Why it is time for Lee Wallace to be named captain


With Lee McCulloch’s departure
finally official, thoughts turn to Rangers’ new captain. I have always been of
the view the captain should have been his namesake Wallace some considerable
time ago, and while many fans do not entirely agree with this choice, their
reason generally appears to be his lack of vocal on the pitch.
When it comes to loyalty and
sacrifice, Wallace really did give up a lot to remain at Ibrox. Yes, Rangers
fans, myself included, probably do over rate him a tad and he would not exactly
have easily got a gig at some high-flying English Premiership side, but Nottingham Forest did bid around £1,000,000 for him and it was rejected by both
the-then Rangers board and the player himself.

So, the man has shown commitment
for sure, and we certainly cannot call his dedication into question.
His performances? Yes, they have
dipped. He has not been sparkling during these three years in the dungeon of
the SPFL’s lower division. But few fans truly believe that is actually his
After the hysteria of the result
in the playoff final faded, myself guilty of some, in the cold light of day Lee
Wallace remains one of Rangers’ most important and valuable assets, and there
is the very valid argument that he would perform much better in a better team.
As he did in 2011/2012 with the likes of Davis, Aluko, Naismith and Jelavic
around him.
But as for captaincy? As for his
lack of vocal? Any Rangers fan paying close attention to him in the playoffs
would have seen Rangers’ real leader, whether McCulloch was playing or not.
Wallace frequently instructed players around him, barking orders, telling his
team mates where to be. Of course it was not enough to secure promotion, but
anyone claiming Lee Wallace is not a leader and is not vocal enough is simply not
being fair.
It is true that maybe a couple of
years ago he was not much of a talisman, but he is now, clearly having been inspired by his amateur coaching role at
Edinburgh’s Tynecastle FC, itself a promotion from coaching at a lower level
for many months prior.
If anyone is putting the time,
and effort, into football, and not just playing, it is Wallace, and it is
clearly, absolutely, unequivocally his time to be appointed Ibrox Club captain.
He deserves it.


    • Some people have no concept of a decent player it seems… agree totally withe the author Wallace on his day has few as good in the Scottish game and as he matures he would be a better choice than any other squad member currently.

  1. Wallace would be the perfect captain for me. Handles himself in the right way and is one of the few experienced talents we have. And, as the article says, he'll thrive again with better players around him.

  2. What, all out? Don't be ridiculous. Even for a troll, that is stupid.

    I would suspend a captaincy decision until we see who comes in.

  3. Another fine speech by Mr King, but again he alluded to the detail, and again how much he is putting in. I now appears that everything depends on season book sales. He wants to sell 45,000 @£500 a pop. £22.5m and he will provide £10-£12m for players. this leaves at best £10.5 -£12.5m to run the club and possibly some income from sponsorship because Ashley owns everything else.

    This does not add up, again it's a case of supporters being asked to dig deep so as I can play at being the Big Guy at Ibrox.

    Really sick to the back teeth of these so called Real Rangers Men. What is the betting for us being in administration or liquidation again by Christmas.

    • Away and shut up, why would King or anyone else just chuck money at rangers? We need to become sustainable ourselves so fans buying season tickets is crucial to our survival. If King and Co can help with investment then good on him every little helps but the fans have to back him and whoever he brings in as manager. King stated 12-13million from season tickets so your wild figures of 22 is nonsense and I'm sure he'll invest more than you anyway so try backing the club instead of slating it at every turn.

  4. Im sorry guys but i just dont think wallace is good enough. Ive had my doubts since the day he signed. Defensively, he is constantly found out when up against quality oposition and offensively, he always favours going backwards rather than taking his man on. His end product is poor, especially his crossing. I appreciate he hung around a couple of years back when the others scarpered but that doesnt mean he is now undroppable or automatic choice for captain. Lets wait and see who else comes in before making any rash decisions…. If im honest, and if warburton gets the job, it wont surprise me if wallace loses his place in the team

  5. I think it will be an achievement if Rangers can get Wallace to stay yet another season out of the top league, wasn't too long ago he was expressing his disappointment that after committing himself to getting the team back up he had put up with 3 seasons of poor coaching…..4 seasons in the lower reaches is taking it's toll on this now ex-Scottish international and may well finish him. I think despite some great efforts in matches it's clear he is going backwards. Sad to see.

  6. Wallace….Captain?? My hole. He'd be fortunate if he got a bloody contract in my team. Looked great against postmen and electricians. In the main he's been utter shite for years.

  7. Apart from the last couple of months Wallace has been a shining light in a poor Rangers team and one of the few who looked bothered when we lost .His honest interview after the 2-0 defeat by Hibs showed that he knew things weren`t good enough , even when others were deluding themselves.He is the best and most obvious choice for captain.As for the people slagging Kings statement , please read it again .He says that he wants the 45000 season tickets to be sold so that he can invest this money in the team , it wouldn`t be 22 million, as season tickets are not £500 each .That is what the fans have been screaming for , a commitment to invest their money in the team .He is not asking for anything except the fans to return to watching the team every week and is promising a better standard.Buy your season ticket or don`t , but stop moaning for no reason.

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