Mark Warburton: “Rangers job is huge privilege and honour”


Mark Warburton has described
Rangers’ decision to appoint him as manager as “a huge privilege and honour”, according to Jim White, who tonight
tweeted the incoming manager’s thoughts.
Warburton is due to be unveiled
as Rangers’ new boss by the end of play tomorrow, and indeed could be announced
even earlier, and the former Brentford chief has certainly played up the
position in recent weeks, making it abundantly clear he wanted the job, and
today news broke confirming the appointment, with just the Club to officially
finalise the press side of it tomorrow.

Warburton will come alongside his
old Brentford assistant David Weir, who already unofficially confirmed the
situation off the record recently, even if this site’s disclosure of that was
met with mild ridicule at the time; whether a ‘nod’ or a ‘smile’ or a
raindance, it was correct, and has been proven so.
His reunion with Warburton will
be met with his own level of privilege and honour, and fans by and large are
delighted to see these two take control at Ibrox.


  1. Thank fuck for that finally got in my opinion the right man for the job. Wee McCall do feel for him maybe if he got his own players in it might have been different but just didn't convince me. Now let's all get behind him and actually look forward to the new season and maybe just maybe hopefully get some good fitba to watch. Also be good to see us getting linked with players and taking about that other than just pure negative talk all the time watp

    • Absolutely. They weren't my choice, but I'd choose them way ahead of McCall and other names like McLeish. Now that they're here, we should all be 100% united and do all we can to make sure they're a success. If Warburton can deliver on his promises, he's got a great future here. I just hope he builds a squad that is very largely made up of young Scottish talent.

  2. You called it right buddy,you have a great blog that backs Rangers but not unconditionally,that is exactly what we need,keep up the great work,much appreciated

  3. this is a big new start for our club so lets all get behind the club and get us back to the top, IN KING OUR TRUST WATP.

  4. Shopping List for Mr King & Mr Warburton:
    Harry Cardwell, Gavin Reilly, Stephen Mallan, Liam Palmer, Marcus Fraser, Scott Allan and Danny Wilson.
    Thank you.

  5. does it not feel so fuckin good to be talking about fitba instead of the usuall shit.cant wait to start talking about transfer targets etc.hopefully everyone gets right behind the club now. mon the gers

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