Former Bee: “Rangers have something exciting in Warburton”


Alex Pritchard has praised new
Rangers manager Mark Warburton’s football ethics and style of man-management
stating players play under him with ‘freedom’ and Warburton’s door is ‘always
The Spurs midfielder played under
the former Brentford manager just over a year ago at Griffin Park
and was extremely positive about his old boss.
He said on the man-management

“A big club like that, Rangers fans have got
something exciting in the next few years to come. His (Warburton’s) door’s
always open, you can come and speak to him if you’ve got a problem or if you
want to speak about something.”
He then praised the football aspect
to the incoming boss’s style:
“He lets you have freedom, you get forward;
he isn’t going to moan at you, he’ll just say ‘keep going and do what you do
best’, so that’s why I felt at home there. I played with freedom, I didn’t
worry about anything, I expressed myself as much as I could so that is the main
thing with me with him.”
Rangers are expected to hold a
press conference around 14:00 BST at Ibrox where the new management due will be
formally unveiled.


  1. Great news……. AT LAST! Rumours doing the rounds in edinburgh is the club are already in discussions with scott allan and danny wilson. Its been mentioned in the press that theres also a very good chance of lewis macloed coming home

    • I must admit I didn't, but now that he's here I'm delighted. Like it has for most people here, the wait over the past weeks has been absolutely killing me. Very good appraisal from Pritchard today, and that's great to hear as well. Fully behind the new man, and really excited. There's a buzz among Rangers fans all over the world today.

  2. Time will tell, he lost his last position as the club stated, " we want to move forward " obviously they didn't see that happening with Warburton.

    • The board wanted to take an analytic approach to signings. Effectively making Warburton head coach.

  3. Your post seems to give the impression that Mark Warburton and Davie Weir were sacked or that they had under-performed in some way. In a press release in February, Brentford Chairman Matthew Benham stated that following discussions the pair had felt they were unable to work under the changed structure at the club. So, they were not sacked. He also said that "under Mark's stewardship, Brentford have achieved a high league position and played football which is a joy to watch." Not quite the same as what you were implying.

  4. Mr Warburton and Big Davie ARE the real deal,got a great feeling about the new leaders,Guys take us back to where we were,and your names will live forever more.Once A Ger…….

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