Some of the players who could be at Ibrox next season


So it begins in earnest, with the
news Bilel Mohsni and Jon Daly are now gone, a rebuild of this tattered,
feeble, and ridiculously poor squad begins. The board have three months to get
a plan in place, rid of the dead wood, acquisition of players, and a decent new
To that end the following is a
list of players currently free agents, some of whom could well find themselves
in Govan next season. I do not claim to endorse all these players, nor believe
they are realistic; they are just a selection of the available players, some
out of our price range presently, some not, who are worth considering.

Lee Erwin, Lionel Ainsworth, Marley Watkins, Gavin Reilly, Rhys McCabe,
Andy Halliday, Remi Streete, Shane Ferguson, Carlos Cuellar, Danny Devine, Craig Slater, Aidan Connolly, Greg Kiltie, Jamie MacDonald,
Danny Wilson, Andy Driver, Gregg Wylde, Nick Ross, Liam Polworth, Ali Crawford,
Joey Barton, Bobby Zamora, Richard Dunne, Shaun Wright Phillips and Brian
Scott Allan of Hibs has also been
heavily linked to a move to Ibrox, at a fee of £500,000+, and with Hull relegated, Sone
Aluko, Nikica Jelavic and Allan McGregor will certainly be finding new clubs.
99% unlikely to be Rangers but you never know.
The point of this entry is not to
say Rangers are signing Joey Barton, Richard Dunne and Nikica Jelavic, but to
highlight the rich nature of some of the players available and that a rebuild
job has a chance if it is properly planned and the right players acquired.
There are many more available
than this, of course.


  1. What is the point of this blog? Just a sea of random names of people who won't be near the Scottish Championship next season.

  2. Joey barton? …………….in a rich vein ? FFS you must be used to slim pickings ? can you imagine that tube handling some of the more " agricultural " tackles we are going to have to face again ? the guy is an overrated A/H of the highest .

  3. If we were to re-sign Nikica Jelavic, I'd die happy. Probably the best player Rangers have had in the last decade.

  4. Is there gonna be a press conference where MrK is going to tell us what the plan of attack is? Budgets etc?

  5. The idea of taking on players like Joey Barton and Richard Dunne is the kind of thinking that has sunk this club. Overpaid, uninterested players seeing out their twilight years is the last thing we need. The buck stops with Ally McCoist and the previous board for the failure to win promotion. Mccall inherited garbage and did well to even get to a playoff final. That said I would rather see Warburton and Weir hired.

    • Barton and Dunne Timmy supporters, and apparently Danny Wilson according to the papers. I think a great shout for player manager would be Lee McCulloch, he has been a great servant to the cause and can still play a bit and is doing his coaching badges

    • the last board sank this club not ally, give our new board time they will put us on the road again, with the help of all true rangers fans,watp,,

    • Clueless, Anonymous, the dross on the pitch was ENTIRELY down to the lamentable mismanagement by McCoist, who continues to fleece the club to the tune of £70k per month! Nobody's hero now!

    • do we really give a fuck to what some cunt who is anonymous says regarding one of the gers greatest in sally, he didnt ruin the club, we were not good enough to go up , next season we start again that is us no one likes us we dont care………… on the other hand stand behind the colours, because my colours dont run

    • do we really give a fuck to what some cunt who is anonymous says regarding one of the gers greatest in sally, he didnt ruin the club, we were not good enough to go up , next season we start again that is us no one likes us we dont care………… on the other hand stand behind the colours, because my colours dont run

  6. I notice several ex Rangers players on that list, they didn't make it before for whatever reason why would they be any different now, sometimes players thrive outside the confines of the old firm that's just how it goes

  7. Players are looking for 3-4 year contracts, any players signed will have to be at a level to play in the premier division if promotion is achieved, how many would want to play in the Scottish lower leagues?

  8. all overpaid failures. I'm not a Rangers fan, but if this is the route you plan or endorse, no matter how speculative this post is, you're on the road to more ruin. Accepting your limitations, and building with what you have gradually now your upper management structure seems more fitting, is what your long term future deserves. Drop the egotistical nonsense you "deserve" to be at the top, and the demands that come with it that have crippled you repeatedly to date.

  9. As suggested Warburton and Weir should be target men. The names of players in the article are all yesterday's men. A new management team will have their own wish list and Mandy from Moodiesburn has a better chance of being on it than anyone on the list above.

  10. lets be honest our journey started with a failure which we did 'nt know at the time.Greatist goalscorer of all time.15 points in front lost that . The.4th division, 850,000 a year plus bonuses.[the biggest load of pish to watch] but still the people,next year still the same, third year the same did not have what it takes ,the same as Mr John Greig THE GREATEAST RANGER EVER. a man with honour .What does ex super ally do. no integrity no morals ,shit on us 14,000 a week in our darkest hour give him is gardening money ltil his contract is up .NO BETTER THAN GREEN, LAFFERTY WHITTAKER NAISMITH,TO BE HONEST HES WORSE

  11. 3 years ago RFC had a chance to take all their young talents from Murray park and actually play them. Add in a modest amount of mature experienced talent and at present I bet Rangers may be in the top flight. Not to mention with a cheaper wage bill and players with a passion for their club.

  12. Lets begin with Neil McCann interview on sky, spot on McCall not the chosen one though I admire him as a person, nevertheless that does not rebuild RFC and by christ does that need rebuilding,Souness said also no fucking about with play offs we need to hit the ground running from day one, we need to be back where we belong,Warburton and Weir or Billy Davies, or Curbishley a long time out of football but he can work with youth, Mr King you must get this right

    • None of these people are going to be any good all failures as managers,Billy Davies is a raging piss head forgot about him same old fucking bullshit.We need to try something new like Norwich taking a chance with Alex Neil

  13. Mr King, what makes you think he is our saviour, it has been so wrong with every decision since it went pearshaped for Murray, remain convinced we have missed the boat by ousting Ashley J

    • I second that!!!

      I hear fans praise King, but cant trust the old board.

      Ashley wanted Sports Direct in Champions league, We wanted Champions league.. I fail to spot the problem if I'm honest.

    • Utter nonsense, his board put us in this position with no investment in the team. Mr King and co will deliver in the next week buy doing something that Ashley never does, investing money….

  14. Mccoist a total failure all stems from him pish signing and want to keep hush hush about his massive wages pathetic no other word pathetic

  15. McCoist was never the problem, our problem is what we are left with, no idea, no football team and a junk heap of a season to look forward to, well done Mr King and the new hangers on.J

  16. You dont get it.

    There is no money. Kingco have asked Ashley for the 2nd £5m tranche to keep the lights on.

    Be prepared for very bad news with Park and Gilligan at loggerheads with King and only still there trying to protect their investment.

    It's an absolute shambles. If Ashley coughs up to keep the lights on guess who will be back on the board…………Llambias and Leach who at least know what they are doing unlike the current lot.

  17. So much crap on heat it even manages to bring a smile to my face after sunday.
    Let the board do their job.
    Next year you will have your chance to judge them.
    They have so much shitt to get new manager new team £ and sort out the mess and trying to sive through the paper work of the bent last board.

  18. Let the board do their job, you cannot be serious, if we had kept Ashley we would have been looking forward, not wondering what we are in for now J

    • Its ashleys fault we're where we are if you didn't notice? Looking forward, what with crowds of 20k etc We would have been put in admin again

  19. fuck you ,ya cowardly bastard , 14000 in our darkest hour were you at ibrox in the early 80's

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