Exodus: Rangers set to save £400,000 a month


When chairman Dave King confirmed
Scottish football’s worst-kept secret that eleven players out of contract had
been released, the first reaction from fans unaware of the reality till then
was pure relief.
As broken on here a week ago (and
greeted by some readers with a level of scepticism of its truth) Lee McCulloch,
Richard Foster, Sebastien Faure, Steven Smith, Steve Simonsen, Kris Boyd, Kyle
Hutton, Ian Black, Jon Daly, Bilel Mohsni and Lee Robinson have all been
released much to the absolute joy of most fans, many of whom would already have
been armed with the knowledge if they were regulars on this site; but official
verification was slow to arrive.

Yesterday it finally did, but
curiously beyond the pleasure at seeing a glut of absolute dross leave Ibrox,
is the rather wonderful news (less reported) that the exodus has freed up
approximately £400,000 of monthly wages.
Rangers’ stale squad members cost
the Club an overhead of nearly £5,000,000 a year, and it would have to be said
the return for such an outlay was minimal, borderline non-existent.
With the Club still not in the
black, even if it is debt-free, such a massive saving will be a gigantic boost
to the coffers and surely new signings from a new manager will be much more
sensibly financed with a much bigger emphasis on value for money.
Quite frankly Ian Black, Lee
McCulloch, and Richard Foster, to name only three, have been a horrible waste
of money – those three set the Club back around £130,000 a month alone, and are
the ultimate representation of how far back the McCoist era set the Club, and
how much ground the new manager and regime have to make up.
But freeing these guys clinically
without sentiment is the first step to moving the Club forward, and this site
congratulates the board on not bowing to ‘loyalty’.


  1. Jees what shit McCoist gathered round him. Thank God for the new board a new manager hopefully new young full of running and skilful players

    • there were not alot of shouting when ally got us up 2 steps ????? the team let him and the club down its not all his fault,,,,,watp

  2. £400,000/12 = £33,333 – That's an average of £33,333 a month per player! – or nearly £8000 a week – disgraceful when you think about it

  3. Is the MASH and Three bears money not debt? I don't understand how RIFC can be debt free with this in play.

  4. we all need to get behind our club and push us back us to where we should be, in king our trust,,watp.

  5. Good article, and shocking to see how much money was wasted on that dross of players. We're now in the much anticipated tabula rasa moment, which is exciting. At the same time, it's a little unnerving because this next managerial appointment is possibly the most critical appointment the club has made in its history. He needs to be the right man, or else we could see the club in real trouble once again in a few years time. I see quite a few people backing Warburton. This is a guy who was the manager of Brentford, and only Brentford, for a period of only two years (2013-2015) – yet we're expected to believe he's the man to lead us to challenge Celtic and to play Champions League football again. Have we really dropped to this level of ambition? What level of player would Warburton be expected to attract to Rangers? Does he have a record of building up teams/squads from scratch (hardly possible in a two year period)? We need to be very careful that we don't get carried away by hype created by the mainstream media and/or by other fans who are affected by that media.
    My choice would be Nigel Clough with Ray Wilkins as no.2. And here's why – both these guys are known for being excellent coaches, both are highly experienced (yet would be hungry), and both have a higher profile than Warburton. We could expect Rangers to be playing progressive, beautiful football, with a manager who knows the Scottish game (Clough has bought many Scottish players over the years, incl. Forsyth, Russell, Bryson, Martin) and a no.2 who would have access to some of the finest young talent in the English game at Chelsea; players like John Swift (spent last season on loan at Swindon), Islam Feruz (why not?), and Josh McEachran (spent last season on loan at Vitesse. Eligible to play for Scotland but has said he's prefer to play for England. But at 23, his chances of getting into the England squad look pretty bleak, so he could be someone Wilkins could tempt to come up north). Ray Wilkins also knows the club, loved his time at Rangers, has worldwide contacts in the game and is a man who, like Clough, would help to attract the best young talent to the club. I really hope these guys are in the frame.

  6. Oh, and I don't trust Davie Weir despite him being a so-called Rangers Man. Was a great player, but he's as miserable as they come and, I think, he could be an unsettling influence with the new Rangers board. Clough and Wilkins are guys who can be trusted 100% not to cause interpersonal relations problems.

  7. rangers are not debt-free . we owe ashley £5m and other loans to directors up to £6m. these are not gifts or investment these are loans and will have to be paid back. that is £11m in debt and we have no assets to borrow against and no credit facility. add to that losses of £1m a month and no squad of note. yet people are believing king and lapping up his double-speak. come on fellow fans cop on

    • The 5m owed to Ashley would already have been paid back if Ashley would re-negotiate the scandalous Sports Direct merchandising contract, which he probably won't. King is right to use the loan as a bargaining chip in these negotiations. If Ashley won't deal, then we should pay the loan in dribs and dribs, as we're legally entitled to do. It's understandable that fans are a bit paranoid of business people after what's gone on in the past, but to be suspicious of hard facts is taking things too far. Dave King is a Rangers man through and through, has invested more than 20 million quid into the club in the past (mostly towards the creation of Murray Park), so to accuse him of 'double-speak' when he's trying to rescue an almost defunct club is taking things too far. Get behind the man, and keep your fears to yourself. We need some positivity around the club for once.

    • i am sorry but you are delusional. rangers are as of 22nd june in default of the ashley loan. on that date he can go to court and ringfence the money . the contracts are crap yes but ashley has ensured they are watertight and will not give them up and king saying he will get him to change them is a smokescreen. dave king is a rangers fan but he is a business man first , a ruthless one at that and if if it a choice of doing right thing and what makes money for him . rangers loses. a judge in south africa said do not take him at his word on anything unless it is backed up with evidence. he has already lied about investing and the nomad so no i do not believe him. liars lie.

  8. Try Again

    400,000 amonth = 4,800,000 a year

    Of Supposed 6 million football budget

    Does this mean whats left are taking including Ally are only taking 20%
    of overall budget

  9. Another way to save some more is to get rid f that shite we got from Motherwell Law if anybody would take him.

  10. Clough and Wilkins!!!??? Both men have taken charge of good clubs and made them worse, being sacked after couple years or less. Both seem to lack charisma and none of their teams are renowned for playing attractive football.

    Give wee Stuart a two year contract and get Billy Reid in to run Murray Park if we can't get Mark Wotte as DoF

    • I agree give Stuart Mcall the chance ,I think he would be as good as the other ones mentioned .

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