Dave King confirms release of all out of contract players


Dave King has confirmed, as
brought to you on this site days ago, that all out of contract players have
been released and a new captain is required.
The Rangers chairman revealed
during his press conference that “Rangers need a new everything” and without
naming them all, confirmed Lee McCulloch, Jon Daly, Bilel Mohsni, Richard
Foster, Sebastien Faure, Ian Black, Steven Smith, Kyle Hutton, Kris Boyd, Steve Simonson and
Lee Robinson have been been made free agents.

Luca Gasparotto was also out of
contract but he recently confirmed he was offered a new deal for a year.
Chances are high that Lee Wallace
will be named new captain, but the chairman expressed that such decisions will
wait till a new manager is revealed (as confirmed on this site this morning), albeit he denied anyone is the
front-runner despite speculation suggesting otherwise.
Rangers officially need an
effective new squad and the summer window, once the manager is in place,
promises to bring in a glut of new players, capable of getting the team


  1. anybody who bought that bullshit press conference is an idiot. it was filled with nonsense. staying down is a good thing. seriously if this was happening to some other club it would be funny. investment will be based on season ticket sales and ashley not getting his money back. king is going to invest nothing and then he will blame the fans and ashley when things fail

    • Some fans are never happy are they! So bloody negative at everything! Sort yourself out and get behind the board

  2. That sounds about right. We can only wait and see but the outlook is bleak.king is where he wants to be and made promises of great times ahead when all i hear is another prime minister making promises to get what he wants and once he gets them , backtracks with all the bullshit he blames others.

  3. It is all very David Murrayesque, hold a press conference to announce there is going to be an announcement!

    Also Mr King, Warburton, McCall, McInnes or whoever Rangers captain next season is Lee Wallace there can be no debate on that.

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