How Ally McCoist could cost Rangers £2M


Summer 2014:
“I’m a Rangers supporter and it’s something
I’ve always wanted to do. They were interested before I left United and
meetings took place with my representatives. I was worried they wouldn’t have
the money to buy me and that’s what happened. I went to West
Brom but even then I still felt that one day I’d like to play for
Rangers. I grew up two miles from Ibrox and always hoped I’d get a chance to
play there. The first game I went to was against Aberdeen at Ibrox when Gazza scored a
hat-trick to win eight in a row. I was only five so can’t remember too much
about it. But Gazza was my hero growing up then I loved watching Gio van
Bronckhorst in the Dick Advocaat era. It wouldn’t faze me if I played in the
Championship with Rangers because they’re only one year away from the top
flight. As long as there’s an opportunity for me to develop and get regular
football I’d take it.”
-Scott Allan.

Scott Allan went on public record
as inviting then-manager Ally McCoist to nab him for free. Having been released
by West Brom, the former Arab was available to
anyone with the foresight to snap him up. He wanted it to be Rangers.
McCoist was issued that ‘come and
get me’ plea, a total freebie. He dismissed it out of hand, and instead elected
to sit on the ‘midfielders’ he had – Kyle Hutton, Ian Black and Nicky Law.
The rest, frankly, is horrible
Now Allan is looking like he will
finally get his dream, but Hibernian will profit from McCoist’s woeful
mismanagement and loyalty to his little non-performing clique.
So, McCoist there has cost
Rangers anything from £250,000 to nearly a million or beyond.
Then we have the disgusting issue
of his ongoing lechery. His continuing Gardening Leave where he will cost the
Club a further £1M for doing nothing.
Willie Henderson and even
chairman Dave King have condemned it – in varying degrees, and more politely,
but it has not been condoned by many associated with the Club.

“This Club’s been very good to you, Ally,
you’ve earned a huge amount of money out of it. I think it would be nice for
the fans if they saw Ally give just a wee bit back to the Club. I think it
would augur well for himself.” –
Willie Henderson

Even hardened supporters of Ally
McCoist in his playing days have finally given up on him and seen him for what
he now is, a greedy multi-millionaire who believes Rangers owe him everything.
So, that is that second million I
was on about.
It is actually beyond outrageous
that McCoist sits on the highest wage any non-player has received at Ibrox for
an unknown duration – certainly since 2012, and does nothing for the salary.
Nothing but damage in his
management days, and nothing at all now.
It is sad to see a former legend
like McCoist reduced to a money-grabbing Shylock, but that is what he has done.
And with Rangers now having to
pay for Allan rather than him already having been on the books (and maybe the
difference between promotion and failure) that is how Ally McCoist could cost Rangers
over £2M.


  1. tone pretty scathing… but mccoist has put himself in this position, I think he deserves stick…

  2. He is history. He has made his bed. Please never darken our door again though. Its the reason we must move away from 'the old pals' ethos. Walter hands it to Ally, who brings in Durrant and Dury. Appointments based on merit and ability are now happening. The gravy train has left the station.

  3. Never could stand McCoist. I could see him for what he was, caused a lot of arguments between me and my mates over the years but i gained no satisfaction when the truth about this shifty cu*t came out. The Scott Allan decision was brutal. Too think of the wage Ian Black was on for they years makes me sick. Thank god for Warbs. The difference between him and the leach is frightening. From a complete dufus to a complete professional.

  4. I'd rather Allan sign now than under the shambles that was McCoists management. Wouldn't of seen the best of him


    • Yeh. good one mate. How about waitress. Toilet attendant. £800,000 salary plus thousands of discounted shares.

    • They weren't working for no wages, they were working without a contract. There's a difference

    • ALL wages he gave up were DEFERRED,he never lost a penny(FACT) He got all those back and now then some.An ABJECT FAILURE and PROVAN liar as a manager(don't laugh) and a man.Has never taken the blame for all the problems on the park,it was ALWAYS someone/something else's fault.He WAS involved with EVERY board during his time with OUR club.Some people forget his 1st year was a disaster.In charge of a championship winning team(disaster),2nd and 3rd year easy,but dull,then the 4th year a better league and had'nt a clue then DID walk away,sort of.Pay me MORE money and i'll go.This piece of work is the LAST SPIV at our club……

  6. Remember this the gardener had a good wee chuckle to himself when he came back as sir walters assistant the story goes from the man's own mouth, when he returned he was summoned to sir Dave for contract talks, so sir Dave produces from the top drawer contract all written out pushes across the table to the gardener, so the gardener scrutinised the contract looks across the table to sir dave raises his eyebrows to the the ceiling & sir Dave goes into other drawer & says to the gardener a knew you would never accept that, now I don't know how much that second contract was worth but I do know one thing the gardener has cost us far more than 2 million pounds & I bet he doesn't even tend his own garden

  7. I used to watch super ally when he first sighed for gers he was very average and when souness came in as manager and keept ally in a team of world class player's. So ally all your success and fame and money you have came from rangers,stop the greed and give something back or be remembered like whyte and green

  8. Mcoist went through hell and back under the many previous regimes he kept us going in our darkest moments

    • Utter PISH, the people who kept the club going were the fans. No one else. Mcoist should have been fired before we hit admin. Worst manager in our history and highest paid for his efforts. He is scum in my mind now. Sounnesssssssss had the making of this prick. Had him well sussed. That's why Johnston was first choice. He is worse than Whyte and Green combined, cause they were what they were. They never hid but Mcoist pandered and painted himself as a hero whilst he robbed us blind. Don't tell me a contract is a contract, he should have had the decency to walk when he knew he was a tosser of a manager. I would not see Mcoist in my way now. He had a widow when King and 3 bears took control. That widow is now closed and he is archived to history in the same category as LEETCH!

  9. Never liked McCoist as a manager he is a two faced arse hole especially after the comments he made about Mark Hately a true Ranger, funny how the comments from Ibrox has stopped since he left, he should never be allowed back he is nothing but a traitor his support of SCIAF proves that.

  10. Fat Salary was off salmon fishing two weeks ago was in great health,in a great fame of mind,laughing and joking with locals in the pubs of Montrose,but wouldn't you be if you were on 17K a week but the little rascal doesn't have his expenses of 125K per annum(no receipts required) to help him out,poor wee soul!

  11. Growing up Ally was my absolute hero. Every time I had a football at my feet I wanted to be scoring goals just like Ally. Roll on to now and I wouldn't even shake that mans hand. I can't help but feel utter betrayal at way he continues to take thousands of pounds of the clubs money every week for nothing but even worse on the back of being an utterly useless manager.

  12. Rangers Legends vs AC Milan legends a couple of years back? For those that were at the game please remember that feeling when Ally scored his final goal for Rangers. Ally got us into the championship, he kept the team together during those very dark Green and Whyte days! He truly loves Rangers and has suffered mentally and physically from his time with Gers. I agree he is paid a ridiculous amount but he endured torturous abuse from his beloved fans.

    Ally is not a manager, he was forced into the job with no experience, he had no scouting network and a few very rough cut gems in the youth department. Give our legend Ally a chance to speak so we can see and hear the full picture.

    We're Rangers fans and we support our own! He deserves better!

  13. I for one do not begrudge the money Ally has made….I honestly believe if not for him we would not have a Rangers today..we all have short memories during the Green era….yes he has made money( a contract was offered and he accepted) but he has also put back in(as a shareholder)…How may of the critics would have knocked back a contract on the table and requested the remuneration to be lowered cause its too much…aye I thought so !….Given.. Ally made mistakes ( which Manager hasn't) and his managerial journey with the Gers will be considered a failure..but I believe we should hold him in the hightest esteem and achknowledge him for the legend he is ( on and off the park)I for one would be first to shake his hand and be eternally grateful to him for saving our famous club

    • How on earth did he save our club. He held on because he had nowhere to go. Encouraged the fans to accept Green and got his discounted shares in return.
      Has acted like an attention seeking spoiled brat since his reluctant arrival. Remember he joined Sunderland for more money. Have a think about it and stop this over emotional sycophantic drivel.

    • yeah i agree people forget about when he didn't take a wage and in return the money he helped save the board used for thier own good, Too easy to blame him for everything. How many here if they got a big redundancy payout would say no keep it to save your company i will go without, nobody would so why should he,

    • He did take a wage, just a deferred wage! Big big difference.

      Best goal scorer in our history but worst manager too. Walk away with your money Ally, and stay away.

  14. Super Ally?Don't make me laugh,everything Ally'done'in the blue of Rangers was ALWAYS well rewarded.I prefer Mojo,at least he broke their hearts.Ally you sold your status for money,shame….on you.

  15. A shylock is a money lender mate.I see you know yir Shakespear!Use words your familiar with pal instead of over reaching.As for fat Ally,fook him.I saw him when I was down in Dumfries playin golf and he was pissin himself laughin,as he did in every picture you seen of him at Auchenhowie.He doesn't give a good shite for us fans or the club.

  16. Fuck all you Ally haters.

    I will never forget the times of joy every time he hit the net against "they" cunts.

    Shame on you fellow (so called) Bears, shame on you!

    • Shame on me?yeah right,I would never do anything that was detrimental to Rangers because I love and care for them,hand on heart could Ally say the same?I think we all know the answer.No bud,the shame is all Ally's.

  17. I've said on here numerous times ally is a legend as a player …but he was a terrible choice as manager …..the guy was out of his depth and his signing a,disaster …the signs and alarm bells starting ringing for me as I witnessed our 1-0 defeat at killie in Nov 2011 …then we lost a 15 point lead in spl and lost the title well before 10 point deduction ….his cup record as well was utterlery abysmal …..Yes,he's taken the money and he's getting abused.but look at this load of jokers,who took more money than ally ….Wallace. whyte .green ..Irvine ..Stockbridge ..llambias ..leach ….imran …etc etc etc ….forget ally he was a poor poor manager but a magnificent goalscorer …. just remember his goals and let him move on ….you are welcome back anytime for what you did as player ally ….but not as a manager …..come on fellow bears give him a break ….

  18. I hope if he ever tries to enter Ibrox at the main door the doorman has the balls to put his hand up and say "sorry unable to let you in", or possibly without the "sorry"!
    The man is an utter disgrace…. this is from an avid supporter of the club for the past 40 years.

  19. That's what makes this so heartbreaking Craig Wilson,I loved the man, and the other guy that says no one else would knock back redundancy money from a company,that shit disny wash.The normal working man is not a multi-millionaire nor do they claim to love the company they work for.

  20. Ally McCoist easily the worst manager in recent Rangers history, put there on the recommendation of his mentor Walter Smith.

  21. You need to get off McCoists back.A lot of you have short memories of what McCoist achieved on the pitch and what he inherited as a manager with no real players left and the real money grabbers running across the border to join English teams. No one was under the delusion that he was a great manager and, and only he stuck with us when no one else would.It's about time we moved on and left him alone. I don't care what money he has earned. He deserves it.

  22. Hey say what you want about Ally McCoist but he did only what he was told to do by the board hecould only work with the tools he had and he did do a good job with them,and i still think if he was in charge last season we would have been up,but he still would have to work his magic with hasbeens and young lads who can not play ever game and win them all,some one said on another post that it would take 3 years to catch Celtic that has to be the biggest joke ever it will take 3 years to catch the likes of Motherwell and the bottom 6 in the top flight 6/7 years to catch up with Aberdeen and over 10/15 years to challenge Celtic for the number one spot and over 20 years to be on a even par with them to challenge them season after season like it was before and i fear that we will lose more than we win in 20 years from now.

    • Haha what you on?Rangers will be Scottish Champions within 3 years,I mean how good do you think celtic are?that's right,hopeless.In Warbs I trust.

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