Embarrassing Rangers need to start again


Sometimes you are left struggling
to articulate yourself. Some things in life simply leave you lost for words.
Rangers have now descended from poor, to abject, to quite simply embarrassing.
Yesterday’s failure at Fir Park
to score, never mind win, highlighted in a rather apposite nutshell the
absolutely pathetic nature of every single player at Ibrox, and how they have
disappeared into a pit of despair.

None of these players are likely
to wear the jersey again (nor deserve to), save for Shane Ferguson and Haris
Vuckic, if Rangers do indeed take up the free transfers reported earlier today,
and quite frankly thank heavens.
To describe this squad, Ally
McCoist’s squad, as miserable is actually generous; their painful inability
overcome an utterly feeble Motherwell side and truly make them look half-decent
was humiliation on as grand a scale as I can recall witnessing.
Every single player, including
Lee Wallace, simply has not delivered this season, and even Darren McGregor has
struggled in the playoffs and against the better sides.
In blunt terms, every squad
member needs to go; they are a symbol now of the rot that has spread from
McCoist to the playing staff. As I described in a previous entry, Hearts’ model
nailed it, and now Rangers have to emulate it.
Watching Kris Boyd flail
helplessly at every half and full chance while Cammy Bell fell on his backside
Seaman style at ‘Well’s first goal really epitomised the depths to which this
squad of imposters have sunk.
Manager Stuart McCall does not
escape total blame – going 4-4-2 was foolhardy and I preached a 3-5-2 as the
most likely way of doing the job – this 4-4-2 was like watching a child trying
to punch as an adult held its forehead while it swung its arms wildly.
But it was not the reason Rangers
lost. That was pure and simply a feeble, shocking, and unacceptable lack of
quality in the final third over both legs, while weak-looking players fumbled
inexcusably to gain control of a ball they appeared scared by.
Rangers remain, deservedly, in
the Championship next season. Dave King and his board have to rip this stinking
copy book and start again – a new coaching system/coach, a scouting network,
and critically a lot of new players.
Decent players, not the kind of mercenary rubbish McCoist ruined the Club with
over the past few years, but decent players who will want to play under a
manager they can believe in and walk through walls for, one who has a vision
and a direction.
It will cost you money Dave, but
that is why you and your chums are here. Put your hand in your pocket and save
Rangers from further embarrassment.
This three (now four) year hell
is simply a disgrace and a blight to the proud history of our Club.


  1. Very sorry but I DO CARE that WE DON'T CARE that EVERYBODY HATES US. This mentality has already got us on a downward spiral ending with us just being an irrelevant curio in the eyes of everyone. I also think it will increase the chances of Scotland voting for independence because no one will listen to us. Why don't you wake up and smell the coffee. It's 2015 not 1915.

  2. You are becoming boring with your McCoist rants,you can't blame him for yesterdays result.If you have no money to buy players,then you have to take whatever is going free. And that shite is what was going for free.Murdoch and Ferguson are the only two players that we should keep. Put the rest of them out to grass.Thank god we didn't go up. If that's what happens with a team that was getting relegated,what would happen with the teams that were not. We could have gone for another record. To go a complete season without winning. We need to stay where we are until we are ready.

    • Hibs and Hearts built very good teams on shoe string budgets and players wont be on the big salaries they are at Ibrox Please don't tell me superman Sally isn't to blame I said from day 1 he was building a team yesterdays doss !! he's set the club back to square one Whyte Green and Sally hard to say which one did most damage .

  3. It does not take money, that is the old rangers way, it takes taking on young, hungry players that are needing to prove themselves. That hold no fear of playing and don't think they are playing at a level below were they should. We are a championship club, plane and simple, so we need to sign players that can/want to compete at that level and also develop into premiership players. Sign a coach rather than a manager, that can set us up the way we want to play and get us fitter, stronger and more technically gifted than others. And all at a fraction of the price this current mob cost. We need to realise we are not the same club at the same level we were before – we have to be a new club with a new ethos. It is about reinventing ourselves as a club that plays a certain way, develop -succeed -sell-start again look at transfers and most importantly don't look for short term solutions

  4. Motherwell fan here – not to gloat. I can sense your hurt, using terminology as "utterlyfeeble" to describe a team that beat your team 6-1 in aggregate over 2 legs. We are not a good side, but we are getting better and we came strong at exactly the wrong time for Rangers.

    As one Rangers fan states. It is the inability to see your teams failings and past owners and to deflect blame to other clubs / fans that has Rangers so widely disliked at the moment.

    • Listen mate, we do know our failings well, believe me, what you speak of is individualistic comments made by a few. The real fans are only too aware that getting beaten 6-1 on aggregate by a Motherwell side that was in freefall is unacceptable. What I found unacceptable was the mass invasion on the pitch that was directed towards the traveling Rangers support. The Motherwell fan striking a Rangers player. The flare. The push on Moshni that resulted in him being a fool and reacting.

      You think any of these things that your club did shows any sort of respect to another club visiting your ground.

    • Eh… short memory no….. what about the hearts fans pelted from above with pies and other dross, kids threatened and spat on by adult rangers supporters during this season… eh…. take a look at yourselves … it,s a fact that you are as a club disliked… by all of scottish football because of your arrogance.. rangers of years gone by were a stalwart of scottish football admired by many myself included. Not now … It,s all too easy to blame Ally mccoist but he only did what was expected by the support buy in…. if he had tried to develop players you lot would have shot him down…. he fed your expectations and arrogance…

  5. It does not take money?? WTF. Everything in football costs money, where do we get a coach that can build a team without money?? where do we get these young players that are hungry for success without money?? You can see from this season where free or cheap players get you, third place finish in the second grade of Scottish football.
    You my friend are as deluded as most of our supporters, trying playing FIFA without a transfer budget and see how far you get, at that is just a game.
    Today should be the day that King says" here is our budget, it is coming out of my pocket, just as I promised" but don't hold your breath, I am worried that he is another charlatan with a big mouth and small bank account!!!!!
    Today should be the day to put up or shut up, King or we are left with going back to Ashley with cap in hand.

    • When I said it doesn't take money u meant the amount we are currently spending – you could get 3 players for Lee's wages, and the same for the rest of the team. So yes takes money but if you get rid of the over payed shite then it wouldn't cost as much. As for free transfers and cheap players – how much did Hearts, caley thistle etc cost? And why can Dundee Utd get all the best young players – cause they give them a chance. Build from the ground up my friend, we can't buy the best players so whoever we buy is not outstanding so why not invest in promise cause sometimes you get gems.

    • Okay I misunderstood you initially. Also don't like to be posting as anonymous but the drop down wont allow me to my name in, so sorry everyone.

      To answer a few of your points:
      Yes wages, overpaid wages could be freed up to accommodate new signings, but remember that we are reputably borrowing every months to cover these wage bills, so I would be reluctant to count this as freed up money.

      Young players are cheaper and the likes of DU do seem to have a conveyor belt of young talent, but this all coincides with us not investing in youth players. How many players have been produced at Murray Park, if we are honest very few. It has not been a priority with us for a long time, we just bought developed players for years.

      I agree that this signing policy should stop but it takes years to develop a decent youth system and it costs.

      And you need a manager that can develop a youth system that plays the same way as the first team, which means a manager who is not just a coach but a strategic planner. Again these types are not cheap unless you gamble like timmy and get lucky.

      I guess my point is, without some form of money in modern day football you are nothing.

      Dave King rolled up again and won the day months ago. He has not put so much as a £1 in to us and has made no commitment to do so other than newspaper headlines. I am honestly worried that he is another Charles Green who sells our family silver to his mates, retail, trademarks badges etc. If he tries to fleece Ashley he is more stupid than I thought, because Ashley is not only rich he is ruthless and does not give a toss about Newcastle never mind Rangers

      I just worry that we will be in the Championship for a few years to come

  6. Spot on mate it really is as simple as that start today not next week lets get on with it blank canvas let's start to rebuild or club WATP

  7. The second most expensive squad in Scotland needs completely replaced, but it is not Ally's fault????

    Ally had more money at his disposal than most SPL clubs,simply no excuse,do you think he would have handed in his notice if Rangers were sitting clear at the top and promotion was a certainty?

    • Where is this source saying 2nd most expensive squad? These players were all freebies and signed within a wage structure. Just had a look at the balance sheet and transfer wise it was only sign on fees….. This kinda pish is irrelevant it doesn't matter where we were it all about where we go now.

    • 100% Ally's fault he couldn't go a few miles up the road but he booked out 5* hotels paid for by men and woman that can barely pay for heating in their homes, I agree with 1 thing Green said he should have been booted , It was more important to win the 3rd tier by 30 points than build a good young fast passing team . I hope I never see his mug again.

  8. As plenty of others have already said, we need to let most of the deadwood go. Those with contracts through next season will be kept. Two, three, up to five seasoned, but fit, competent pros to anchor defence and midfield should be recruited. I say that many because we will lose ten players this summer, albiet no great loss. We do need some experienced heads to marshall the kids.
    IF, a big if, Wilson will come, great. Otherwise lets see who is out there. McCall has stated that he gave the board two lists, one for the Premiership and one for the Championship. The board needs to evaluate McCall's lists, in part to decide whether he is the man for the job. Remember, that was not his squad, but a group in freefall when he arrived. How he would do with his own players is another question which only the board can decide. Start with the Premiership list and see if any of them will come, if not move to the Championship list.

    But lets draft youth in. Not all at the same time, but we should be able to play four players each week no more than twenty one years old. Rotation means we can blood eight to ten players that way over a season. If four of the ten don't make it, you still have six decent players for the next season.

    If McCoist had done that in the lower leagues we would now have over a dozen experienced, battle hardened players instead of the highly paid dross now walking out the door with hard earned fans money. Of course, lets not forget we would still have Charles Green in that case.

    Nobody said this was going to be easy

  9. Running rings round us yet again, makes you sick even if you do get used to it. Seen it a' before lad, old news, Don't tell me you didn't know. Anagram of "Ataboy".

  10. I'm waiting patiently for the saviour Dave King to call for cash. My £9,450 will immediately be on its way over.

  11. All out, clean slate in the footballing dept.

    None of this 'Rangers man' shite. Young lads who are quick and a few experienced players.

    MCCoist should be cut off as well. Should be told he's getting fuckall more and if he doesn't like it we'll see him in court.


    • And he'll win, the club to pay all legal costs for both sides and still have to pay his salary, only one winner.

  12. Yeah this McCoist bashing needs to stop, McCoist worked under constraints that meant he was bringing in players that either had a relationship with the club or he could get for next to nothing this season. I think we need to get real, this whole expectation we the fans have is the issue, our club just got promoted three seasons on the trot and finished third. So instead of giving the club time to rebuild we put pressure on them to come up with win after win even though we know there was no money for players. The way Rangers dumped McCoist into garden leave disrupted this team so badly we couldn't win anything. Its all speculation now, the ONLY important thing is next season and how we go about it. Personally I think this is a good thing. It lets us get the old regime out of the waterworks of Ibrox and a new clean slate for a new manager to come in and stamp his authority. Walsh and Murdoch and Wallace need to be kept. I would keep Boydy too and hope he signs a new deal. He has a bad season but so the likes of Balotelli or Falcao. He I believe will always score goals. Other than that the clear-out is pretty simple. McGregor did enough in my book to be kept on too without him 3rd just would not have happened and of course there are a few players in the youth team that look promising, Gasporotto had a good season at Airdrie.

    So yeah this was a team build on a wage budget, now King needs to deliver on his promise, we are still yet to see a decent plan or investment coming in, so until this is sorted there is nothing to discuss really as we know nothing about what will happen next season.

  13. Lets draw a line,,, Yesterday is now history!!, We now know what league we are in next season,,thus allowing the board to calculate what funds are going to be needed for next term. Be patient and we will see soon enough who our next manager will be and what signings will be made,, I'm sure now we will have a much more realistic wage structure, and players who will go through brick walls for the cause,, disappointed?, of course!,, but we are still here and we will get to the premiership next year, im confident of that,,, just give it a few weeks and let the board do their thing,,,

  14. I feel a lot of Gets fans felt a wee bit like Moshni …. Hitting out in (mental) frustration. Perhaps this loss will allow everyone concerned with the club to take a collective breath , and decided where we want to go from here , and how. We simply couldn't have played in the upper league next season, we'd have been struggling , and …er… Hitting out again ..

  15. No promotion is the least of our worries if the story about Kingo askkng Mash for the 2nd £5m tranche is true.
    Once again we have been conned, this time by our own.

    Administration in the next few weeks would be no surprise if Ash pulls the plug. Park and Gilligan are having kittens at the level of their financial commitment.
    They are only still on board to try and protect their investment.

    • Have to say I'm a bit worried that Mr King thinks he can get away with his sleekit approach to Ashley. Whay doesn't he just call for our money? I'm ready to chip in my savings.

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