Why Rangers never stood a chance of promotion with this squad


It really is the biggest elephant
in the Rangers room, the topic few even acknowledge as being a problem, and
even fewer discuss.
Quite simply; how could Stuart
McCall motivate players to get Rangers promoted when almost all of them knew
they would not be involved in the Premiership if they succeeded?

You can discuss formation,
tactics, lineup, plan B’s all you like; but the fundamental truth is none of
the Rangers squad had the right motivation for promotion because every single
one of them feared/suspected they would not play a part if they managed to get
the Club up.
Even worse, why on earth did
McCall use players like Foster, McCulloch, Mohsni and Black at all when it was 99% certain none of
them would be staying at the Club,
never mind starting in the SPL for it?
Every time I saw Black being
brought on I truly worried his heart (or Mohsni, or Foster) was not truly in it
– because there was no reward.
Black was being released, like
the rest of those expiring this month; why would Ian Black care for Rangers’
And McCall himself knew he was an
outside chance to get the job, so his motivation too was in question.
I concede this article is circumstantial
and has conjecture – I cannot read the minds of all the players; but it strikes
me that an entire squad having to give 110% to get promoted might not give
every percent when there was no prize for any of them if they succeeded.
The only one of the entire lot
who looked like he truly cared was Kenny Miller; who happens to be a Rangers
fan, and who might have been good
enough as a squad player in the SPL for Rangers. Oh, and who had had his
contract renewed a month earlier.
The fact the team as a whole lost
three of the six matches they played, and only actually won two, rather reveals
the truth. Sure, they are also absolutely terrible, but lack of motivation
surely played a part too.
Just a thought…


  1. Good point…No motivation whatsoever.
    It had to come to an end and better in the championship that UP THERE!
    Lets deal with a VERY serious issue DOWN HERE.
    Time is already running out for next season. Action is needed very quickly to ensure a quick start
    to next season.
    I'm looking forward to change and a new start….

  2. You cannot have a go at Foster ? the guy came up short often enough ! but burst his butt every time he played . It was not lack off effort that caused him problems at all .

    • You are 100% correct but unfortunately the guy was sadly lacking as a full back and was probably the worst right back that has been at Rangers since I started to watch them in 1961

  3. I don't buy lack of motivation in being a factor the sad truth is from a purely football sense is that individually they would have had a hard time getting a game in a pub team with their lack of football talent and in too many cases well below fitness levels. I have no criticism of Stuart McCall as he gave it his best shot with what Ally had left him and I would defy Jose Mourinho to do any better with the squad McCall had at his disposal.

  4. McColl had no chance from the word go as to many players out of contract and no chance of contracts being renewed so why burst a gut and maybe pick up an injury

  5. I have to say that McCAll let us down at teh final hurdle showing that he was still too much of a Motherwell man and in the process he definitely failed miserably to either motivate the Rangers team or get his tactics correct in both games. With 50,000 supporters at Ibrox we should have done 100% better and indeed should have gone into the second game with a lead to defend. As for teh players that have left, most of them should never have been signed in teh first place and for that we have the inept McCoist to thank; unfortunately McCall had little option but to go with most of them since he did not have enough fit players to replace all of them. For me only Daly will be missed but, alas, McCoist totally wrecked him by playing him when he was clearly injured. It is also regrettable that Smith was injured all those years ago since the original Smith was a top quality player. I look forward now to a new Era with a new management team, a totally new team and a new football philosophy

  6. I can't see even the most mercenary or stupid players not trying in the circumstances you describe. If not as professionals to justify their wage, loyalty to the club and supporters. Then at least to put themselves in a favourable position in the shop window.

    • The lack of ability more than anything let the club down, some astonishingly poor signings by the previous regime and manager gave McCall little chance of success but 7 wins from 15 games is not good enough. Now the dead wood is being cleared out we can only look forward to a new management team and a host of younger players with ability on the football field to get the club back on track

  7. This is a bit off topic here and may sound bitter but I am a bitter man. Very bitter. I was reading something a few moments ago that got me thinking. Why has Scottish football and its authorities swept the fact that Rangers football club were found not guilty of wrong doing in the so called big tax case under the carpet (does a celtic director on the Scottish football board have any bearing on this perhaps?). Why have they not decided to rescind any punishments levelled at us? If a player is punished on the pitch but later judged not guilty they usually rescind punishment. Why has there not been any real attempt by anyone at Rangers to push this through or demand answers? I would love a fair hearing into these matters as we have been hung out too dry too many times.
    Ibrox Noise I would also love to see you blog my concerns to gage the opinions of my fellow follow followers.

    • Because that big tax case is still going on, my friend,, they will now take oldco to the court of session,,, and I wouldnt get too cocky either,,, court of sessions can go either way!! Especially if the judge is one from the dark side,, as is the tax man who is pursuing this ridiculous and expensive witch hunt!!

  8. Because we were found guilty in a small number of the cases reviewed and that's that. The "not guilty" claim is propaganda put about by the media and gobbled up by morons. Chaeck it out and less of your garbage.

  9. How about professionalism,your articles get more ridiculous and venomous every day . How about a bit of support for the the club instead of constant criticism.These players are professionals and the very fact that a lot of their contracts were about to expire would have been enough incentive to give 100 % ….you know it's their job and most of them will need another one very soon..For you to suggest a lack of motivation or anything else is absurd.the simple fact is there was plenty of motivation ,they just weren't good enough and too much was expected of them.You ,the writer of this dribble,should instead try to be positive and motivate your fellow Bears

  10. Think this is very harsh. As much as they're not the greatest, they're still professional footballers, keyword being = professional.

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