Dave King: “I’ll get a better deal for Rangers”


Rangers’ chairman Dave King has
stated he is to meet Sports Direct to renegotiate the retail deal.
Speaking to Sky Sports’ Jim
White, the South African-based businessman claimed Rangers fans want to be able
to buy Club merchandise, but feel they cannot, due to the current terms of the
He stated he inherited the deal,
and would never have negotiated those terms himself, and that he fully intended
to alter it, because, in his opinion, not only are the terms poor for Rangers,
but they are poor for Sports Direct too, and no one is benefitting from the
contract as it currently stands.
He said:

“I’m very mindful of the fact that any
proposal I give to Sports Direct should be something that works better for the
club but also works better for Sports Direct. We are not going to achieve
anything unless it benefits both parties.”
He also praised Mike Ashley’s
business acumen, and stated he would not have achieved what he has without
being good at what he does, but believes Rangers fans will not purchase
merchandise under the Sports Direct umbrella, and as such, a renegotiation will
have to be fair to both sides.
Whether Mr King achieves this is
another matter.

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  1. Did anyone noticet that King was appointed to the board of Rangers Retail recently. Sits on that board with Dave Horsey, CEO of Sports Direct. Little wonder that he now asks fans to buy replica shirts.
    I presume that he will be renegotiating thecontracts with his fellow board member!

    • King hasn't asked the supporters to buy the retail products, at all. All he said is he is taking new proposals to Sports Direct, in the hope that they will be accepted. Then, if a new deal can be put in place, the board would encourage the supporters to start buying the merchandise again. That is what he said.
      It makes perfect sense. There is no point in lining Ashley's pockets while Rangers get little or no benefit, from the current set up.
      A club like Rangers needs the retail income. All big clubs depend on retail and gate money to help pay the bills. Rangers will need cash injections every year, over and above the gate money, at least until they get back into Europe and get a new retail deal.
      King is not responsible for the retail predicament. The rats that were cleared out were the people responsible for that.

    • Surely as a director of Rangers Retail, Dave King would be derelict in his duty as a director, if he did not ask the fan-base to buy from Rangers Retail rather than street-vendors of dodgy replicas (however they are termed)

      Are Rangers Retail, and its directors, not aware of grey / bootleg sales with sellers contravening RFC trademarks

      Should said directors not be taking action against these traders?

  2. Its been reported that Rangers only get 7.5% of sales revenue – 25% on the top line less our share of the staff costs which are borne by Sports Direct. From Ashley's point of view percentages don't matter – you can't put a percentage in the bank, it's the the total number of pounds you earn which matter. So you can easily see a deal being done on a “staircase pricing” basis, the more we buy the higher the percentage Rangers get but only growing at each step of the staircase. So you could see us getting £7,500 on sales of £100,000 growing to say £150,000 on Sales of £1 million. This could be sold as a success for us – multiplying income 20 times and doubling our percentage to 15%. But look at Ashley – he will earn £925,000 top line a whopping £830,000 more and that’s all that matters to him. Both sides win but he wins a hell of a lot more. Actually when you look at it, the kits business isn’t that big, in fact it looks like a dog, so what is Squint making such a big deal about it.

  3. When will our support start to get it?

    How many lies will King have to tell before everyone realises we are being taken for a ride……..again!

    Nomad, delisting, share issue, tradition passed down from his dad…..again all lies.

    What about King and his boards £20 to £5om over investment/ spending whatever it takes strategy.

    Now he's talking about he and his Co investors making up any 'shortfall' if the fans don't dig deep and meet his targets…..presumably 45,000 ST holder.

    This is a complete about turn on what he said previously……..no chance of Jim White asking the question as he canoodles with the SA magnate in his luxury pad.

    So basically there is no investment plan, it will be made up as they go along depending on how much the fans contribute………feck in unbelievable but thanks to Level 5 and their plants in the media he's getting away with him.

    Murray and King have already had 2 meetings with SD……those went well ……NOT.

    Don't be surprised if Ash actually has a face to face with King that Big Mike demands his loan back before any renegotiating of the SD deal takes place.

    As SD can invoice TRFC full retail price for unsold stock how exactly is SD suffering.

    Where have the 3 bears gone…..bit early for hibernation. Has King silenced them and why?

    • Rangers will need cash injections, over and above the gate money, for years to come. At least until they get back into Europe and get a realistic retail deal in place. King and the board are working on restoring the team on the park and they are going to Sports Direct with new retail proposals. What more can he do? The club is being restaffed in prudent fashion. The retail situation needs the co-operation of people who have made it clear they are no friends of Rangers. King can only do his best. This whole saga might cost him a lot more than 30 million before Rangers are back on a sound footing.
      As for the 'Three Bears? If they had any gripes we would have heard from them. Talk of King 'silencing them' sounds like the sort of thing you'd expect from the manky mob, or from the Ashley/ Easdale eejit flunkies.

    • Ibrox noise. VET THE SHITE BEING POSTED ON HERE. I'm all for opinions but there's this one chunt with lengthy diatribe in this form every time… ^^^^^ MEDIAHOUSE… WE SEE YOU LAYING THE MINES… WE ARE NOT FOOLED.

    • never a truer word spoken im fed up with these so called fans having a go at the board we have the best manager in uk best young squad of players ive seen assembled anywhere so why do we get these people on here complaining lets wait till dave king sorts out this new deal with sports direct then we can all buy from them and both parties will benefit so until then get behind the board and the team watp

  4. Ashleys contract will be water tight and he holds so many assets we could easily get back and some retail monies yet King talks about re-negotiations. Why would Ashley want to do that? King is saying the same old crap anytime he gets air time. Put your money in as you said you would Dave then you may see the fans coming back. Right now many do not trust you and it isn't a tough call to see why.

  5. Sack the board had enough of king and his cronies lies should have got Brian Kennedy in ,it's gonna take 7 years to get Ashley out and years to rid ourselves of that spounger king

    • If any Rangers fans buy into this shit from the Piggery clientele, I have some very nice boxes of fresh air for sale at £100 a go.

  6. Listen my fellow blue noses king can't pump all the money in n b over elaborate too quickly or it'll end up the way it was wen the other mob wer in control.he and his fellow board members can't b too hastie until they c money cumin in from other avenues I.e.king n co want to use their money for the squad wen we get up too premship they cant run the club staff Murray park iibrox etc as well they need the fans help n too sell merchandise n season books but season books obv isn't going the way king and board had thot n that's how he's spoke out and merchandise is tied up the buisness is a bottomless pit at the moment with it been pre season n no income from games, plus payin wages n buying new player every fin going out n nout cumin in n that can only go on so long .solet's get behind them cos they need our support !! WATP.

  7. Wouldn't be surprised if king did a secret deal with Ashley behind fans backs just to get shirt sales going kickbacks etc after all the lies nothing could shock me, a good man is only as good as his word

  8. Bhoys,
    You might fool some on here with the word "we", but you are not going to fool me!
    So retreat to the gutter where you bhoys belong asap!

  9. Some cunts are just all doom and gloom. For the first time in what seems like a lifetime, Mark Warburton has lit the candle of hope. Please if you have nothing positive or supportive to say then just don't say it. I can't wait for the season to get going.

    No surrender!

  10. Can't believe the sky interview with king, he was more interested in showing off his house, garden and wine cellar than answering questions not that white really probed him, interview was a complete sham. PS. I noticed his sports memorabilia room had no gers stuff in there, is he even a football fan WATP

  11. Can see our club going into administration in the next two years, need real rangers men running club, fear the worst, people in now are either skint or have no intention of putting their hands in pockets

  12. Read Paul Murray was on 370k plus huge bonus just for making top 4 no wonder the club is in a mess

  13. Where did the 70 million go in 18 months? King promised a 3 year autopsy into all affairs, more bull and how can a man run a club from south Africa when he is only in Britain 2week's of the year?what a shambles

  14. We have a management dreamteam in place but I'm afraid they will leave because the board will shackle them, where is kings money?

    • ffs what do u people want we/ve just had a 100.000 bid turned down by hibs for allan what more can the guy do

  15. Bhoys,
    You might fool some on here with the word "our", but you are not going to fool me!
    So take wee gander to the gutter where you belong!

  16. King's going to get a better deal from Ashley?

    Wouldn't be surprised, but who is going to benefit, King or the club?

    Even a renegotiating of the deal would only result in a £4m return to the club per annum. We are running at losses of £8 million plus per year…………the merchandising deal is not the be all and end all, it's being used as a diversionary tactic by King and Level 5.

    Looking at today's post it's hard to believe that many fans are still behind King……..how many lies is he going to get away with?

    Don't expect anyone in the media to ask the hard questions.

    King spelt it out today…..and for the hard of hearing or those with fingers in ears here it is.

    Rangers fans will have to spend more than Celtic fans, if they don't the board will have to make up the shortfall………………whit?

    So what kind of investment plan is that…….eg. last year our player wage bill was £7m, Celtic ' s was £25m, is this the gap that King expects the fans to finance!!!!!!!

    Champions league qualification will result in a £20m windfall for Celtic, are the Gers fans going to finance this shortfall as well.

    In a few months time the ST monies will be spent, King will be gone and Ashley ' s guys will be back in charge and for the better.

    It's no given but if Celtic get �Champions LeaguCcccccccc

    • Ok your "we" does not fool me !
      First of all the wage bill is now drastically reduced! Did "we" not get that ?
      Also does "we" not also realise the downturn in gate money last season?
      Also does "we" not realise rangers have had practically zilch from retail deal?
      Does" we "not realise that with success comes higher gate income?
      Does "we" not also realise that success generates higher advertising income?
      Does "we" not realise success equals higher value sponsership deals?
      Does"we" not realise success equals european competition gains?
      Does "we" now understand the bigger picture ? So "we" can run along with his doom casting and worry about how his horrible rhancid club will ever survive if the co-op call in there guarantees!? Or cancel there massive overdraft facilty that is fully drawn every year!

  17. Ffs ppl get a fucking grip the guys a glesga guy rangers blood running through his veins born and bread just like the rest and all us before us the guy is trying eh put us back on a even ceel and back were we belong ffs and all am hearing is shite talk here shite talk there at least he's spending Unlike others before him just fucking gee the guy a chance and as of Mike Ashley ffs he's only looking after no 1 witch is his bank balance and nothing else he dosent care about rfc in king I trust million per cent no surrender dave king and Co

    • aye he will take u to where you belong 3 div in king we trust you lot will never learn ur the best soap opera ever the club the never stops giving

  18. I was taken in by king feel like a naive idiot now makes you lose trust in people, men are only as good as their word and king has now lost all credibility, we have best supporters in the world and management dreamteam in place but yet again we have been sold down the river by a board full of empty and hollow promises, they took advantage of fans when the were at their lowest ebb, feel sick and disillusioned

  19. Being saying it for months, we let Ashley go for no good reason and let another Murray/ Whyte /Green in for no good reason, what did we get yesterday (certainly none of the money we were promised, worse, we were asked to contibute more to what will hopefully be performances a lot better than last year and promotion. Find it strange that being back in Europe is cited as a solution, yes if the team is good and can compete, to do that we will need your promises Mr King, but they are now a broken record. I WILL SAY IT AGAIN, MORE AND MORE ARE REALISING IT, BRING BACK ASHLEY, ALL HE DID WAS INVEST AND WAS PERHAPS TO LOYAL TO THE PLAYERS AND MANAGEMENT IN PLACE, SHAME ON HIM J

  20. Not sure Ashley is the answer but king will never be feel like just walking away but can't, hate your x Mrs, job, mother in law and even life but gers you will always support, but my patience is getting thin now, my grandad is 82 now and was going to rangers games for 71 years, he only got to 9 last season and he kept saying what a load of shit, he gets to the amateurs regularly and loves it ,we will always follow but board shouldn't take us for granted, we can only take so much WATP

  21. Can anybody tell me how long we have to go before the MASH deal [contract whatever it is] is over I am seriously fed up of all this Sh*te all I wanna see is the bears winning on the park.
    But I would love to know how long it is until we see the back of Ashley in the meantime I wont be buying any product just pumping money into rangers First its the only way we are gonna get a say, And while im at it I would also say i hate everyone of these B*stards for what they have done to MY club. Sorry rant over

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