The shape of things to come


With Rangers today confirming
what brought you yesterday, the signing of ex-Manchester
United youngster Jordan Thompson, it brings Mark Warburton’s summer business to
Contrary to early expectations, Thompson
is being earmarked for the first-team squad, despite his tender years, which
sees Wes Foderingham, Danny Wilson, Rob Kiernan and Thompson as the
ex-Brentford boss’s recruits thus far.

In terms of youth acquisitions
former Birmingham City Academy
starlet Tom Lang and Stoke graduate Jordan Gibson have also joined Murray Park,
with fellow youth like Andy Murdoch, Ryan Sinnamon and Ryan Hardie making the
step up to the senior team, leaving vacancies in the Academy.
So, the spine, as things stand,
looks something like this:
In goal, Foderingham. In defence,
Kiernan, Wilson, Wallace and McGregor. In midfield Nicky Law, Andy Murdoch and
Jordan Thompson. And up front Miller, Clark and Hardie.
That is the ‘spine’ – the core
group of players who are probably those around which Warburton will build the
rest of his team.
Just how promising is that
collection of players? Well, there is no denying it does not really inspire a
massive amount as yet – Kiernan, Wilson and Thompson are very interesting
additions to the team, but this is very much a ‘work in progress’.
Warburton may have a glut of
trialists at Murray
Park, and be linked with
a host of players down south, but at the moment it is hard to see what kind of
team he will run with.
We know the man favours his
flowing, attacking football, but with his insistence on rotation and using the
squad fully, this could be a very dynamic team with few favourites.
Compared with the ‘untouchables’
of the past like Law, McCulloch, Bell
and Foster, this comes as a welcome change. And with ball players like Thompson
in the team, the switch from atrocious, clunky football to fast-paced, flowing
fare will come as something of a relief.
There is not a Bee in the land
who has a bad word to say about their ex-manager Warburton, and if the new boss
manages to effect the same philosophies on Rangers, it could be a very promising
season indeed for the supporters.
The team is starting to take some
shape, now for the fruits of the labour to be borne.


  1. now uve got me so exited the thougt of watching all these starlets ???? the only reason they have landed up here is because the are shite come on 200,000 for a guy whos had more loans than amigo the rest fuck me starlets law thomson murdoch midfield more like a fuckin minefield in king we trust ?????

  2. remember that famous saying that you will never win anything with kids, well here's hoping lightening strikes twice.

    • i dont think 35 and 36 year olds count as kids u get a grip ya fanny are you trying to compare miller with ryan giggs ?? eustace with beckham aye right pau time to try on that blazer again ya fud

  3. I totally agree and with you, I am looking forward, egarly to the start of the new season. With a wee bit of good fortune we will get a few really decent signings and a proven goal scorer for up front. Attack is definitely lacking. I hope W&W get the best out of current strikers, only time will tell.

    • A wee bit of good fortune and lots of support. We need to get behind them stop all this negative bullshit,If you want to slag the team of fuck off and watch another team

  4. Playing stable teams who have added to a good core this year will show up rangers right away starting at Hibs. Get the excuses in now, the petrofac cup means nothing (unless rangers win the tie of course).. king would be better investing £2m on Hibs romping the league that way he will have £5m to give to big Mike and to get the IP and other assets back and Broxi can come home too.. Joke of a team, unmerited optimism by fans who know this is the last stand saloon.

    I wonder if king will turn up for the Hibs game.

    • stuart – if that is your real name . Could I suggest that you go and support Arbroath and take your negativity, depression, morbid outlook with you. apologies Arbroath fans for landing you with this fanny and sincerely hope that all of you have access to a good analyst. How did your team get on against the Iceland mob 'stuart'?

  5. Well stuart livingstone. How about you pull on the light blue jersey and see how you get on against ayr united. Probably never played for a team in your life but you apparently think your a top pundit going by your comments on this site. Your as fit to judge a footballer as ian durrant is to judge a ballet dancer you smelly little tim shitbag. Make your judgement 10 games into the season.

  6. Really really upset with the 3rd strip
    They've been promising us an ORANGE one for going on 4 years and still no loyal strip ..
    No surrender

  7. We should change our name to the motley crew until we assemble a half decent squad this lot are a shambles king must go

  8. People should take their blue tinted glasses off. My daughter who is only ten has asked when rangers will sign a decent player that actually costs money where is king and where is his money??

  9. It is really early days here. The new manager is trying to change the club from top to bottom. I honestly think most of his business will be done just before the window closes. He wants a lean young squad. We will not be signing a top class player on loan or otherwise until we demonstrate that players will develop with us. In January, we might get a hold of some decent premier league kids about to break through. Let's get real, we are a massive football institution that have been living off past glories for a while now. What sort of signing are we expecting- Gazza, Laudrup? Come on and get real. We are going to get development players and a couple of average veterans. Unless we go all stupid and buy guy at the top of the game for 5 or 6 million. That would put bums on seats until he asks his agent for a move in January. We are in the first division for gods sake (ok Championship? ??). We don't have any real money to spend anyway. If we were pushing for Europe, then it might be time to splash cash but if hibs, St mirren and us are all close at Xmas there might be another investment in the squad, a modest one at that. The current board will not spend big while in the championship. There is no new money. There will be another share issue for a push to promotion at some point when the feel good factor returns. Some of the money might even go to the football side of things. We have to have some optimism but we are on our arse as a footballing side just now. Give the guys in charge a chance. They need at least 6 months to get things right. In that time there WILL be defeats. As long as lessons are learned, we will romp the second half of the league. Bit of a long rambling diatribe but guess what. We are a second tier team with hardly any players and money issues. If we spend 20 mil, we are a second tier team with bigger money issues.

    Few more players but who else wanted them and do they really want the privelage of pulling on the shirt?

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