Rangers appoint Finance Director


Rangers have tonight announced
the appointment of a new Finance Director, with a new addition to the role
being administration.
Andrew Dicksen, (not the same
media Andrew Dickson who left the Club some many months ago) previously just
the chief of football administration, has taken on dual roles and replaces a
position previously vacated by both Brian Stockbridge and Barry Leach

Neither of his predecessors
exactly filled fans with inspiration, but Dickson has quietly gone about his
business within the Club, hosting March’s EGM impeccably under the position of
meeting Chair, and fully deserves the promotion.
The statement in full:
“Current Head of Football
Administration Andrew Dickson has been appointed Director: Finance and
Administration of TRFC.”
This was a position Rangers
needed filling; all that is left now is to find the right man for the CEO
vacancy, if indeed Rangers intend to find a candidate for that slot any time


  1. Talking of finances…One of the things we should be doing is reviewing the contracts of all our younger players and inserting a buyout clause into each. We don’t need to have 60 million euro buyout clauses like Sporting have for Gauld, but at least several million quid for those players we believe will be international players, and a few million more for those extra special players. If clubs came in for them, we might not need to stick to these prices in order to do a deal, but it at least gives us a strong hand in the negotiations. And it would stop the likes of Charlie Telfer, who we trained and nurtured at Auchenhowie for 10 years, leave Ibrox for nothing or next to nothing. The Portugese and Spanish teams wizened up to this years ago and are now reaping the benefits of protecting their investments. If we’re to become a self-sufficient club, we need to be doing the same.

    • a buyout clause for our young players where have you been pal did u watch the young players gettin humilated at hampden million pound clauses santa fuckin clause couldent give this lot away get the money out and lets buy big

    • @15:27 – I'm tipping all the young boys to have good futures at Ibrox. As for the criticism being meted out to some of them, like Fraser Aird, I think it’s out of order. At White Hart Lane a few years ago, the same ‘not good enough for the first team’ tag was given by tens of thousands of Spurs fans to a 20 year old Gareth Bale, whose place in the team at that time was taken by Assou-Ekotto. 5 years on and Assou-Ekotto can’t find a club, while Bale is a Galactico at Real Madrid. The only way for young players to prove themselves is to get an extended run in the team and good support from management and fans alike. If one of us groans at a misplaced pass it might not seem severe, but when 50,000 of us do it unison it’s a negative force that can knock the stuffing out of any player. And self-fulfilling prophecies do happen. Tell a 19 year old often enough that he’s crap, and one day he might just believe it and pack it all in. If that happens, we’ll never know if we’ve missed out on a future legend. I had a look at Barrie McKay’s wiki page today and it says he won Man of the Match at U-19 international level against the Netherlands and Sweden – something that can’t be done unless a player has serious talent. Most of the young players who’ve come through the academy have probably spent around 10 years at Auchenhowie, which means they’ve been analysed and tested every year for a decade. So surely we should have a little faith that they have the ability (and the coaches have good enough judgement) to deliver what we want? Showing a little patience is not much to ask, but it can major consequences for the club’s future.

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