Rangers & the BBC


With Pacific Quay’s senior sports
correspondent Chris McLaughlin now banned from Ibrox, the BBC have returned
fire and boycotted Ibrox.
Many fans will respond to that
with ‘thank God’.
Truth is Rangers and the BBC have
had something of a troubled past, which truly began with Mark Daly’s expose of
Craig Whyte. In late 2011.
No one in Light Blue would argue
that piece was wrong – it was bang on the money, and Whyte was indeed a
fraudster who threw Rangers into absolute chaos.

The problem was thereafter, where
the BBC, taking this documentary as ammo, began what appeared a pretty
transparent agenda against all things Rangers and used the Club’s travails
constantly as a method of gaining attention.
The now-banned Chris was always
the one breaking the latest negative story about events at Ibrox, much of which
seemed to have been leaked to him by someone inside, someone who will always
remain the mysterious ‘mole’.
Every latest disaster in Govan
saw McLaughlin on the scene, such as then-CEO Charles Green and manager Ally
McCoist being called up to SFA headquarters at Hampden to answer yet more
charges – the (not very good, apologies) photo above is the rather lonely
looking soul on the steps to HQ that very day as he waited for something
negative to upload to his bosses.
The problem only got worse with
Mark Daly (remember him) when he compiled his foreign BAFTA-winning title “The
Men Who Sold the Jerseys”.
Where the Whyte expose had been
proven true, this one was just pure slander without an iota of truth. He was
willing to show Whyte emails on camera, but not the EBT documents he claimed to
have showing Rangers had broken the law. Reason? He did not have them.
That documentary was shown false
by the tribunal verdict – did Daly hand his BAFTA back? Nope, not likely.
And then recently the RST &
Copland Road have exposed the earlier-mentioned Chris McLaughlin’s dubious
sourcing of the match delegate at Easter Road where arrests were made yet McLaughlin
was first with that info?
This moved Rangers to ban him,
not before time, and the BBC have responded by boycotting Ibrox. Oh boo hoo I
hear you all cry.
One wonders how this can play
out; BBC need to use Ibrox for contractual obligations regarding match
coverage, particularly the Challenge Cup (and League Cup), and they cannot
exactly forego their legal obligation to cover the matches.
Consequently one wonders what
tone of coverage they will use – will it be a glut of slander or petty
Either way it barely makes any
This troubled relationship
between the BBC and Rangers looks set to rumble on. It had abated following the
ousting of the board and the departure of Ally McCoist, with media work
involving McDowall, McCall and players like Kris Boyd.
But we now seem to have a
resumption of difficulties and it would not be unfair to suggest the BBC have
brought a great deal of this nonsense upon themselves.


  1. They will not be missed,always first to report any problems with the gers support,yet it took them nearly three days to mention what happened in amsterdam with you know who,and look at motherwell last season nothing exept for moshni.
    bbc scotland are totally anti rangers and presbyterian and before anybody screams paranoia i have experienced this in their studio and social club. GOOD RIDDANCE .

  2. Well written, I for once agree with nearly every word ,we won't miss the BBC there are many other media sources that can be used

  3. Extremely glad that the club is taking a hardline, not before time. All to often we see biased reports in the media, hopefully the days of dignified silence are gone. Attacks against our club should not be tolerated.Hopefully this ban and others sends out the message to all .

  4. The BBC is there for fat cats and pedophiles lurking in every corner forcing people to pay for them without choice the quicker this out of date institution gets shut down the better for the country as a whole

  5. I was at ibrox the night of the Motherwell game not only were smoke bombs let off but the police were in with the Motherwell support obviously to egect troublemaker and as you say alas nothing from the BBC or most other organisations.

  6. The BBC is funded by public money I think it would be appropriate that we as tax payers and in effect paying the salaries of the people employed by them register with the most senior persons in the BBC our disgust that we are being denied of a fair and unbiased coverage of our club by the BBC We must stand together and not let these people away with all the agendas that are being brought against us

  7. Poor, or actually, neglectful senior management at BBC Scotland for a number of years. The journalist profession damaged by this maverick, unbridled approach. Director General should be invited to investigate. Mr Cameron will end their gravy train in the not too distant future. No license fee – improved governance!

  8. Did the Motherwell fan who deliberately hit Lee McCulloch with a flag stick get punished at all? Nearly took his eye out. As bad as Moshni was that day, this was at least on a par and yet nothing in the media about it.

  9. The BBC don't like difficult questions, it's far easier to take a strop than tell the truth

  10. BBC is run by people who sing from the same hymn book as those running Glasgow City Council and we all know what that means . Its time a thorough investigation was carried out in relation to the corruption , bias and bigotry practiced by these two organisations .

  11. When you are talking about Motherwell why has the SFA done nothing about Motherwell and their supporters what they done at the end of game ,if it had been Rangers it would have been front page news WATP.

  12. Wether you like it or not we are known as basically a right wing organisation/football club (like it). The bbc is the polar opposite but the difference being they are funded from public money therefore should be neutral. I live in England but follow all things rangers closely and can't believe how we let the media trash our name its almost got to the point where I wonder what's happened to my country. As an earlier poster said David Cameron is on to the ##### but i fear just that name turns a lot of sheep off. Our once great last bastion of unionist club may not survive this wave of nationalism that I really don't like or understand

    • How can we be a right wing organisation/club , when the vast majority of our fans are working class punters ? Its time that shit was laid to rest ! If you could define the politics of a club then Gers fans are mainly left of centre , somewhere in the region of the old SDP ,( God rest their soul , please come back we need you now ) ! We're not right wing , but social democrats , who want to retain the monarchy and Scottish Presbyterian values . So endith the lesson and God bless your cotton socks .

    • I meant how we are perceived historically but thanks for your patronising reply that proves my point perfectly. I don't need or want blessing

  13. @ anonymous 13.37 ……you are a pathetic ,uneducated narrow minded individual.I was raised a catholic and have supported Rangers unreservedly for 40 tears .Move to another site please our club doesn't need you

    • My husband is catholic. He has supported Rangers since he was small and is now 60 . Even in his younger years his best friend and himself wore rangers tops under their cassock in church choir. I know of a few rangers supporters that are Catholics. It the team they support not the religion

  14. Can I just say fuck the BBC. Will be out at work today and was hoping to hear the game today on the radio. Anybody know if the game is broad cast on any other station?

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