Gentlemen of the board: get your fingers out

Gentlemen of the board: get your fingers out

With eleven players already gone
from Ibrox, albeit still not officially confirmed by the Rangers board, plus
the Newcastle Five (presently) back at St James’ Park, equally unconfirmed by
Rangers chiefs, nevertheless the likes of Cammy Bell, Nicky Clark, Nicky Law
and David Templeton remain at Ibrox, albeit it is unknown how long for.
With a clutch of English
Championship sides still in the hunt for Law, and rumours (denied) that
Templeton has been invited to leave, it is abundantly clear that on top of the further
rumours and counter-rumours about the management position, Rangers are in a
serious state of flux.

Only…flux suggests things are
actually happening, when truthfully, while there have apparently been moves to
instigate things, nothing has materialised yet.
Meanwhile Hibernian have stolen a
march by signing Queen of the South’s Danny Carmichael, and Celtic threaten to
snatch Scott Allan.
In short, not enough appears to
be taking place. In fact, absolutely nothing appears to be taking place.
The only thing we know for
certain is Mark Warburton has indeed spoken to (someone on) the board – but it
probably was not either Paul Murray (who is apparently in the USA) or Dave King (currently in South Africa).
Beyond this, beyond pure speculation
in the press regarding alleged talks with Portuguese coach Vitor Pereira which supposedly broke down last month, or today’s Mark Wotte DoF story, Rangers fans simply are not seeing enough tangible
action to repair the ‘broken’ Club (as described by Murray more times than I
care to remember).
Even lowly Dumbarton have not
only found a new manager, but have signed two players already, while Rangers’
board spends its time producing press releases on EGM voting requests.
Unfortunately, all this boils
down to money; supporters, even including the majority who backed King et al,
are seeing almost three months of no new funding, beyond one £1.5M loan from
King, and they are getting just a tad restless about it.
The man who preached on March 6th
that he would inject £10M (saying nothing about it being a loan) and hoped the
other £10-15M would be contributed by Gilligan, Murray, Park et al.
Did we really expect it to take more
than three months for these guys to actually put their hands in their pockets?
Truth is, next-to-nothing to fix
this mess is being done, and if it is, it is being carried at a snail’s pace.
Gentlemen of the board; pick up
the speed, or next season is a bust before it even begins.

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  1. Rangers have to get Warburton signed up today before English Premier league club steals him away

  2. You're 100% right. As usual, they're all running rings round us. When oh when are we going to get just a miniscule amount of good news. We're all on vallium here, and between that and 32 Red we're breeding a generation of addicts.

  3. I suspected King and Co would not be any better than the last board. I hope they are not about to prove me right.

  4. Their should have been a clear out last Monday to show the fans the board are on top of things instead fuck all has been done and don't think anything will be till after AGM 12th we are in a bad place at the moment and think it will only ge worse how can the board ask fans to help the club when they won't help their selfs if the board don't do something BIG soon their will be no Rangers WATP

  5. i have heard from somebody within ibrox that not only can the board not afford to pay ashley but are almost begging him for the 2nd £5m from him and the egm is just ashley's way of tightening the screw in an attempt to make the deal even more in his favour than originally agreed. ashley is supposedly fully aware of the grave financial situation and has the board by the bollocks. the scottish media coverage of him has made him even more stubborn to twist the knife though at the end of the day money will talk for him. the person i spoke to inside ibrox said the growing opinion is that dave king is not going to back up his talk with cash

  6. I agree with some of the comments above, this is not about MA wanting his £5m loan back, that's pocket money to him.
    This is a power ego trip, his two board members were sacked from the board, that infuriated him, he's out to try and embarrass King and Murray over the delisting from the stock exchange, the no nomad, he won't give in to negotiations on merchandising etc he's got a grip and will squeeze tighter.
    These kit contracts seem water tight, if not why didn't King and Murray call up the meeting instead.
    Dave King said he had at least £30m to invest (not loan) he should have by now given the fans some kind of sign of this money, does he have it, time will tell.

    • king ain't going to invest until all the side contracts are sorted out, no point in chucking money in jst to watch it disappear. We need to sort out all the shit we Ashley then some fresh investment before becoming self suffient. Nobody is going to b a suger daddy.

  7. Honestly, all that shit about King spending his wean's inheritance to try to catch Celtic? Did you guys honestly believe him? I bet his weans will have had plenty to say about that one. He may well be a glib and shameless liar, but like David Murray, he's no fool. He'll spend only other people's money whilst trying to catch the limelight. After paying the South African Tax people all that money, how much does he really have left? My guess is, not much in disposable. Maybe a few million squirreled away in offshore accounts, maybe many millions. However, I will guarantee the SARS authorities will be watching him like a hawk and if he has money that they nothing about, they will be all over him like a cheap suit.

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