Rangers’ management saga set to go on


Rangers have today cast doubt on
when a new manager will actually be appointed by admitting ‘hope’ rather than ‘expectation’
on the announcement being within the seven-day window Dave King expressed on
Speaking at the Club’s EGM, chair
in King’s absence Paul Murray could only say:

“We hope to appoint a new manager in
the early part of next week.”
This pours serious cold water
over any certainty of a new manager being put in place on Monday, suggesting
instead Rangers might not be a great deal further along in terms of
negotiations with any one party.
With Ian Cathro suspiciously quitting
his assistant manager role at Spanish giants Valencia yesterday, the former
Dundee Utd youth coach’s odds tumbled amidst rumours he was being lined up for
the job at Ibrox, but while Mark Warburton’s bid to be new manager did appear
to lose some momentum at the same time, today it appears to have tailed back
out and the general water surrounding the job is getting murkier.
Troubling rumours have surfaced
that Alex McLeish and Alex Rae are being lined up for the position in light of
murmurs that Warburton’s wages are a problem, and of course fellow rival Derek
McInnes would both require compensation to present club Aberdeen, as well
supposedly making a claim off the record that he is going nowhere.
The other two rivals left were Portugal’s
Vitor Pereira, but he has been snapped up by Turkish side Fenerbahce, and of
course Stuart McCall, who may end up with the position by default.
With two weeks passed since
failure in the playoffs, it had been hoped a new manager would have been well
in place by now. But the saga goes on.

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  1. Sorry but this is becoming a farce. No one in their right mind would want McLeish and Alex Rae at Rangers as teh management team. This is the nightmare scenario. What does Rae know about coaching! McInnes won't leave Aberdeen and for me that is good news, he hasn't exactly got a great track record. McCall, no thanks, just not good enough to take us forward. Why Warburton or Cathro hasn't been appointed is beyond me. Is King waiting on someone else coming in and signing both of them so he has an excuse to sign a cheap 'Old Rangers man' option. I really hope not! Surely the Rangers fans are not that naive and if King goes for a joke like Rae he will struggle to sell season tickets!

  2. Most dissapointing, one was hoping that Mr King and colleagues would hit the ground running, I do however appreciate they have had much to resolve e how the business has been run particularly for the past two years.
    That said; it appears to me at least that there is a lack of momentum, a lack of urgency in the management appointment. Can I also add that the recent comments attributed to Mr King, re players, are unbecoming of a Glagow Rangers directo.
    Personally I would be delighted with Alex McLeish and Ian Cathro as a dream ticket….
    So please please, some urgency,some energy some enthusiasm from the directors would be most welcome

  3. Alex McLeish and Alex Rae are they having a laugh! If the board want a team they will need to replace in a season well done! Get Mark Warburton or Cathro to develop a squad. In the long run they will make the club money. Alex has shown is neither great at spotting talent or getting the best out of players. Lets not go down a road we have already been down with Eck.

  4. McInnes has extended his contract. Why anyone ever thought he'did swap Pittodrie for Ibrox with all the instability there, not to mention the real likelihood of The Rangers not being promoted at the end of next season is beyond me.

  5. RELAX bears….. Warburton deal is done. He will be unvailed as our new manager at 5pm on Monday and along with him will come Davy 'no surrender' Weir and 5 new players (which Warbs is working on as we speak). Have faith. Be patient. WE ARE THE PEOPLE

    • Yeah, Weir is signing up 5 players he knows well and rates very highly – Kris Boyd, Ian Black, Lee McCulloch, Richard Foster and Steven Smith.

      Cathro or bust for me. Or Sir Alex, in a final 3-year swansong to help out his old club.

  6. holy sh*t a thread like this over the use of "hope" rather than "expectation" . catch a grip!! tims all over the country laughing at the crap that appears on this blog , get behind the team, get behind the board, best set of fans in the world without a doubt but reading the blogs and replies makes me sick , business matters have to be dealt with in a certain legal way and that i assume this is what is being done , as for the manager/coach position i for one do not want to see a knee jerk selection, too many rash choices have been made by the previous regimes this is our opportunity to get it right ,the board are aware how much time is left so let them get on with it . W.A.T.P

    • Tims all around the country will be pishin themselves at you, listen know it all take a look at our clubs official website first team squad we have 14 first team players of which 5 are boys, so that leaves 9 that lets be honest didn't set the Heather on fire last season did they, now big dave ding a ling says we only need 6 or 7 quality players aye right jackanory to make sure we get into spfl next year, so apart from what I have said above we don't have a manager we don't have pre season mapped out, we don't have any friendlies arranged & we have a nugget of a chairman telling us to buy 45,000 season tickets when the most we have ever sold when we have been doing well is about 40,000 & apart from that he has put a we 5% increase on season ticket prices, so excuse me if I don't share your optimism but right now we are up shit creek with Paul nay money Murray & big dave ding a ling, aye your right we shouldn't have any knee jerk reactions & stop acting like tims cause that will make everything all right if we just stop acting like tims

  7. There is one fact you will all have to accept,, the jungle jims will get their 10 in a row. The management list is an utter joke and now where near going forward and modernising the game…What exactly has the board done to pursue the contracts that were signed,,,, They pep up and say,,," We need to honour them,,its the law",,they werent saying that before the EGM when they were voted in,, King said he would ensure that all contracts would be" Forensically Examined",,,, Really?!!!,,, Where??,,,, Dave King said that Rangers are in a strong financial position,,,, I ask you to do this,,, go to you tube and watch Craig Whytes speech on the doorstep of ibrox when he announced Rangers were going into Administration!!!,,, He said the Rangers would be in a much stronger financial position if we went into Administration!! Dave King and Paul Murray were both on the board when Whyte was there!!! so answer this Mr King,, Do you agree that Craig Whyte made the right decision to take Rangers into Administration?? Because this board is now benefiting from our downfall,,,and every Rangers fan is falling for it,,,, again!!!,, fools every one of you!!!,,,oh,,David Weir,, nice guy,, but again,,,so was Ally,,!!,, We will fail,, and you all know we will,,cause this board is corrupt as the last one,,,they were in on it with Craig Whyte from the start,,nothing personal,,just business,,eh Mr King, Mr Murray??!!

  8. I've only been to 7rangers games in my life in souness Times, I'm not a true blue, I feel sorry for these fans who pay the tickets up every year work they're balls off and are getting short changed. My friend watched John Greig good days and watched the ian Redford days please can the rangers board show clarity. Im close to watching the juniors now

  9. King Rangers saviour? He has 42 business in south Africa and said he hasn't seen gers game all season liar. My cousin watches every gers game he's been there in south Africa fir 33 years mmmm king us a liar,

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