Incoming: how many of these will arrive at Ibrox?


With the transfer window now
open, and Rangers confirmed as remaining in the Championship for another year, ‘Silly
Season’ does not even begin to cover the number of names being linked with a
move to Ibrox – be it as manager, coach, player or Director of Football.
Let us take a trip through the
current names being touted for a permanent trip to Govan.

Scott Allan. Rated at £500,000, the Hibernian midfielder is a
Rangers fan but McCoist missed the boat on his signature last summer and now
Rangers’ new regime apparently wants to snare the creative fulcrum. They face
competition, not least from Celtic.
Lewis Macleod. As yet this story has not fully materialised in the
press, but if Warburton clinches the management slot with Weir his assistant,
you can be guaranteed Macleod’s name will be all over the media. And the player
himself has stated he did not want to leave and wishes to return.
Mark Warburton. Has held talks with Ibrox chiefs as confirmed by
himself, but the situation is no further on than it was. He says he is ‘waiting
on the call’ from Rangers to take it further.
David Weir. Comes with the Warburton package.
Derek McInnes. Reports yesterday claim Rangers’ board has turned
its attention to the Aberdeen
manager, to ‘open the field’ and build competition for the role. McInnes would
be hard to tempt away from Pittodrie given the success he has enjoyed there.
Billy Davies. A weak press link, nothing from Rangers in the past
week or two has suggested they are interested in Davies as manager.
Ian Cathro. A pipe dream, even if he is interested in future
management in Scotland,
but Rangers fans would be overjoyed with him under a DoF.
Mark Wotte. Has resurfaced in the past 24 hours linked with a Director
of Football role at Ibrox.
Dick Advocaat. Rumoured to have turned down the same role already,
and has in fact completely retired from football management.
Alex McLeish. Press reports linked Rangers with an unexpected move
for the recently-departed Genk
manager and former Rangers boss. This one seems more tabloid talk than anything
Alex Rae. Part of the McLeish speculation.
These are just some of the names
spinning around, and the sheer upheaval taking place at Ibrox is conducive to
such feverish speculation.

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  1. Warburton and Weir would be my favourites although Cathro Wotte would also be a plus. I don't really want any of the others at Rangers because it would just be more of the same!

    • Cathro Wotte but would they come, if we had gone up to the stagnent SPL where they all
      support Scotland unless of course the Republic of Wellies is playing , MAYBE, but not where we are just now , Best bet Warburton and Weir or McCliesh and Rae , Big Eck
      done well for us the last time he was manager , and he has more experiance now .
      Warburton well in tune with lots of links to make us a great team but that comes down to cost and no sign from King as to when he invests his £30 million if he has got
      £30 million ,I dont think he has, took over as chairman for a LOAN of £1-5 million to be paid back plus intrest ,his share are not an investment he can sell them anytime ,
      I worry he is another Craig Whyte . I think we as fans should push King hard Invest
      or stand down ,its the only way we would know for sure if he is on the level .
      King said he would keep us informed at every move well do we know how much money he will be getting paid and Paul Murray also, and its Murray that signs the cheques . King promised we would know what was going on ? do you ? its about time
      we did know

  2. Is this Puss in Boots panto season, why are we pussy footing around get Warburton with Weir now before it is too late, most fans choices taken from various paper and websites puts it into a one horse race, it's time for change, my choice Davies seems out the picture, so lets start a fresh and put the exploits of McCoist out grass talking of which I hear Lord Lucan wants a gardener

  3. It's got to be Mark Warburton for me. In terms of what we're looking for he's the perfect candidate. Derek McInnes would be the only other one on the list that I would consider.

  4. Has to be mark warburton for me, also why is it the 4th of June and there has been no statements made about expiring contracts only Jon daly and kyle Hutton (through his girlfriends twitter) are confirmed leaving I mean wtf is going on

  5. I agree with everyone here. Get the WWW in and started – Warburton Wotte and Weir. Mcinnes is the only other strong candidate on this list. Given he is quite clearly at work with his flock of sheep currently, and no-one else of note will materialise this late in the process, lets get on with the appointment. We have a squad to build, season tickets to sell, backroom staff and youth infrastructure to settle. We have a lot of work to do.

  6. Now there is a laugh, season tickets, youth infrastructure, backroom staff…… appreciate the work to be done, show us the money Mr King, "aye right" came the reply "unless of course we ask Mr A back" J

  7. Let the gardener back he will sort this mess up no problem, give him the 30 million to spend on all his old pals for great contracts again.

  8. There all shite- let's take the best from the LEAUGE we are in and build from the back to the front! Concede no goals score lots-can be done on shoe string budget with players already in that LEAUGE. Mcinnes given 3years contract 1 to get up and 2 to win spl

  9. Mccoist is a joke manager who is 100% responsible for the utter mess the team is in …his clueless sidekick Kenny mcclown was even worse ….any manager is better than these 2 …there's no rush for manager but there must be a serious rush to get the cowardly garbage players out asap

  10. Same Mcinnes who slagged off lewis macelod saying his sheep midfielders were so much better than lewis stay where you are derek not wanted or needed

  11. No matter who gets the job as manager it is a tough ask to win the championship next season given the fact that it should be a new team and squad we are seeing, and if not a new squad God help us

    • Me too, I have been posting as anon for a couple of weeks, don't want you to think that I hide behind anon.

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