Henry Templeton blasts Ally McCoist


David Templeton’s father Henry
has taken to Facebook to condemn the present rumours surrounding his son which
emerged over the past 24 hours, and defend the Rangers winger from the flak he
is currently receiving.
David took to Twitter to formally
deny the rumours he had been asked to leave Ibrox amidst stories of a
painkiller addiction requiring rehab, and his father went even further to
defend his son.

Henry said:
“How on earth can you stoop saying my son
has a problem with tablets? He’s been fit for months. I think you should ask
fat Ally why David isn’t playing for Rangers.”
Clearly outraged by the situation
he believes his son has been forced into, he went on:
“Ex-manager (McCoist), this is the man who’s
ruining promising players and made us what we are now.”
The fallout from the disastrous
McCoist regime continues.

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  1. Never a truer word! McCoist has totally destroyed the footballing side of Rangers. Nothing more than a greedy womanising so and so. NO legend in my book!

  2. Soo true. Templeton was a promising player who could win matches but Ali " Dimmock " McCoist ruined him and other promising youngsters..

  3. Further proof that McCoist is far and away the most incompetent (and money grabbing) manager in the history of the club. The likes of Mr Wilton, Mr Struth, Mr Symon, Mr Waddell, Mr Wallace must be turning in their graves at how this imposter ever got to be Manager of Rangers Football Club.

  4. give it a rest with McCoist.Have you not got anything else to talk about .McCoist is history, leave him there.

    • If only that were true. Unfortunately, he's anything but history. Even if you want to forget his poor management skills and the absolute mess he made of the club, he's still very much to do with Rangers. He's still taking huge amounts of money from the club for doing nothing. That should be constantly highlighted and certainly not given "a rest."

  5. if Henry Templeton and Kenny Shiels have both blasted Mr McCoist for their treatment of their sons and others then surely that shows something … People thought Kenny Shiels was just a blithering idiot but surely this now proves he's not alone?!

  6. I agree with what you said for ,he should have played more often I for one hope he stays I still think he could do a good job for us .WATP

  7. Ally Has taken more out of Rangers in Wages than Charles Green, Craig Whyte and Brian Stockbridge combined…I hope he never sets foot inside Ibrox again.

  8. don't blame mccoist for him being shite just some people should not play for rangers and hes 1
    he only got to rangers because his middle name cooper and fu## his dad aswell many good player have come to rangers over the years with good names and couldn't cope with the pressure

  9. McCoist destroyed his reputation when he should have walked away as soon as Whyte, Green and the idiots took charge but no his ego got in the way and the big wages that he was getting. From hero to zero in most Rangers fans eye's McCoist is a part of our history that I and most Rangers fans would like to forget

  10. McCoist could have left with is legendry status intact .he just didn't have it as management .Handsomely paid for his time but still taking 14,000 k a week ….. legend my arse

  11. I'm not Ally's biggest fan (as a manager) but David Templeton wasn't an 18 year old kid looking for direction when he joined Rangers, he was 24 years old and commanded a transfer fee of £800,000!!! He also wasn't (as far as I recall) asked to play out of position. I can't help feeling David himself needs to be taking a bit of the responsibility for not being able to 'kick my back side' for the last 2 years!!

  12. To often templeton was anonymous for Rangers. He's had plenty of chances. Time for pastures new me thinks.

    • Give him a chance under the guidance of a manager / coach who knows what they are doing, I know you are going to say what about McCall but he had his own plans and I don't think temps was in the plans in the first place

  13. Young temp is no stranger to the drug scene. His brother and his mates have been about the coke business for years. Ask him about his brothers mate tam who was lucky to walk from court. Ally maybe knows something you lot don't.

  14. Every one still slagging Ally for taking wages he is entitled to.
    Has any one, I mean officials ever tried to get back the millions that were paid in EBT's.
    These were deemed as loans, why has there never been an attempt to get the money repaid???

  15. the last board took rangers apart, not ally, time alot of so called rangers supporters grew up.

    • everything was last boards fault huh? ffs you grow up! this board is the cause of the divide that now splits the Rangers support. £50m is now nothing, plus two loans the same as the previous board were lambasted for. They are clearly making it up as they go along, without transparency nor a plan to take us forward. King the glib and shameless liar is not the answer! Rangers men like him and Paul Murray, we do not need.

  16. Give Ally a break you people how many titles and cups have the Bears won with his goals and I may add Gers highest goal scorer he's a Rangers Legend shame on you people who slag him short memories We arra people Super Ally

  17. Lets get one thing straight, we've had the SECOND biggest wage bill to that other team.
    This distraction and shielding of blame for Ally because of board is fu*ing nonsense.
    The man had the tools, Murray Park, u name it, yet he still couldn't get 'his' team to do the fu*ing basics !
    We're no talking science here, Rangers have been fu*ing awful and that is down to Ally's incapability to get a team passing, communicating, formation wise , anything !
    So cut this crap Ally isn't to blame.

    Utter rubbish. He was meant to be a 'manager' ..A MANAGER…

    Fu*ing nonsense…


  18. Templeton.

    All pick of the bunch at their previous clubs. All regress under the dud.

    Then listen to what matt mackay, seb faure say about our training.

    Its no fluke. The dud ruins players, teams and clubs.

    Legend no more.
    Its no

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