Rangers’ new manager – the contenders


While it is evident Brentford’s
Mark Warburton remains the prime target and the odds-on favourite, it is worth
remembering there are other significant candidates to take on the Rangers
mantle permanently, all of whom are at the top of bookies’ shortlists to be
Ibroxnoise.co.uk will now take a
look at each in turn and it is up to you, the reader, who you wish to see
installed as the 16th ‘permanent’ manager.

Mark Warburton: 1/2
The front-runner, Warburton’s
profile has raised significantly since he guided lowly Brentford from League 1
to the Championship, showing he has the skills to lead a team to promotion in
an incredibly competitive environment. He is also a quick learner, as few
realise this 52-year old had never managed before 2013. His stock as a result
is very high, and Rangers have been tracking him for at least a year. He is
clearly interested in the job, but while talks have taken place, it cannot yet
be assured he will become the next manager, especially given the emergence of interest in him from recently-relegated English Championship side Burnley in the event of Sean Dyche leaving for Sunderland.
Derek McInnes: 4/1
The second-favourite, McInnes is
highly respected in the management world, given his achievements with Aberdeen. A first League
Cup for the Dons since 1996, indeed their first trophy since then has seen former Rangers player McInnes become
highly sought-after, as has an excellent second place in the SPL last season to
champions Celtic. McInnes is viewed as more unlikely than Warburton for the
simple reason he is under contract and conceivably has no major reason to
Stuart McCall: 6/1
The present manager, sort of,
McCall did an admirable job under trying circumstances at Ibrox as a short-term
fix, and at least gave Rangers a shout of promotion, although a grand total of
three wins of six in the playoffs and a total of seven wins in 17 matches
probably does not do his case a massive favour. He is definitely an outsider,
but is on record as wishing the job on a permanent basis.
Billy Davies: 10/1
He has been linked with the
managerial hotseat since the Dead Sea was
merely suffering a cold, and frankly it is getting rather tedious. Davies had
one excellent season at Derby,
but otherwise his management career has seen him fired from pretty much every
Ian Cathro: 14/1
Ian has not yet become a manager
in his own right, but is doing an outstanding job at Valencia as assistant and
helped win the Spanish giants a place in the Promised Land of the Champions
League, finishing fourth only a single point behind Diego Simeone’s mighty
Atletico. He does admit he would love to become the top man one day, and in Scotland too,
but it is implausible at best to see him give up La Liga and the Champions
League for trips to Morton on a rainy Saturday. Probably is not his time yet.
So there you have it, the main
candidates. Warburton seems to tick every box, but in football you never know.

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  1. I saw somewhere that McLeish and Alex Rae are being considered. If that is even a remote possibility then King is a clown. McLeish might have won trophies but the football was dire and Rae would be a disaster. He is not a forward thinking coach. This would just be another 'Job for the Boys' malarky and would be a total waste of money. We need new ideas and a move away from appointing former players and managers. If this is teh best King can come up with he can forget it. As for the list, only Warburton and Cathro appeal the others are yet more of the same 'old boys' and none of them have won anything or showed any likelihood of doing so. They would not be ambitious forward looking appointments!

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,,, far to much of a gamble,,, its like giving a teenager a porche for his birthday,, he will crash it within a week,,,,, Warbarton is not the answer,,we are thinking far too small again,, it will not work!!! David Weir, lovely fella,,but here we go again with the old rangers pals act!!!!! Didnt work the last time,,and it wont work this time,,, !

    • Feel you're wrong on this. McCall, McLeish and Mcinnes are the Rangers pals acts which will not work. Mark Warburton has been a student of the game and a dynamic coach, which was highlighted when he got Brentford up to the Championship and almost got them to the Premier. Weir knows the place and can assist in fixing our shambolic defence but Warburton is the ONLY candidate on that list with the ability to get Rangers up and compete. Davies is a clown and Cathro is inexperienced.

    • Dave has got to get it wright who ever it may be we need to get back to the premiership so it's important its the wright man before I go out to buy my season ticket �� without a doubt.

  3. I am ready to purchase season ticket and invest in shares. If McLeish is the catalyst for the rangers recovery I would be better pissing it up against a wall. that would be the last straw for me!!!!!!!!

  4. Our beloved institution has only had 13 previous permanent managers, McDowell and McCall were caretakers.

  5. I agree with Tom, in that McLeish who did us a good turn before, is not the right choice for now. We need someone who can happily work with a small budget by bringing through, scouting and developing young players then selling one each year to cover running costs.

    I think Ian Cathro would be great, if we had the patience to accept mistakes would be made. Give him an experienced Director of Football who knows Scottish football and let him develop a team.

    I also would consider McCall on the grounds that he significantly improved a team when he had no influence on the components. He moved out some of the dead wood and improved others. So we could give him the summer and next season to show what he can do when he can recruit his own players. The board already have his list of transfer targets, which is effectively his CV. They can judge him on that.

    But I think they will decide the Warburton deal may be the best on offer. He has a decent pedigree, although no longer than Cathro. But, he brings Weir, who has a good knowledge of the game and Scotland and understands what it means to work at Ibrox. This is not a "jobs for the boys" issue. Managing Rangers is a massive task and to come in without any support from someone who has been there is just making it harder. He works well with Weir, but Warburton is in charge.

    Lets make a decision and get on with it 🙂

  6. the de boer brothers used to working with youth and limited budgets if no use ronald or even arthur numan in a scouting position

  7. Mark Wotte as Director of Football (and so in charge of Murray Park and also using his contacts in Holland, Portugal and England to bring good young first team ready guys in.

    Ian Cathro (or Stuart McCall) working under Mark on the football side.

  8. Im personally not happy with any of the above.
    Mccall was given the chance and blew it, his approach was negative. I know nothing of warburton other than reports from his time at Brentford what other success has he had? Dont forget mccall had turned motherwell round. McLeish and rae sound like another walter and ally. As for ally they would never ask him back as they wouldnt sell any season tickets.ian cathro again only going on reports not actually seen what he has done or the style of play he uses

  9. Give mourhino the biggest challenge of his career taking us all the way to champions league within 2 years.

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