Allan saga an embarrassment for Hibs


Hibernian manager Alan Stubbs has
reportedly made a ‘personal phonecall’ to Rangers’ boss Mark Warburton
regarding the Ibrox chief’s pursuit of Easter Road’s star man Scott Allan.
The phonecall in question is
being reported as a ‘definitive no’ which is press-talk for ‘grovelling on
hands and knees and begging Rangers to back off’.
This is not the first time
Hibernian and their manager have utterly embarrassed themselves regarding

First Stubbs attempted the most
comical shot at mind-games by saying ‘2-0 is the most vulnerable lead in
football’ when his toothless side failed to even score at Ibrox in the first
leg of the playoffs, mind-games which naturally were laughed off by
then-Rangers boss Stuart McCall.
Then he tried to insult Rangers
by suggesting the bid offered for Allan implied what Rangers think of the
player. No, Alan, it is plain business. You start way below what you are
willing to pay, then bartering sees a compromise between both parties.
Now today he is calling Warbs
pleading with him to leave his star playmaker alone.
Add to this Jason Cummings’
ludicrous attempt at his own mind-games by saying Allan is too good for Rangers
and is better off at Hibs, as evidenced by Hibs’ convincing playoff win over
the Govan outfit. Sarcasm intended.
The fact is Allan wants to leave,
and Rangers will submit a third bid to convince Hibs to do it quick and
painlessly, otherwise not only will Hibs be left with a player who does not want
to be there, but they will also be left with one whose contract will expire in
half a year.
Rangers have played this right,
and it is Hibs who currently look a total and utter embarrassment.


  1. Nearly 25 and never played 100 1st team games yet you would think he was a superstar. If we want him give them 500k and get on with it. This is embarrassing by the board. Should have been sorted weeks ago.

    • He's actually 23. And if he's no superstar, as you put it, why would we just throw 500k at Hibs? Why should we not get him at a reasonable price? The Board are going about this the right way and if you and a few other people on here are embarrassed about it, then that's too bad. Welcome to the real world. Scott Allen will be a Rangers player within the next few days or so and the chances are we won't have paid over the odds for him like we have done for so many players in the past.

    • this is a great offer and shows how far came under king lets face how can hibs turn down a downpayment of 5 quid and 25 pence a year for the next trillion years plus add ons if gers win the champion league 5 years running come on hibs wake up and smell the coffee in king we trust

    • Since when was it a "fact" that he wants to leave, nothing has come from the players lips. As for the fee, are you kidding me Charlie Telfer worth £200k, and we got 1.2m for Lewis McCleod. Allan is a far superior player than both. Our club is an embarrassment not Hibs, 175k the 225k. Sky Sports saying English clubs are in and are willing to pay 1.5m. time for King the big mouth to step up or shut up. Our club is coming across as a school ground bully.

  2. i agree we have the right to bid for any player but the bids so far have been a joke and frankly disrespectful 48hrs before playing them. the bids so far have also been with we will pay you in future clause.

    • Clearly you don't have Rangers interests at heart, what has respect got to do with anything, if Rangers can get a talented young player with bags of potential on the cheap and get off to a winning start as a result of the the bid unsettling Hibs, as a true Rangers supporter I would say that was a double result, bye the way, with that approach to doing buisness you will end up losing your paper round….

    • Who is the we you refer to? Clearly you are not a Rangers fan, if Rangers can get one of the most promising young scottish players in the country on the cheap then surely that is a result, if hibs are distracted because of the timing then that is also a result. You better take care, with your business acumen you'll end up losing your paper round..

    • No one trusts Rangers or king to pay any money at a later date look at big MA he can not get his money back when he asked for it,so any future clause is a no no no do clause when selling to king and co,you do not hang your washing out if you do not want others to see it,they all seen what happened and no one trust king in paying money back now.its got be cash up front now.

  3. ohhh. spend spend spend…. f*ck me, when will some of you learn. theres no embarrassment is holding the scummy hibees out to dry… why should we give them more money than he's worth?

    Leann Dempster and Stubbs are idiots… Did they consider asking the PLAYER what he wanted to do for one minute?? It seems they've just decided that its all about their egos and getting one over rangers?? pathetic.

    • the player is under contract. hibs are as entitled to hold out for what they believe he is worth with a payment plan that suits as we are to bid.

  4. No, its not embarrassing, its business.
    if we had not wasted millions on over inflated transfers, maybe we would not have been through the mess we have.

  5. Just how are Hibs trying to get "one over rangers",he is a Hibs player and as for calling us scummy,look in the mirror ya muppet.

    • He'll go for nothing soon as , anyway . So take the money and run ! Never thought Hibs fans were so sensitive , have you seen the way they talk about us on the Scotsman website ?

  6. "Embarrassment for Hibs"…??
    Just think…
    You could have had him last year…Thanks Ally…Your loss..our gain.
    And the Hibs management team has already said…
    "We are prepared to lose him for nothing at the end of the season.In the meantime he's going nowhere."
    And here's a wee reminder…

    Scott Allan checks in at Hibs and says: I'll show Rangers what they've missed out on

    11:04, 27 July 2014
    By Scott McDermott

    NEW signing Allan is looking to lead Hibs to an opening day win against Rangers at Ibrox on hi

    SCOTT ALLAN admits he’d love to show Rangers what they missed out on by helping Hibs to victory at Ibrox.

    The former Scotland Under-21 star has signed a two-year contract at Easter Road after leaving English Premier League side West Brom.

    Allan was also linked with a move to Gers over the summer but, despite being a huge admirer of the 22-year-old, Ally McCoist decided against offering the midfielder a deal.

    New Hibees gaffer Alan Stubbs stepped in and Allan is delighted to have committed his future to the 
Edinburgh club.

  7. Who actually wrote this article? The writer is an embarrassment!

    How can he not see the bids made for Allan were shocking!? Teams may start lower when bidding for a player but these have just been ridiculous! It would be the equivalent of bidding £15m then £20m for Ronaldo!

    And you can't brag about the way Rangers played in play-off versus Hibs as they only won by a goal and were shocking against Motherwell. No way would Hibs have played that bad against them. After all, Hibs never lost a game by more than 2 goals last season, whereas Rangers…

    You say Cummings comment was wrong but he is actually right. Allan should really be going to Celtic, a top 6 English Championship side or Norwich. He should be going to a settled team, not a team that could easily mess up this coming season again. He should delay going to the team he supports until in his 30s.

    Unlike every other non-Rangers fan, I've not actually hated them recently, but when i see warped articles like this it makes me question my stance.

    Also, comment on her is ridiculous too. Of course a manager and owner will come out and say "no, he isn't for sale". Do you expect them to come out and say what's really happening on front of everyone? The fact that they know he will leave but they just want what he is worth. And if you don't think he is worth £800k then why would you want him at Rangers, anyway? Serious delusional views from both of you.

  8. Who actually wrote this article? The writer is an embarrassment!

    How can he not see the bids made for Allan were shocking!? Teams may start lower when bidding for a player but these have just been ridiculous! It would be the equivalent of bidding £15m then £20m for Ronaldo!

    And you can't brag about the way Rangers played in play-off versus Hibs as they only won by a goal and were shocking against Motherwell. No way would Hibs have played that bad against them. After all, Hibs never lost a game by more than 2 goals last season, whereas Rangers…

    You say Cummings comment was wrong but he is actually right. Allan should really be going to Celtic, a top 6 English Championship side or Norwich. He should be going to a settled team, not a team that could easily mess up this coming season again. He should delay going to the team he supports until in his 30s.

    Unlike every other non-Rangers fan, I've not actually hated them recently, but when i see warped articles like this it makes me question my stance.

  9. What part of the following do you not understand?

    Stubbs said : Hibs have issued a statement and that is our stance. Nothing has changed. I can categorically say Scott will not be going to Rangers.

    “I can’t answer for what other clubs do. We can’t stop other clubs putting bids in but, once an offer comes in, we have a responsibility to respond to it – and we’ve done that.

    “Scott has a year left on his contract and our stance is the same as it was two months ago.

    “We as a club are prepared to let Scott run his contract down. I even spoke to Mark Warburton on the telephone this morning.

    “I have a good relationship with Mark. It was me who made the phone call and I was making Mark aware of our stance.

    “It is a respect thing. It was a respectful call. I can’t answer for how people will behave as I can only answer questions on my club.

    “It is up to other clubs how they do their business. We will do ours how we see fit.

  10. Give you one great reason why £500k won't be thrown at Scott Allan…….there isn't that kind of money available and there is no way Hibs will want to be paid in instalments due to the previous club's financial problems.

    Thanks Dave, you have really ripped us a new one on your investment promises.

    'A Glib and shameless liar. Nothing that he says can be taken at face value unless supported by documentary evidence.' so said the SA judge and he was bang on the money.

  11. Look,Hibs can accept bids from whoever they want.The boy wants to join the Gers,simple as that.If we need to wait till he's out of contract then fine,but he WILL be a Rangers player.

  12. So it's the petrofied cup for the the teddy bears tomorrow … roll on roll of honor for the worrlds most important club . NO SURRENDER

  13. Embarrassing Hibs??? Your kidding right. No one at Easter Road pinned Allan to a wall and forced him to sign a TWO YEAR contract. I agree 100% with the bear above, hes no football superstar but hes sure worth more than Rangers are bidding. Its an insult from Rangers and after all the jumping up and down you all did about players not honouring contracts and walking away for nothing, well your bloody hypocrites. You could have signed him weeks ago nevermind last year. Your timings unprofessional and its your club that should be embarrassed.

    To your credit though the way youve got the mainstream press acting on your behalf is well worth a standing ovation. Best just hand you the championship trophy now.

  14. Anon 17.18
    You don't fool me with your "us" you maybe fool others bhoy but as I said you wont be fooling me!

    • Nobody needs to fool US, we have a new chairman who has being fooling US for months with his "gies yir money" interviews. The other facts are this, Hibs own Allan, they don't need to sell as they have money in the bank and a chairwoman that actually puts money into the club. Hibs can afford to let his contract run down, WE on the other hand have another zillionaire chairman who is in it for what he can get out of it. We have yet again been conned by a lying prick

  15. Fire in a bid every day, until the end of the transfer window. Up it by 5000 every until it reaches. 300,000. Then start to reduce the bids by !0,000 a day until the window closes.
    Stubbs has got no business greetin' to the media. Rangers have every right to after a player that wants away and wants to come to Ibrox.
    Allan owes Hibs nothing. They'd sell him, in a heartbeat, to any other club but Rangers.However, the lack of bids suggests that his agent is not touting him to any other clubs. That indicates that the player has made up his mind that, if rangers want him, that's where he'll be going. Hibs can delay the timing of his departure, but they can't stop it.
    If Hibs choose to wait and see him go for nowt, so be it. Rangers and Allan can wait them out. Meantime Hibs will have one very unhappy player in their squad. That can affect the morale of the whole squad. Hibs should grow up and take a fee. Stubbs should shut his idiotic cakehole.

  16. This rug muncher Dempster is apparently as hard as a whores heart in business.She reckons Hibs saved Allan from the scrapheap and wants a bit a loyalty.She'll let him rot for a year on principle.

  17. Glasgow rangers season ticket holder here of now close on 40 years and I honestly don't think scott allan will become a rangers player in this transfer window which of course closes at the end of august,I hope I'm wrong as I rate scott allan as a very good midfielder but I honestly do think that hibs will dig in and not sell him to rangers,the best I think we can hope for is signing him on a pre-contract this coming january so he's our player for the start of next season

  18. Bottom line is we wont pay over the odds for a player who can come next year for nothing and has made his feelings known about going to Ibrox, Hibs need to decide do we want a player who doesn't want to be here and risk a half hearted season from him or will we take the money

  19. If it was septic Stubbs would have driven him there.
    Why would a blue nose join septic!
    The anti- gets bias is embarrassing.

  20. 300k should be final offer. We should not pay over the odds. Can sign him for free in January and can get him for the next season. As Warbs says there should only be 1 team we are interested in improving.

  21. The add ons and instalments are nothing short of embarrassing.

    It just confirms that there is no money in the kitty and that the convicted felon who is our Chairman has been telling porkies……..surprise, surprise.

    If Paul Murray is in charge of the negotiations then we are well and truly fecked.

    Bring back Martin Bain, at least he knew what he was doing.

    Don't be fooled by the PR crap led by Level 5.

    They are just muddying the waters, anything to divert attention from the criminal in South Africa and his failure to invest a penny of his own money in the club.

    No wonder Park is ready to walk…….but not before he gets his money back.

  22. Can get fred him for next season? Ffs if we don't improve the team I doubt if another season in the Championship will appeal to the player.

  23. Will be interesting to see how Rangers approach the game at Easter Road. i could be wrong, of course, but i think the game might be a bit of a fizzer, with no bang at the end.
    I expect Rangers and Hibs will treat the game as no more than a pre season hit out. The'll both try and move players around a bit, to se how they handle playing in different positions, I'd expect. it's guaranteed, of course, that both clubs will use their three subs as well.
    As always, here's hoping that there is no trouble and both sets of fans just enjoy the football.
    C'mon the Gers!

  24. Hearing hibs lining up possible replacements for scott allan on the off chance that the hibs board do decide and cash in on a player who wants to sign for his boyhood idols rangers,the two midfielders hibs are looking to possibly sign as replacements for scott allan are our young ex midfielder rhys mccabe and ex st.mirren young midfielder john mcginn

  25. King has for once told the truth, probably for the first time since the EGM

    Rangers will pay 2nd fiddle to Celtic unless they, the fans, dig deep, he spouts to Sky's patsy Jim White.

    That's it in nutshell. A proper journalist might have asked King where his promised investment had gone…but Jimbo, no chance.

    So we were treated to a tour of his nice house, in his wife's name of course which never got a mention.
    White telling us that King was in the Top 10 richest men in South Africa, when he's not, but let's not let the truth get in the way of an outright lie.

    Oh and the wine collection, very fine indeed. Perhaps if the Lying King sold some of it an acceptable bid for Allan would already have been made.

    Because of King's tax convictions we are toxic in the City of London. There will be no Nomad, no listing, no share issue.

    When the ST money dries up what's the plan?

    Match day collections from the fans?

    It's a farce. King was talking to White as if a meeting was already set up to discuss the SD deal. There is no scheduled meeting, the two previous were a waste of time and King and Murray were sent on their way.

    The 7 year notice period is given lots of press as if if was unusual but nobody mentions the 10 year deal given to JD Sports by SDM, such was his desperation to get money in up front.

    The club continues to function because Ashley hasn't yet gone for the jugular to get his loan back. If he does we are well and truly fecked and no amount of PR spin from Level 5 can alter that course.

    King has to be bought out now before it's too late. Couod Sarver make a reappearance and save the day?

  26. Pre season hit out…..what are you talking about. The Petrofac Cup is the only other trophy that we have a realistic chance of winning.

    It looks to me as if you are getting excuses in early……your not Jim Traynor by any chance? Dave King? Paul Murray?

  27. This game means nothing to Rangers or Hibs, its a toy cup,is this embarrassing for hibs yes is it a embarrassment for Rangers Yes in that we can only pay a few hundred thousand for a player that will be worth millions in 3/4 years time,King put your money down and show the Gers fans we are back and that 1 million is nothing to spend on a investment of Scott Allan who will sell on four times that,dig deep king and co shows us the color of your money.

  28. Think it was Hibs who released the figures to the press. Player is keen to join Rangers and will do so. Probably pre-contract in January. But here is the point – no transfer fee, disillusioned player, cannot give 100% over the season, resentment in dressing room, disharmony. There is only one winner in this situation and it isn't Hibs. Similar situations occur throughout the windows and I'm sure both teams have benefitted and been disadvantaged in the past. Ms Dempster is employed to run the club effectively and business acumen is a higher priority than principled stances. Irony is that this new Rangers squad is good enough to win the title even without Scott.

  29. Listen Rangers are so far behind Celtic just now that even if we get promotion this season we make them stronger by £10 million,and the £10 million we make may put has on a even par with the bottom six in top flight why we have still got the black hole in the club that eats its way through 1 million a month no one has plugged it yet why is that its wages the money that keeps us going so we only make Celtic £10 million better off and we have filled that hole and if king and co want extra money they must put there hand in there own tin and buy players and pay 20/25/30 thousand a week in wages to take on Celtic and that is not going happen for 10/20 years from now it is a long road to get back to where we used to be,the wages we pay to the players we just brought in are way above what we need to spend yes they will win promotion but do not look for nothing more than that we do not have a bank filled with cash that we do not need to pay back any more,king said he would put 30 million in the pot to kick start us he did not do that and like all others before him he wants our money to make him and co look good its our money they ues and it should be £ for £ am up for that.

  30. Believe me! Celik R shite, Kings loose change would be enough to challenge them once we built the basis of the team now.

  31. Ashley is not getting his cash back not cause rangers don't have it but if they give Ashley his cash back rangers wont have a thing to bargain with if Ashley gives rangers a better deal on the retail front then he will get his cash back plus do you think all the deals chucky did with Ashley are legal cause I don't and as for allan he was out with the rangers squad partying last night he will be a ger this week and stubbs will just have to grin and bear it allan was promised if a bigger club came in hibs wouldn't stop him so if hibs don't let him go watch Allan's agent getting a top lawyer like I said allan will be heading for murray park this week

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