The squad members good enough for Warburton’s Rangers Revolution


While it is extremely clear new
manager Mark Warburton is going to ring serious changes on the personnel front,
he will not be able to sign an entirely new squad, as much as we would like him
It is abundantly clear that
financial constraints limit him to bringing in the 7-10 players he (and the
club) have preached so this evidently forces the conclusion that some of the
existing squad will remain first-team material.
The question is who? Let us take
a blow-by-blow look at each remaining player and assess whether or not they
will be good enough for Mark Warburton’s Rangers Revolution:

Cammy Bell.
He has been an underwhelming signing; hopes were high for him such was his
impressive time at Kilmarnock but he has failed to make a single truly defining
save at Ibrox and his mistake at Fir
Park highlighted his
Verdict: Squad member at best
Lee Wallace. Despite his form being patchy there is a real feeling
Wallace has a lot more to offer than he has shown in recent years. With several
caps to his name and experience at high levels, it is likely he will play a role
in the new era.
Verdict: First team beckons
Marius Zaliukas. One of the better performers in the playoffs,
Zaliukas has nevertheless never really connected with the Rangers support, nor
has he produced a level of consistency which earned him a run in the team.
Verdict: Unlikely to be more than
Darren McGregor. Poor in the playoffs and generally lacked against
stronger teams, but he was overall the best player last season (no great honour
in truth). Whether he is good enough for Warburton remains to be seen.
Verdict: Squad/first team
Luca Gasparotto. Never had a chance at Ibrox, but Warburton’s
emphasis on youth suggests there is a place for a young Canadian international
under him.
Verdict: Could play a role
Andy Murdoch. Despite looking a touch out of his depth at times in
the playoffs, Murdoch was probably Rangers’ second-best player this calendar
year. Definitely worthy of a place.
Verdict: First team beckons
Robbie Crawford: A reasonably utility man, he did well at RB and is
reliable in the middle. Nothing flashy, but decent for the squad.
Verdict: Squad
Nicky Law. Just poor all round. Hopefully will be sold as
speculation suggests.
Verdict: Just leave
David Templeton. Rumoured to have been asked to leave, but denies
it; Temps is a complete disappointment and if any offer comes in, it should be
Verdict: See above
Dean Shiels: Would have been released if out of contract – had a
bit of life under McCall but it is unlikely he will be a big player in the new
Verdict: Squad
Nicky Clark: Mediocre striker out
of his depth at Ibrox. Will score a few but has the first touch of an elephant
and runs around like a headless chicken. Very little quality on show at this
Verdict: Squad unless sold

Fraser Aird: Under the right
management we could see a lot more from Aird, more like what we saw when he
first appeared. The kid has potential, but he has been badly mismanaged.
Verdict: Could feature
Kenny Miller: Showed the passion through the playoffs needed at
Rangers and some of his goals have been big. He genuinely cares about this club
and while past his best, still has something to offer.
Verdict: Squad/first team
Barrie McKay: Another youth not given a fair
crack; hopefully that will change under Warburton.

Verdict: Squad/first team

Tom Walsh: Yet more promising youth
who looked inspired and aggressive when used by McCall.
Verdict: Squad/first team
Ryan Hardie: Pretty much the same summary as Walsh.
Verdict: Squad/first team
Calum Gallagher: Another one who deserves a shot, and will likely
get one under Warburton.
Verdict: Squad/first team
In conclusion:
Of the ‘established’ first team
only Wallace and Murdoch are nigh-on certs to remain there. The likes of
McGregor, Miller, and a lot of the youth will swill around the squad and flirt
with the first team, as Warburton has promised. His approach is rotational and
he wants everyone to taste the starting XI – he wants them all to aim for it
and to know they will be rewarded with it.
It certainly beats the Old Pals Act.


  1. I doubt if Crawford is good enough unless Warburton can bring some hidden football ability to the fore. The other young players mentioned will, hopefully, improve under Warburton and three or four of them, like Walsh, Hardie and Gallagher will join Murdoch in the first eleven, (or at least in the match day squad). I hope that Warburton can get something from Shiels, Law and Clark on a consistent basis but I doubt it and indeed I would expect to see Law move to England. Miller will add commitment and the 'Rangers ethos' but I don't see him playing many games and Aird will need to fundamentally improve his game to be anywhere near the first team. Templeton for me, is the interesting one, if Warburton can get the best out of him then we could have a top class player, if not then he might as well move on. I will however give him the benefit of the doubt given that he had McCoist and McDowall as coaches and the pair of them don't come anywhere close to being capable of developing players!

    • Good call Tom. I'd gladly say bye to Miller, but if he's here for another year that's fine. I know he works hard on the field, but whether he's the type who stays back for extra training to improve himself (and be a model of professionalism for the young ones to follow), I do doubt. Still, his experience could come in useful i guess.

  2. Fraser aird is the worst player I have ever seen in a Rangers shirt and to prove my point superally gave him a five year contract now superally knows a player when he sees one doesn't he, now remember the game against Albion rovers in the cup at ibrox just for one example he couldn't beat a man with cramp the guy was on the floor in agony and got up and took the ball off aird aye potential alright potential to be even worse under Warburton because he wants players who can dominate a football don't know if you heard that bit of his interview

  3. MW will have a very close look at what we have in the pre season and from what he has said only those comfortable in possession and good passers will make the first team. Start of the season the first team may well be unrecognisable from last year.

  4. None except the boy Murdoch, he deserves another year.

    The rest have been pish and an embarrassment.

  5. "New Rangers boss Mark Warburton told style must take second place – Former Rangers manager Alex McLeish has a simple piece of advice for Mark Warburton – just win."
    (Express, 17 June 2015)

    Thank God we didn't throw the philosophy textbook out the window and appoint Eck.

  6. Cammy Bell has had a poor run of form but to say he has never made a truly defining save at Rangers is nonsense , he will be first choice next season . Darren McGregor was poor in one game in the play-offs, the first one against Motherwell , when everyone knows he was playing when injured and not training .He was our best player last season and saying that was not hard is just being a smart ass .He will start somewhere next season , maybe at Right Back although I hope he plays in his own position.Andy Murdoch didn`t look out of his depth in the playoffs , he struggled a bit against Motherwell when I believe he was feeling the strain of playing so many games so close together . You seemed to have based your criticisms on two games.Can I also point out to another poster that Templeton was dropped by 3 managers and contributed nothing all season , so why you would think of keeping him and getting rid of Law is beyond me ,having said that if we could sell Law for the £400,000 mentioned and use that money towards buying Scott Allen it would be well worth it.

  7. A tell you there ain't many worth keeping but hopefully with a new style and better brand of football. Some might kick on and get proper coaching. Still think temps worth another. playing one decent game in five is not helping his own case but you can say that for every one of them. And wee Clark I really wanted him to finally come good but just not sure he's got it. And law never had to lose to be honest we've had four seasons of utter dross to put up with and it just has to change . A mean fuck me can't be any worse realistically it just can't be . Scott Alan Stevie may Danny Wilson and vuckic would be a great start for rebuilding us back up watp

  8. McCoist's brilliance – plays Charlie Telfer 1 time, the boy leaves and goes to Dundee Utd, and is named SPFL Young Player of the Month a few months later. And despite being a midfielder, despite playing in a higher league, and despite playing 12 games less than him, he scores more goals (4) in the 2014-2015 season than McCoist's 'goal-machine' Kris Boyd (3). Genius.

  9. I would rather we kept Lee Robinson and chased Bell.After the disastrous Simmo was dropped and Bell was still injured,Robinson came in and was solid if unspectacular and played a mean sweeper role.Bell on the other hand would need to be tied to a tank and physically dragged from his line before he would come for a cross ball.Look back to his defending of corner kicks in the play off games v QoS and Hibs.He doesn't instill any confidence in his defence at all and merely demonstrates how not to command your box.Please,if anyone questions my opinion(which is fine)don't say "aye,but he's a great showstopper", this is a pre requisite of any keeper.Get shot of him now before he costs us dear.

    • Totally agree, David. Bell has been disappointing and his inability/reluctance to deal with crosses can't be ignored. A new keeper is a must.

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