From Richard Foster to James Tavernier

From Richard Foster to James Tavernier

In 2012/2013 Rangers had to
tolerate Anestis Argyriou and Sebastien Faure, then thereafter Richard Foster
took up the right-back slot and made it his own, despite a brief and inspired
cameo from youth product Kyle McAusland.
Foster was far from impressive,
and truth be told, Steven Whittaker, for his faults, and there were many, was
the best RB Rangers have had since Alan Hutton.

Consequently it has been a
position Rangers have absolutely struggled to find a quality addition for, and
no solutions up till now have been adequate.
And while I am far from
describing James Tavernier as Dani Alves or Cafu, to say he is the best player
Rangers have had in that berth for over three years, going by last night’s
display v Burnley, is not far from the truth.
Some of his passes went astray, a
few attempts at lobbing behind Burnley’s
rearguard did fail to find Waghorn for whom they were intended, but otherwise
his play was very impressive, especially defensively, with, first half in
particular, tackle after tackle.
He appears to be that rare breed,
a full back who seldom gets caught out of position up front while a counter
attack is taking place against his side.
Tavernier appears to be
positionally excellent, with a fine reading of the game, knowing when to attack
and when to defend. He was always in position when Burnley
had the ball, and managed to retreat quickly when possession was lost.
When he attacked, he worked to
either beat a man or get a ball in – and that cross in the first half for
Waghorn was pinpoint.
It is a style of marauding full
back Rangers have desperately lacked – one who has a surprisingly good
understanding of the game and puts in full endeavour to support those around
His link play was also
impressive, and curiously he cultivated a swift understanding with Nicky Law
who was able to spray wide passes for him to run onto on more than one
I am not getting ahead of myself –
it was only a friendly, and he could have a stinker on Saturday.
But if we are to take his display
at face value last night, James Tavernier is the right back Rangers have sorely
lacked for far too long.
And Warburton has picked up an
absolute gem at a rock-bottom price.

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  1. Waghorn missed a couple of easy ones last night and seemed to be more focused on getting a goal for himself than the team, but i did only see the highlights so might have been a different story. Cant really complain too much since he has only just stepped in the door.

    Looking forward to the game at the weekend.

  2. Early days, of course, but I've no doubts that he is a good player. Warburton wouldn't have signed him otherwise. His movement was good, though as you say. In fact the movement was good all over the park. That's why Law looked pretty good. He had players getting into space to give him options.
    It will take time, of course, for the new squad to achieve fluency and consistency, but the potential looks really good. I really liked the young guy, Thompson, when he came on. Definite talent there. I won't be surprised if he turns into a cracking player. We shall see.
    C'mon the Gers!

  3. Could not agree more with this post.. Regarding the stray passes, I'm sure after 3-4 weeks they will disappear.. Every one of the new guys are built solidly too.. Got every reason to be optimistic, last night I heard fans moaning that we were playing to much football..!!! Couldn't believe my ears.. Rangers, Ibrox, too much football.?!?! When was that last heard off..
    P.S as good as Tavernier was, Halliday was a stand out on the pitch(in my opinion)

  4. just watched king on sky when asked if he and other board members would put money into club he fobs of white with if the fans put more money its the only way we can be bigger than celtic this guy is just another spiv same as murray same as whyte same as green same as mcoist same as potless there must be somone out there we can trust ????? watp

    • this guy makes me fukin pissed off promised us 20 million then borrowed of park to get himself in the door then hits us with this shite he can stay in s/a and cheat the tax man i say no more watp

  5. I seen the king interview too, just confirmed what the fans already knew he isn't going to put a penny into gers, he wants to use our money sb retail etc anyone could have come in and did these, in king I've lost all trust we've been scammed again

    • Nobody has been "scammed again". King states the obvious, that is all. All clubs depend on gate money and retail to help pay the bills. As things stand, due to the scammers who were in before, Rangers get next to nothing from retail sales. That's why the supporters have stopped buying.
      Even if the sales dropped to zero, the fat bastard from SD has to receive a guaranteed payment of around 400,000 pounds, every year. It wasn't King that sanctioned that crap.
      That's probably the reason for not giving Ashley his 5 million back, at this time. The interest on the 5 million would go a long way to giving the fat bastard his yearly retail payment. He made a mistake not putting a pay back date on his loan. That's why he's pissed off. He's only getting paid with his own money.
      Unless Rangers can get the deal thrown out or renegotiated, Neither Rangers or Ashley will make any money from retail. None of that is King's fault.
      People have been claiming that King can't get his money out of South Africa and has had to borrow from Park. I have heard the claims, but seen no evidence of this. Apparently, King has stated that whatever the other board members put in will see King put in half as much again. I don't know if that's exact or not. I don't know anyone who does. Regardless, of all that, Rangers will need money pumped in every year, over and above the gate money, until Ashley goes away or renegotiates.
      King has done a good job, in getting the rats out of the boardroom, but the rats left enough booby traps behind to cause Rangers problems for years to come.
      Ashley could make some real profit if he did some honest business with Rangers. The fact that he hasn't tells me all I need to know about the fat bastard.

    • Couldn't agree more, king only stated the obvious, anyone who thinks that a club like Rangers can survive on gate money alone has led a very sheltered life,can you imagine the effect the loss of its retail business would do to a club like Celtic too, we need to get behind the new board and support them, but the retail side has to beneficial to rangers, and though I hate to say it, too Ashley too, only then will the fans start to buy again, as long as their club is benefitting !!!

    • Couldn't agree more, king has only stayed the obvious, anyone who thinks a club like rangers can survive on gate money alone has led a very sheltered life,we need to support the new board, and we will, but the retail side has to be sorted before the fans will buy again, it's got to be beneficial to the club, and though I hate to say it to Ashley too !!!

  6. King made sense, we have to unite behind the club by buying season tickets replica shirts etc we cannot expect the board to pump £20 million a year while fans sit at home watching matches on TV. Was at the match last night, healthy crowd for a friendly but thought we still look lightweight physically defense excluded but optimism for the season ahead for sure

  7. As per usual I was at our friendly against burnley last night and like most of the 22k fans or so,was very impressed with our new right back james tavernier,he's got everything that a good,modern day wing-back needs to get to the top in his position,saying that I was overall impressed by the football warbs has us playing and is only going to get even better when our team gels completely,halliday was superb and waghorn will be a very good signing for us,he's a unit alright

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