Warburton confirms Rangers talks

Warburton confirms Rangers talks

Mark Warburton today confirmed he
has held talks with Rangers about becoming the next Club manager.
Warburton, the outgoing Brentford
manager, stated the approach for any management team taking over (himself and
David Weir) would have to be correct for a Club like Rangers.
He said:

“We’ve (himself and David Weir) had an informal meeting (with Rangers).
It’s important to see if there’s a
chemistry, the parties get on and your football philosophies are aligned. Any
job that myself and Davie
Weir would look at would be about going in, having a project and being able to
add value. But I’m sure a club like Rangers has got a big search process under
way. I’d like to think we have shown the attributes required to do a good job
at a football club. Whoever comes in must appreciate the size of the task in
terms of the history of the club and where they have to be. This is not just
about steadying; this is about making significant progress in a designated
period of time.”
Warburton remains the
overwhelming favourite for the job.

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  1. Not in my book I would go for Derek McInnes as first choice then Big Eck .If he was SO good why did Brentford shoe him the door ?

    • It is well documented, at least South of the Border that the Brentford owners want to move forward in a different direction with a DoF. This has been official since January or February of this year and it has also been highlighted that when Warburton left there would be a number of English Clubs keen to get him onboard. He is considered to be a top forward thinking coach and the only unfortunate thing is that while we will secure him and Weir we will not be able to get the other member of his management team at Brentford since he has already been appointed by one of the clubs demoted this season as their new Director of Football. This guy has been relatively successful with an unfashionable team. McInnes has done nothing as a manager North or South of teh Border.

    • It was Warburtons choice to leave. I had the same train of thought as yourself but I have been listening to the man talk and he definitely says the right things. The fans down there think very highly of him and to be fair to him, he nearly took BRENTFORD too the premier league so he must have something about him.


    • According to the Guardian it was due to interference from the boardroom. Brentford owner is a gambler & statistician, who thinks he is the next Moneyball. He insisted on Warburton working with a free kick specialist & changing typ long ball tactics. I'd leave also!

  2. Mark Warburton and David Weir would be an excellent appointment. A Manager willing to learn about our club and a former player and captain to help him learn. I am for that.

  3. Warburton all the way. McInnes Aberdeen are bottle Merchants, we don't need another McCall thanks

    • Completely agree. Dinosaurs of the game. Warburton is the new breed that is getting results. First season in Championship and was a whisker from promotion.

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