Warburton frustration over delay; McInnes murmurs


While Mark Warburton remains the
odds-on favourite for the Rangers job with his odds in fact shrinking further
to 1/12, there are increasing murmurs within Scottish football circles that
Derek McInnes has emerged as a very dark horse indeed, and that the delay on
the management announcement is due to negotiations with Aberdeen over compensation.
McInnes, who had two years to run
on his existing contract before Aberdeen reportedly offered him a further
extension, had been around 6/1 consistently but has seen those odds reduce to
11/2 in recent days from some outlets, with growing rumours over those
aforementioned negotiations.

It does seem very strange that if
Rangers have indeed chosen Warburton, they have not announced it as yet. West Ham confirmed their new manager Slaven Bilic earlier without too much fuss, pomp,
or ceremony, but Rangers are taking an age to confirm Warburton, casting a
touch of doubt over whether he is the man they have chosen.

And with tonight’s news linking Fulham to the former Brentford boss, while another fellow candidate Vitor Pereira jetted into Turkey for talks with Fenerbahce, the door may have opened a touch for McInnes.

Warburton did appear on Talksport this evening, still showing significant apparent interest in the position, but hinted he may be losing patience with the Club’s dallying.

McInnes would set the Ibrox
coffers back a few hundred thousand for sure, but there is certainly a feeling
a manager as promising as the former Rangers midfielder is would choose the
project in Govan with financial backing over continuing at Pittodrie where he has
probably taken the Dons as far as he can.


  1. Personally I would prefer Warburton. I am not convinced about McInnes and his credentials for the job are debatable. This would appear to me to be another 'jobs for the boys' over quality of coach scenario. Finishing second in the SPL is no big deal and his time in English Football was generally a time of failure. We will end up with more second rate football players in the team just as we have been seeing under McCoist and McDowall and I don't really see much difference between McCall and him. The money we will waste on compensation would be better off spent on players!

    • Totally agree with you. We need a fresh approach and new ideas and Warburton fits the bill. He has the ability to build us a team that won't cost the Earth, which will not only get us promotion, but will actually play entertaining football. When's the last time we saw that? They should give him the job now before he goes elsewhere.

  2. Seriously hope McInnes is the new manager.
    A good young Scottish manager who knows the scottish game, can work with a tight budget and has the bonus of a Rangers background.

  3. I also would like to see McInnes get the job a good young Scottish manager and one who knows what Rangers are all about

  4. I'd rather McInnes as well, partly because he's more likely to buy young Scottish players. Rangers need to start snapping up Scotland national team U-21 and U-19 stars. Our presence in those squads is non-existent, and if we want Scottish international players in the future we'd better start to invest in that youth now.

  5. I love seeing all this confidence and bravado as evidenced via the enthusiasm about new player prospects and picking a new manager for the brave new world. I am also very envious of my fellow supporters who are so minded. Sadly I am on a different page and thoroughly depressed about it all because I see no bright spots at all until …. and I say this after due consideration … that I don't know how to finish this sentence except to say that Slinky makes me even worse.

    • Not to put too fine a point on in old bean, Slinky makes most of us want to chuck up. There's an antidepressant nicknamed agent orange that sells well down the LB but Gazza says its like paint stripper.

  6. i thought warburton was a cert, however passed ibrox about lunchtime and saw Terry Butcher! what is going on? the suspense is killing me! …

  7. Get real with McInnes!!!,, he is no where near qualified to take on such a massive task,, honest to god, some of the pish you lot talk. "know what Rangers are all about!???,,, There is the problem right there,,,, what is our game?,, What are Rangers all about on the park??,, None of you have a clue,,,, Get the place clensed of all rangers coaching staff and replace with German coaches from youth to first team,,, then you will see fitness,,athleticism,,skill,,determination,, winners,,,everything Germany has been successfully producing day in day out.with little money,,, We need to start thinking european, we have fell behind 30 years in the modern game,,we are crap,, and you want McInnes?? christ,,how low have we sunk?!!! I fear the worst next season,,,King and Murray have sold us a dummy and we will pay for it,,mark my words.,,,,, We are a massive club, and nobody knows how to run it to its full potential!!!

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