“Who’s Mark Wotte?” – King abandons DoF model


Chairman Dave King has confirmed
Rangers have abandoned the ‘Director of Football’ role at Ibrox “for now”.
King stated on March 6th
that a DoF role with a young coach as the management model was the way forward
for the Club, but after consultation with the board and feedback from others
Rangers have elected to scrap it and concentrate on the traditional manager and
assistant model.

He heavily hinted with the phrase
of a “new management team is coming in” that that model will be Mark Warburton
and David Weir, despite equally claiming that no candidate is the preferred
choice right now.
King did go on to suggest the DoF
role has not been completely discarded, but that it is not the correct choice “right
now” but down the line may well be in the future.
King curiously denied any
knowledge of Mark Wotte, saying “who is Mark Wotte, I’ve never heard of him”
thus firmly dispelling any concept that a technical director will be in place
any time soon in Govan.


  1. Is someone copying and pasting your material on The Scotsman? Checking the time line, this blog appears word for word, 30 minutes later on The Scotsman. If you have given permission then fine. But if you did not, you may have an intellectual property issue to deal with.

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