David Weir drops big hint about Rangers job


David Weir has today dropped a
big hint that he is imminently to be appointed Rangers assistant with Mark
Warburton the manager.
A source bumped into the former
Ibrox defender in Cardiff at tonight’s Wales Belgium match, and asked if Weir
would indeed be taking up the Ibrox assistant position with Warburton his
superior, and Weir, unable to confirm this ‘on record’, instead gave “a nod and
a smile” in acknowledgement.

If this is to be fully
interpreted as what it appears to be mean rather than reading between the
lines, it could be the clearest indicator yet that Warburton and Weir will be
announced on Monday.
With Derek McInnes signing a new
two-year extension at Pittodrie (taking him up to 2019) and Vitor Pereira
signing on at Fenerbahce, Warburton’s odds have reduced again from 4/5 to 1/3 and it is starting to look, finally, like maybe, just maybe the saga is
coming to a close.

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  1. If Weir was smiling he must have been pissed. Really hope this appointment is not true. We're gonna learn the hard way that Warburton is a charlatan I'm afraid…

  2. I don't think there's anything in this, guys. If Weir's been told he's starting at Rangers early next week, I highly doubt he'd go to Wales tonight to watch an unrelated international match; at least I hope he wouldn't. There are 101 things for the new management team to do and think about once given the nod, so, if Weir was in Cardiff tonight, it tells me that he and Warburton have not been told anything. I get the feeling Dave King/the board does not want any player/staff from the Walter era, or any other Rangers era, in the new management team.

    • Dictionary definition…

      Charlatan –
      a person who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than he or she possesses.

  3. ANONYMICE (wee sleekit cowrin timorous anonymice) you make mew cringe with shame – call yourselves Rangers men fighting the cause? Get over into that cupboard in the corner and join slinky he'll show you how to shuffle your pack.


    …..Slinky linked with the Playboy Mansion assistant gaffers Joab…..smiled and nodded when asked if he'd want a shot of Shug Hefners smoking jaiket.,,.

    Fuck Sakes I hope Warburton is on his way. Big D, not so concerned. If he comes wi the package then fair enough. Warburton's the man, I'll take his word for it regards his back room team.

    Would like to see the boy Cathro as Academy Leader.

  5. It would really rip the shirt off you, looking at the list of so called viable candidates available to us, and that list getting shorter by the hour so that we're no down to talking about Alex Rae! Anything strike you about this list? John Hughes, Jackie McNamara, Paul Hartley, Alan Stubbs, John Collins, Mark Burchill, John Kennedy, Paul Lambert? Yes everybody hates us but we don't care.

  6. I had a thought, if Rangers are waiting on Monday, could it be because they are waiting on Stuart McCall to come back from Ireland? What other reason to wait if they already know?

  7. He will bring the pride back to our club he wants to bring the youth through the ranks we need a fresh thinker i think he is our man.. W.A.T.P

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