Rangers release 11 players


It has been unofficially confirmed
that eleven of the out-of-contracters have now been released, and indeed were
released on Sunday.
Steve Simonsen, Lee Robinson, captain Lee McCulloch, Bilel Mohsni, Richard Foster, Steven Smith, Sebastien
Faure, Kyle Hutton, Ian Black, Kris Boyd,
and Jon Daly have all now departed Ibrox for pastures new and the
rebuild job begins in earnest.

Daly had already confirmed his
departure on Friday as broken to you here, and the Club confirmed yesterday
that Mohsni would not be getting a new deal, but the other nine have now joined
them at the exit door much to the relief of probably all Rangers fans.
With Scott Allan linked the other
way, and Mark Warburton poised to take over as manager with David Weir
continuing his role as his assistant, it is a move in the right direction,
especially if the latter brings Lewis Macleod with him, as widely predicted.


  1. Know F/All about Warburton ? what if he cant handle getting kicked about at every second ground we turn up at , and persists in playing lightweights ? . I dont know the guy and he may be decent , but that doesnt mean he can get Rangers out of the mess we are in . I would much rather go for someone who KNOWS our leagues .

  2. bye bye has-beens.
    bring in mr warburton,he makes a good loaf.
    lets hope he makes a good manager.

  3. It was the players being over paid and disinterested. Lack of commitment or in some backbone to put in the effort. Big Lee god love him stayed far to long, Boyd arrived and decided he had nothing to prove or do. Dead wood or players that would shrink in games they should have the skill to walk it. Hearts players showed the way with a spirit and pride these guys lacked. Mohsni probably one of the worst players to play at Ibrox. Ally proved tactically inept and made it back up the divisions relying in the gulf in class but relying on past it players shown him for what he was and that was a useless manager.

  4. I suspect that most of the others that are staying will have a limited amount of playing time next season anyway.Warburton will be a terrific appointment,to take a newly promoted unfashionable club into the play offs in a very competitive league should not be underestimated,next manager appointment is crucial and I will be delighted if it is Warburton

  5. Warburton can only be coming on David Weirs say so. His achievements are minor. I don't see Nicky Laws name on the list. Is this an oversight on your part?

  6. What has this man done to give him the job ,for me you have to at least bring someone who has proven himself ithink their a lot of good managers out their but getting the right one I don't know Mcliesh I do like .

  7. Where are the 2 Nickys? ..I'm no keen on Law or Clarke unless fringe players.
    Rangers have to think big now..No idea who this Mark is, but can't really give a comment on that until he's appointed and began.
    Thank u Ally for this utter shambolic mess..
    We have all the facilities and what have u, just horrendous people appointed.
    Fu*in disgraceful the whole thing.
    Anyways, it can only get better…


  8. I can’t for the life of me figure out why we are pursuing Warburton and Weir. Weir was a good player but has achieved zero in management whilst Warburton as far as I can see has achieved very little. Top contenders as far as bookmakers are concerned are-

    Mark Warburton 1/2
    David Weir 5/2
    Derek McInness 4
    Stuart McCall 6
    Billy Davies 10
    Ian Cathro 14
    Alex McLeish 16
    Dick Advocaat 16
    Michael ONeill 16
    Felix Magath 25
    Neil Warnock 25
    Derek Adams 33

  9. Warburton is a risk and I don't think he's done enough to warrant this task. Until this season, McCall had a good record with Motherwell, both with player recruitment and competing in the top league. Would McInnes leave Aberdeen? Would Rangers pay compensation? The waste of the past 3 years is simply hellish and it's a huge job to rebuild in a season. But Hearts more or less did exactly that.

    • It's a hard one because hearts didn't do it in one season. Hearts knew going in to the premiership season 13/14 that they were going down and started to use younger players (because that's all they had) and kept most of the same players for the season just by. We should have been bringing through 2/3 young players for the past 3 season.

  10. Mark Warburton has achieved a lot in that he had Brentford punching way above their weight. He was misguidedly pushed out by the Brentford owner in favour of a new direction. I hope he and David Weir are appointed as soon as possible.

    • Misguidely pushed out??? The new direction at Brentford is the new revolution and new direction of football. Warburton and Weir were told to embrace it or there's the door. Mathematical Modelling is here to stay. People like Micheal Niemeyer at Bayern Munich is what we need, not old school managers.

    • I have to disagree, you cant base picking a player purely on stats. If a Player is at a club and being played out of position then his numbers wont add up. Cantona's stats at Leeds would not have been that great as he was used in a different way Leeds than he was at Man U. By applying stats Cantona would have been classed an average player, which he was till he went to Man U. A man at a club not happy with his football may not be playing well but it does not make him a bad footballer. How often have we seen a player who looks average at best and move clubs and suddenly transform? This stats based approach came from baseball which is a completely different sport. Can stats predict that two players will form a great partnership? No because it does not take into account their personalities. Will this new signing be the type of person that will upset the dressing room we have all heard of that before. Its not the model they employ at Southampton and they are doing well last time I checked. Nor at Arsenal, Barcelona, Ajax, or Seville or a host of other top clubs. I also don't believe he is that old school in that he has said a Director of Football is a perfectly valid part of they management structure if done properly and the roles clearly defined, again the Southampton model follows this, as does a whole host of other clubs.

      Clubs like Barcelona play a 4,3,3, system all through their ranks and sign players and mangers that can fit into this system, Southampton employ the same system. So despite losing their manger half their players they still had great season. Because all the people they brought in understood the set up they went on and had a great season. Unlike Man U a season ago when Moyes changed everything and have gone through two seasons without a trophy as they are in a rebuilding phase.

      My point is I would rather follow the Barcelona, Arsenal, Southampton style model which Warburton tried to employ at Brentford rather than let a calculator decide who our next signing should be.

  11. Live in London and seen a lot of Warburton and his Brenford side. Should, I say should be a fantastic asset for Rangers. He knows how to get the best out of good players and is technically fantastic. if he can get a few loan signings from the superior English premier and Championship there is hope that 2015/16 may be the stepping stone to a brighter future. All you LOCALS out there who insist on getting in worn out Scottish Managers, please spend a bit of time reading up on British football and less time ranting and raving!

    • Well said! Warburton has a much better track record than any of the Scottish based managers being suggested.

  12. Am I the only bluenose who thinks Lewis Macloed is vastly over rated. I think bringing him back would be a serious lack of ambition for our great club. I am the first to admit that all I know about Warburton could be written on the back of a stamp. Why would the mighty Brentford let him go? If McCall is to go then I would love to see us take a gamble on Ian Cathro.

    • I agree take a gamble on cathro, don't want macloed back done well for us but would b a backwards step. We need fresh ideas with someone who can get the best out of our youngsters and develop a team. We need to get it right this time.

    • Cathro would be the one I would like to see as Rangers boss.We need to get away from the usual suspects and get fresh European set-up and ideas into our stagnant club.
      Assistant manager at a club like Valencia at his age proves the guy has ability, all the usual suspects are a gamble so lets go for a fresh face and fresh ideas to resurrect our club

  13. I would love Ian Cathro, but would he come? Probably not, unless we had achieved promotion. Warburton has done a very good job at a small club with no money. Lets see if he can do a very good job at a big club with no money.

    The 2 Nicky's are not out of contract. While Clark has shown enough for a squad player, Law has not delivered, but we are not going to pay him or Templeton off. He will be a squad player next year, I hope

    • Sorry do not agree with Law staying even though he has 1 year to go,the man has no heart or guts, at leastClark tries Templeton iwould keep as a squad player

  14. Best news I've heard all year …Sunday was a disgrace … Good riddance to the lot of them …gutless to the very end …allys boys let us down one last time ….Get out

  15. We can't Honestly appoint McCall, He failed in his task and to play Miller and Boyd up front on our final match, showed he hasn't paid much attention to statistics and these guys lack of form,,, We won 2 games out of 6 in the playoffs, that wasn't good enough!!

  16. Hibs are a gimme next season..3 way fight between up and coming young falkirk team..an established St mirren team..The rest fight it out for crumbs from the top table in the cups..

    • I have been waiting a long time to put my savings in but again I don't see anyone else saying that.

  17. Wont matter who the next manager is they will still struggle hibs are way ahead a play off place at best again next season

  18. Brentford no Money? You've got that totally wrong.Anyway warburtons a fantastic manager who will do a great job for you in the long run.if it's a quick fix you want then get someone else,What he did at Brentford was 4 years in the making!! With a few shrewd signings from warbs he should get you back to the SPL at the first attempt.

  19. Anchelotti is now free and it's someone in that class that is needed to get back to the top. Dave needs to make the money available now and bring in some big names, this is after all Rangers not Cardiff, West Ham or Hull. This is one of the biggest clubs in the land and should be bringing in decent players not has mediocre ones. If you don't aim high you will fall way short.

  20. I agree Ally was a good manager working with a bad squad. Give him some money and let's see how well he does

  21. We need serious money to get out of the championship. Where is that coming from ? We can't even pay off the 5 mil to Ashley. Is King the answer ? If not who ?

  22. We need a complete clear out of the current squad. We can't compete with decent teams in the championship never mind the premiership. Thank god we didn't go up. Can you imagine the results ?

  23. It's totally unbelievable that Rangers should be searching for a manager with qualities that are "Proven" How on earth were NORWICH CITY able to capture Alex Niel, when he was sitting under the very noses of of the entire Ibrox Board. He could have been persuaded to leave Hamilton for the price of a half-time mince pie, What now if they approached this man or Norwich City for his signature ??? comments welcome.

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