Question marks over Rangers’ interest in Vuckic


English Championship cracks Bristol City have joined the race for ex-Rangers
“Newcastle Five” loanee Haris Vuckic.
Vuckic has been effectively
deemed surplus at St James’, with unconfirmed reports emerging that new manager
Steve McClaren has told the player he is not part of his plans.

Consequently, the Robins join a
glut of clubs chasing his signature, a group which now appears to exclude
City, Hull, Bolton and Burnley
have been named through the media as being in the hunt for the Slovenian international,
and while he did admit he wanted to stay at Rangers, his first-choice was
always to play for the Newcastle first team in the Premier League.
With no chance of that being with
Newcastle, and
only remote chances of fellow EPL teams joining the queue for him, the next
best thing would be the Championship.
And Mark Warburton has apparently
not joined any concrete pursuit for Vuckic, likely ruling out any chance of his
return to Ibrox, and the 22 year old looks like he will be going to the English
Championship, sooner rather than later.
But never say never.


  1. Time for king to dip in to his pocket and sign vudic he knows the score at rangers and done a decent job last season even with the piss he had to play with watp we would rather die with our history than live with there's

  2. I could be proven wrong…..but I really think it's unlikely we will be spending the kind of money required to get so do e like Vuckic…….in saying that….it's probably the one areas would spend a million on as I think a good goalscorers value would go up….

  3. PRE-2012 – 'Buy him Murray, buy him Murray… *Rangers overspend and cannot afford the overhead*…… 'Murray is an idiot, change the name of Murray park'

    2015 – 'Wheres King's money? King is a skint! He'll never dig into his pockets'

    Do you need me to spell it out anymore? It's not rocket science – it's business.

    • Seems simple enough….but many haven't learned lessons from the past.
      Live within our means….don't spend what we haven't got…..for goodness sake this is the SECOND tier of Scottish football…….Rangers should romp it without having to spend millions!!!
      Let's trust MW and DW to put together a team that will play football and prosper together…building a team for the future ….the time will come when we need to spend money….that time is not now.

    • Glad to see some Gers fans talking sense. Dont understand the spend spend spend gers fans?? They must be celtic fans in disguise wanting to destroy the club!

  4. Whether Vuckic is good enough or otherwise and whether or not he would come to us, (which personally I believe he would), do we really believe that King is ready to let Warburton shell out £1m for a player! So far we have seen absolutely no indication that players of this quality will be signed when a substantial fee is required and we have yet to see whether he will 'fork out' for the two Wigan players. Right now I regret to say that I am the 'doubting Thomas' as far as Mr King and his investment is concerned. I would however be delighted to be proved wrong!

    • I hate to say it but I fully agree with your appraisal of the situation. Sad as it is, we have to go with players that will do a job for us now in the Championship. The luxury of a player able to compete in the EPL coming to us right now is not practical. Let's just focus on attaining promotion first.

  5. King has nothing to spend and only wants his co-investors to overspend by their ticket purchases. We owe £8-9.5m at least and contrary to the media reports Sb sales are not going thru the roof. Supporters are mixed on the new board who have promised much and delivered nowt. We are picking bargain basement players on freebies because no other clubs want them and will be in the championship for a couple of seasons more. We are not buying the premiership standard players king said we needed, the man is a charlatan who joins a long list of those who have harmed the club.

    NUFC will look for £500k for Vuckic, Warbs wont get that to spend, in fact I reckon he will pass on the Jambo's youngester also as that could cost us a couple of hundred £k, similar to what we got for telfer.

    I feat W&W will be thrown under the bus by King and all before the year end.

  6. There is no £1m for the Wigan duo and certainly no money for Vukic.

    King's time is up, he knows it and is looking for an escape route.

    Stand by for the Jackson exclusive……King Unable To Move His Money Out Of SA.

    This farce has gone on long enough. Notice a lack of bigging up prospective players coming in over the last few days…………perhaps Level 5 would like confirmation that the cheque is in the post before climbing back on board!

    A defeat at Hibs on the opening day will have the fans up in arms with the new management team taking the flak although they have been set up to take the flak instead of King and Co.

    Where is King, where is his money? Just another Spiv on the make dependent on our money to finance the club .

  7. The man is a liar and a disgrace should have brought Kennedy in the club is doomed now will never get rid of king or Ashley now

    • Stuart take some happy pills, either that or don't read football blogs I fear for your mental health doomed I say doomed

  8. SDM sells the club for a £1 to a known chanced. He was never duped and was warned by the board about Whyte 's history.
    So after years of 'I will only sell the club to someone who can take it forward' he entrusted Rangers to the widest of wide men and the club's fate was sealed.
    Whyte, if it was a plan, knew that European money would be needed to keep the finances above water. Thanks to the worst manager in our history that never happened.
    The only way he could keep the lights on was not to pay the bills……and we know how that ended. Bear in mind though that Whyte kept us going for 6 months longer as a result.
    Then came Green and the switcheroo. The two were in cahoots from day 1 and somehow Green managed to dupe Whyte and took over the club. In the forthcoming court case the details of that move will be laid bare and Green shown to be the snake oil salesman of all time.
    Orange strip, tie up with the Dallas Cowboys, entry to the EPL…….Charles played us like a flute and we fell for it.
    Green is responsible for all the onerous contracts that were given out to his mates with backhanders finding their way into his pocket. McCoist 's already staggering £800k salary was topped up with 1P shares and a £12,000 a month expense account with no requirement to produce receipts. No wonder Ally was only to happy to support Green and drive the ST sales.

    And, perhaps finally, as we drink at the Last Chance Saloon, we are in the hands of Real Rangers Men, so nothing can ever go wrong again.

    No Nomad
    No auditor
    No accounts
    No line of credit from a bank
    No share issue
    No investment
    No over investment
    No spending whatever it takes.

    Other lies from King about the traditions of the club being passed down from generation to generation then we read an article from last year where he explains how his own dad had no interest in football!

    Please read the character assassination visited on King by the SA judge. You will have to go a long way to find anyone who has been verbally slaughtered in the manner carried out by the judge.It's compelling reading and gets to the inner thoughts of the convicted felon who is now our Chairman……..note especially in his summing up of King's character which includes the now famous Glib and shameless liar phrase, the judge says he wouldn't believe a word coming from that man's mouth without documentary evidence!!

    Yep, that's our Chairman, a real Rangers man, hardly seen a live game in the last few years and makes no secret that he has had no satellite link to Rangers games for years.

    For those that still come out with the In King We Trust mantra………well, best of luck with that, if you don't realise by now how critical our financial position presently is then you are day dreaming.

    �� in 3 years, just Level 5 bulls hit with absolutely no tangible evidence, like a medium term financial plan, to support it.

    And don't forget Ash is still hanging around in the background…….with the power to shut us down tomorrow at a snap of his fingers.

    Get your heads out of the sand before it's too late. King is not the Messiah, all is not tickets boo as the media regurgitate Level 5 p*should which, by the way, is costing the club a fortune.

    • Another, yet another, attempt to undermine the club. Your drooling reference to some South African judge you know nothing about is pathetic. As I stated in a previous post – the Rangers revival is fan driven and your repeated attempts to destabilise it are futile.
      Rangers fans recognise your intent. The commitment and loyalty of the fans will never be undermined by parasites such as yourself. You are wasting your time. Season ticket sales ARE going well. Predict 30 to 35 thousand. We will follow on!

  9. Stuart, if it wasn't for Ashley ' s loans we would have been in administration again last year, fact.

    Hd's not gone away and if he seriously wants his money back then we are totally screwed.

  10. For gods sake people, let's have some calm. The season has not even kicked off yet and still all the negativity still surrounds king and Co. The sooner you realise that the big spending days are over its time to live within our means till extra revenue streams are generated by European football and the likes. King is not gonna throw millions of pounds at players in the second tier of Scottish football. If your not gonna support king Warburton and the team. Take yourself away and support another team because we don't need your doom and gloom analysis. I firmly believe we will be back in the premiership next season and again see a further calibre of player coming in. WATP.RTID.

    • These posts are not from Rangers fans. Have a think! Read between the lines. You will find the same vile rants on the other lot's sites.

  11. Don't expect club to spend millions but for 2 million we could get Allan Rooney and vukic in and at least have 3 proven players in and that would still leave 28 million in the imaginary king warchest not being negative just realistic doubt we will win championship with so many unproven and rejected players st mirren are no mugs and hibs will be better this season

    • You need to take a deep breath or a short break mate, if indeed you are a Rangers supporter. (Excuse the doubt, but there are a few imposters) The personnel involved in the running of the club at the moment is not an issue in the longer term. The future of Rangers depends on the supporters. Unless, of course, a South African judge says otherwise. Any current custodian, given the fate of the previous incumbents, will understand that they are ultimately answerable to the real owners of our club – the fans. Time will be their judge, so have some patience

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