Rangers’ fans poll – which players would you keep?


While unconfirmed as yet
officially, it is the worst-kept secret at Ibrox that a clutch of
out-of-contracters have been released, including Ian Black, Bilel Mohsni,
Richard Foster and Lee McCulloch.
This thins the herd of the remaining
squad considerably, but today’s poll gives Ibroxnoise.co.uk readers the chance
to choose who they would like to remain at Ibrox of the ‘in-contract’ players
with a view to next season.

Feel free to comment as to
whether you wish said players as squad fodder or actual first-team picks for
next season. Or indeed whether your answer is none.
We are well aware non-Rangers
fans read this blog too, and may skew the results – hopefully the majority of
votes will be those of Rangers fans and Rangers fans only – which players of
the existing squad do you want to see at Ibrox in the Championship next season?
Fellow Bears, it is over to you.

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  1. I would keep Bell Wallace Zaliukas Macgregor Murdoch and Templeton. I know some people would disagree but I think big Boydy should have been given another year. Ok he didn't have a great season but what sort of service did he have? A decent mid field to feed off and a good partner up top and he would bang them in again!

    • Unbelievable , big Boydy was crap all season and should have been freed after his stint as Santa at the Christmas party was finished .Don`t let his previous stint at Ibrox cloud your judgement , he missed more chances than all the other strikers put together ad that is saying something !!!!!!

    • Everybody has a bad season. Look what he did with Kilmarnock the previous season. He is the SPL all time top scorer and if he got confident and a half decent team he would score again. I think anybody would struggle knowing that the dreadful Clarke keeps getting selected before you.

  2. Only Wallace, McGregor, Templeton and Shiels for me. Would look to get some money for Law. Bell has been terrible since he returned from injury, possibly because he was brought back too soon due to the fact that McCoist absurdly gave Robinson and the other clown a contract!

    • Yes I wonder about Bell I think Rangers could do better , Templeton can go never thought he was great , Shiels ,McGregor we have not seen the best of ,I think thats still to come
      Wallace the new captain Rangers man through and through could have left ages ago
      but wanted to stay, a player I admire for putting Rangers first before his bank balance
      in some ways I feel sorry for Mohsni he wanted the fans to love him ,on his day he could play well ,on a bad day sent off for stupid things , in the end Motherwell players
      started the trouble but Mohsni will suffer the most , hope if he still goes to Germany he can control his temper and put it into his football , good luck for the future Bilel

    • i said that too only player who showed any real passion amongst a team thats under performed and lacked fight since day 1 in pre season.

  3. A complete rejig is needed in defence. I mean get rid of every single one of them including mcgregor (who I find is average at best, but looks good because of the ineptness surrounding him) move Wallace up to midfield where he will be that little bit more dangerous we also need 4 strikers. They don't even have to be world breakers as long as they recognise what a goal is and can tap the ball in that general direction. Midfield I feel we can work with the youth we have.

  4. Good riddance to the so called SPL players. Some stayed beyond there time for the wages and should have known better. No they will be remembered as dead wood rather and the guys who kept the Gers in the championship. The young lads showed them up with their effort and spirit. Glad so many are away, great time to clear the decks.

  5. Wallace and bell have fallen from grace in my eyes both have been found out as motherwell showed. There is a rot at rangers too many heartless players who should be winning by eg. Wallace touted as future cpt. Dont make me laugh as far as ive seen he doesnt have the balls for the job. Massive cull required. Allys army out!!!!!!!

  6. Only one to keep is McGregor make him captain ….keep kids ….the rest get rid asap .. they are serial losers,….like the Muppet who bought them mccoist

  7. Really not much in it Keep Wallace, McGregor, Murdoch, Shiels, Walsh , Hardie and Gallagher. Bell has never impressed as a Rangers keeper they would have been better off keeping Alexander. Templeton has the talent but he lacks the fight

  8. Can't believe the comments about Ally, after all that he's done for the club!
    Leave the guy alone.

    • ditto, people need to start to look elsewhere to spread the blame, the heap of shit on the pitch is a good place to start,then the board,blah,blah,blah

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