an administration soon enough especially if big Mike calls in the favours (which is perfectly understanding) off the back of seeing a potential hole in the income/expenditure budget.

  7. Stuart you are wrong mate plain and simple! We have a manager who has an eye for a player, Warburton has a great scouting network, he gives youth a chance, he plays attacking football and he is slowly building a team! So try and be positive ffs, the club seriously does not need any more negativity!

    • Depends what spin you read. Or he is the guy that got to drive the car that Uve Rosler built and managed to keep it between the hedges until the fuel ran out.

    • aye right he gives youth a chance 35 year old never been has a great scouting network ?? jason holt for fucks sake son tonto would never scouted him jason brown u talk a lot of brown

    • Uve roster is a visionary using the money ball approach to sign players and manage the club. But Warburton is a visionary too and will be a great coach!

  8. As I said before we have no chance of winning the championship just being realistic we will soon find out and hope I'm wrong but can't see it

  9. Well said Jason, couldn't agree with you more!!!

    Stuart on the other hand aint sounding like a supporter imo… more like a snake in the green grass!

  10. Read the headline and wondered was it Davis, McGinn or Brunt but FFS its not even Paddy McCourt!!!

  11. Big money signings you ask for, like who ??? Oh cause Daniel Prodan done well for us, Sebastian Rozental, Tore Andre Flo, Jonas Thern will I keep going on, a big money signing or even a big name doesn't guarantee a result or a better team !

  12. The point a lot of us are trying to make is all we have so far is a lot of broken promises from King, we have had a lot of these in recent years, all he asks is, we trust him, spend our money on season tickets and hope the new manager and players are good enough despite any evidence it will be as good as he (King says), at least with Ashley there were no promises, just money and players ! *J

    • Ashley was exactly what the club needed. Instead King managed to get the majority behind his plan which looks like it centres around fan financing as no-one else seems to have a pot to p!$$ in. I have serious doubts about Warburton as well, he cannot be too football savy given he walked into this car crash of a situation. You have to remember the mighty Brentford got shot of him.

  13. King promised the fans he would overspend in the first year to guarantee promotion 200k on Kieran, so I take it next season he will spend even less? Hear neilston juniors have some frees going next season .

    • Wages for players, singing fees, scouts, coaches, upgrading Ibrox and murry park!! We can't spend millions on players anymore mate by you need to make your peace with that!

  14. Don't mind him bringing the young boys in great for the future but we need some good experienced players to bring them on this season

  15. Don't mind him bringing the young boys in great for the future but we need experienced players for this season to bring them on

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