Rangers launch bid to relist on Stock Exchange


Rangers today have announced the
appointment of a new corporate officer in their pursuit of being relisted back
onto the Stock Exchange.
As previously mooted, the ISDX (ICAP
Securities & Derivatives Exchange) is being targeted as a location for
trading, and comes with credibility attached given London giants Arsenal are already listed

Today Rangers have brought on
board Peterhouse Corporate Finance as their intermediary and it is the first
step towards putting the Ibrox Club back into trading privileges.
Chairman Dave King said:
“We have always said that these steps would
be taken at the appropriate time and supporters can be assured that their Club
and Company are progressing along the correct lines and as planned.”
And Peterhouse’s corporate
website espouses the following about their company:
“Peterhouse Corporate Finance Limited
is an independent corporate advisor and broker, dedicated to the needs of
growth-orientated and entrepreneurial companies. Peterhouse is ranked Number 1
independent small cap broker for AIM companies by the Advisor Rankings 2014, in
addition Peterhouse Corporate Finance is the largest ISDX Growth Market
Corporate Adviser. Peterhouse is also the owner of JP Jenkins, Europe’s longest- established matched bargain facility.
With this unique array of complementary businesses, the Company provides a full
range of advisory and broking services to Main Market, AIM and ISDX Growth
Market companies and to companies looking to join these, or similar,
Many supporters were concerned
Rangers had no intention of relisting, but this step indicates that the ball is
rolling, even if it has rolled a little slower than originally envisioned.


  1. Our new board are not daft….. Everything that they said they will do, they are slowly doing all this stuff takes time. What I also find good is that they are keeping all this stuff behind closed doors and letting us worry about football and not what's going on in the board room and that's the way it should be just like all other clubs!! Now c'mon the Gers lets pump Peterhead lol

    • aye right paul we know its you u know the stock exchange will have nothing to do with us as long as a convicted fraudster is in charge

  2. Always knew Mr King would be true to his word. Just waiting to know where I send my money!

  3. What about Mike Ashley & his possible links to that other 10% shares ? This might cause them both problems?

    • don't think it can cause any problems….. remember Ashley can only own 10% of the club as stated by the sfa

    • What if the other 10% is owned by Ashley & just covered up ? No names being given to all these offshore companies ? Don't you think it's all a bit suspicious?

  4. AWAITING MEDIAHOUSE SPIN… it's taking longer these days… Because they've been proven wrong on every turn… Come on Phil, give us a laugh!

  5. Not long now before they as the shareholders to put more money in. Still waiting on the big investment.

  6. The Peterhouse announcement is one that has shaken the very foundation of Rangers. After spending his time wisely, DCK has noticed what is right and what is wrong with Rangers. This announcement is not by accident. Go research Peterhouse on the internet. Within the company there is a strong commitment to football. Also go on Wikipedia and look up one of the directors, Ilyas Khan. Once you've read the bio, you will then realize what I mean by shaking the foundation.

    • I'm glad you agree, however you know and I know there is a very strong element of Rangers supporters including some who post on this website that would not be amused.

  7. I live in England have ok job but feel like packing in, getting the urge to go to ibrox to see this new team, Warburton has keegans mentality, play attacking football, might lose but entertain the fans and at least if we lose we tried, rangers fans can take losing as long as everyone gives 100% WATP

    • I feel the same,l live in Norfolk and I will be making the 700 mile round trip on a very regular basis WATP

  8. Sorry fellow bears, completely random question but did Craig Gordon get offered 2 contracts by rangers or not? He said he had no offers at all and mccoist said he had 2 ,could have been board lying to mccoist saying they made offers, it's done now but just curious WATP

  9. Warburton has just impressed me so much, we will lose games this season but this bloke is a perfectionist, bet we lose one or two goals at the back even against average teams but we can score 1 or 2 more, we have 9 quality midfielders who can score goals, Waghorn played well against hibs, he looks like a player that would do better playing just off a striker, hope Miller has good season he is a100% pro and looked happier and leaner other week, we still need a good target man. WATP

  10. Make up your mind Dave.

    It's only a short time ago that you declared your preference to be delisted……now we are applying for a listing on a secondary market.

    What's changed? Is this an admission that you have no money to over invest?

    I see that the nominated advisor company is part Lebanese owned?

    A connection ?

  11. ISDX requires proof of working capital to cover 18 months trading….that's likely to be around £25m! Whose going to commit to that…….not King, that's for sure.

    Ashley will probably be the go to guy. King has already asked him for another £15m which will go a long way towards the ISDX requirement.

    Problem for Dave will be that without anything else to be given as security Mike will want his own guys back on the board running the show……so bye King, bye Murray.

  12. What's the shaking the foundation post all about?

    Nothing to do with Mr Khan converting to Catholicism surely?

    I thought we had got rid of that particular baggage years ago?

    Does it still matter to section of the support what religion players and management adhere to?

  13. In addition to satisfying the working capital conditions set by ISDX for listing on their exchange there are other conditions which have to be satisfied.
    One of them relates to signed off, audited accounts with no warning note as to the ability to trade over the next 12 months.
    Also there may be an issue on the transferability of shares…..not sure if we comply with that one.

    Bottom line is that unless all the conditions are in place then listing is months away at best unless Ashley stands behind the working capital pledge.

    So back to where we started……..where is your investment Mr King?

  14. Ah so Douglas Park exits……….the lender of last resort.

    His son will be in place to make sure no more of his inheritance is lost and that the loans previously given to the club are repaid as due.

    No wonder King jetted in last week. Park was the only one of the 3 bears with access to serious money and that avenue will now be closed off with his son replacing him on the board.

    It was no secret that Park was less than pleased that for all King's talk of investment, not a penny was forthcoming.

    As others have pointed out any share issue is months away, if it happens at all. All that's left in the kitty is ST money.

    If King came out and said he was having trouble getting his money out of SA I could understand why he's not invested……………but his silence is not a good sign. The club is burning a minimum of £1.5m per month, whose going to cover next payroll?

    Level 5 can dress Park's departure up anyway they want, but it's a disaster financially with his loans repayable in December…..where will that money come from?

    In the interests of honesty and transparency perhaps Mr King will give us an update on his renegotiation with SD! Has there been a meeting, if not is there a date in the diary?

    King has lied from the get go. It must be costing a fortune for Level 5 to surprise any kind of critical article around his management of the club.

    There may be trouble ahead.

  15. Ashley will appear on the scene shortly to underpin the finances of the club. It's the only way forward.

    King and Murray will be toast or kept on by Ash as his face men at the club, doing an about turn and pushing the SD merchandise to the fans to protect their seats on the board.

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