Seven new players? Why Rangers need double that


When a recent poll on revealed that Rangers fans only truly value a minority of
players, it became abundantly clear that Dave King’s promise of signing at
least seven “Premiership quality” players is one which quite simply has to be
The poll, from a number of days
ago, learned that the only players fans truly rate as worthy of a future at the
Club are Callum Gallagher, Lee Wallace, Darren McGregor, Tom Walsh, Ryan Hardie
and Andy Murdoch.

Many are also positive about
returning loanees Barrie McKay & Luca Gasparotto, and Ryan Sinnamon.
Nine players in total, not even a
full first team, never mind a full squad.
Towards the tail end of the
season, it started to become very clear that fans consider a great number of
players simply not good enough for next season; Templeton, Shiels, Clark,
Zaliukas, Law and a number of others were deemed substandard and effectively
Bell was equally derided, and supporters
clearly believe a drastic clearout on top of the one which has already taken
place is required.
With King promising at least
seven high-quality players, the question remains of who exactly retains/gains a
place in the first team, if we assume all new signings will start by default.
It is a hard one to call. There
is no one player who really dominated the aforementioned poll, with Murdoch
coming out on top but only by one percent. Rangers supporters have lost faith
in pretty much all the players at Ibrox now, with only Murdoch appearing to
have any credibility at all to play in the first team next season. And even
then that may be a stretch.
Rangers’ board has a real dilemma
– they really do need to bring in a borderline new team, and hope a massive
influx of talent manages to raise the remaining players to a level they rarely
approached up till now. And it has to be the right manager to bring the best
out of everyone.
If we assume two good players for
each position; a first choice and a decent reserve, then Rangers really need to
bring in around 12 players this summer, not seven.
Fans just do not trust this squad
– it has let them down too many times, and it is viewed as expendable.
If the board want to really win
supporters over, they will double seven new players to 14 and really gut the
squad, inside and out. Strengthen the bench by having the likes of Law,
Templeton, Zaliukas etc there, while the first team is a much stronger
proposition with only a rare selection of existing squad members managing to
Winning the Championship at a
canter is absolutely imperative. But we need the players to do it.


  1. I agree we need many more than 6 or 7 players, but that number is probably the maximum that can be expected to integrate into a team in one window. It's been proven many times historically that teams who bring in too many players at once end up doing very badly in that first season. Steve Bruce tried it at Sunderland and I think they got relegated, Di Canio tried the same and would have been relegated by Christmas, QPR tried it with Mark Hughes, Liverpool did it this season etc. I'd rather we bring in a max of 6 or 7 now, another 3 in the winter window and then another 4 or 5 next year…

  2. So If we need 14 players, does this mean our youth teams should disappear ?? We need 6-7 quality and coach the rest we have to be better players..?whilst bringing the youth through.. 14 new players you must be joking.?? I know you have issues with Dave King not splashing millions right now, but time for sensible heads

  3. Correction to earlier post – Sunderland were not relegated that year (with Bruce) but were heading that way before O'Neill was appointed. They were also heading that way this season under Poyet, again after signing 8 players who didn't gel (because there were too many, I'd argue)..

  4. Rangers men in charge state they have put in £8m already… So what positives have we seen with that investment? Heee-haw.. £3m loans against future shares and £5m in current shares maybe. hardly putting money into a bright new future, keeping the lights on maybe.

    SB's will bring in less than £8m and not in one tranche, 5 of which will go to Ashley, £3m to buy a team and see you thru the season… Nobody questioning this?

  5. I wish to god you will all stop talking crap and look outwith the goldfish bowl,,, Where is the most superior football player being bred with little money???,,,,, Germany,,,,they are engineering players and teams season after season,,,,so why are we not going over there,, copy their system to the letter,,, and apply,,,, not fecking rocket science,, oh ,wait,,,sorry,, thats not Rangers Tradition though, is it Mr King???!! fud!!

    • Agree with you 100% regarding the German model. I wish all clubs in Scotland would have the balls to follow the German example instead of flooding the leagues with foreign nobodies and journeyman. Rangers now have the perfect opportunity to put into place whatever system they want, and had better not screw it up. Whatever they're doing in Germany (plus Ajax and Southampton) to blood young players for their country, let's just copy it.

  6. Yes and that country Spain that had 4 teams in the semi-finals of European competition isn't doing to bad either, in fact in the last two seasons the Spanish teams have opened a can of whoop ass on the Germans best team and their best team has a Spanish manager imagine that, you are correct though think I'll pop me heed oot that bowl now and again see what other countries are coming up with paella anyone

  7. I would suggest that seven players that can walk straight into the first eleven is all that we need providing that they are of the right quality. This is why I do not want McCall. There is not one player in that Motherwell team that McCall appeared so attached to that would be good enough for Rangers. Warburton and Cathro have a wider geographical spread of football knowledge and I would hope that either could attract players that could develop from being initially, good players to being world class players. With seven top quality players and guys like Wallace, McGregor, Murdoch and the other youngsters we should have the quality necessary to take us forward.

    • Tom what if hypothetical question 3 or 4 of the new players were injured for a period of time that would leave us with the guys that couldn't cut it last year, I think the author of this thread is correct maybe not 14 but I reckon at least ten to bolster squad, big dave talks about throwing the cash about poppycock there are very good free agents out there give you 2 and they are gers men to boot first the boy Andy halliday released by Bradford second gary millar from st Johnston great right back which we need, now I am sure whoever our next manager will have a far greater knowledge than myself on the freebies, so it is time the board stopped arsing about & give whoever has got the gig to get on with it

  8. If they the players they bring in do not play for a top six team in there own country then quality is not what you will get,a little better maybe but nothing better than already there,6/7 players of quality will want wages of
    £25.000/30.000 plus each week around 1 million in wages on 6/7 players and dross on the rest who are already there would you give your all and do the dog work for the few who come in and they take all the candy i think not,you need to clear all of them out keep the young lads and bring in 16 new well paid quality players,but let us face it its not going happen for 5/10 years at this rate king and co need to put up 40/50 million now and another 40/50 million if we get up so we can be in top 4 in in Scotland in 2 years,every thing else is a joke.

  9. We might not be able to get a full team to gel straight away but it's only 3 month since dave and his mob rolled in probably still sieving through the shit they were left with but I would rather die with our history than live with there's and we all know there's even if they denied that they didn't know (THE KNEW)

    • We the people will never let them forget the worst of worst in my eyes sweep sweep sweep it'll no fit under the rug

    • You are both dickheads. Celtic supporters love to see guys like you consume yourselves with this type of negativity which takes us and our cause absolutely nowhere. Apart from that it suggests sick mind and taken together with the everybody hates us just shows you as a waste of space.. Give yourselves a shake.

  10. Responding to 14.03 comment…..
    While I agree with your point, it would be better communication if you used punctuation,
    checked your spelling and watched the grammar. "….history than live with theirs…" "Know theirs…"
    You have a double negative at the end – "they denied that they knew" or "said they didn't know".
    Gers are no different from any other club in that 'the books need to be balanced'. We have a history of bringing in so called "big names" to bring us short-term success – and McCoist had to do that to ensure we weren't embarrassed in the lower divisions. The balance is keeping the fans coming through the door/revenue coming in, while making do with other cheaper/youth talent,
    in the hope that the latter will not flop and that they will mature into good/great Gers. Season on season, that strategy should build a strong, loyal squad – but money and other things turn the youngsters heads and we lose them. Putting playing positions aside for a moment, we need to determine why the likes of Fraser Aird, Barrie Mackay, Ross Perry, Rhys McCabe and Jamie Ness didn't become home-grown consistent performers like Barry Ferguson (we know money was the reason we couldn't keep Lewis MacLeod, and that Greg Wylde bailed-out because of Administration). If we don't find the answer then we will continue to pay big money for players who are "likely" to bring us great results and suffer when they don't – and loads of clubs do that too.

    • Do we really need the english lesson its so last year here stick these where ever you like ,.?!

  11. Interesting! comment's! "OUR!!" BIGGEST!!" Mistake? was paying vastly inflated wage's i.e. Dean Shiels ex Kilmarnock Ian Black ex Hearts & WASN'T!? Being? Paid!? Half THE!? Time!? He HAD! To Resort! To "Painting! & Decorating!?" WHY!? PAY!? "THOUSAND'S!? OF? POUND'S!? Wages!? Instead, Of A "Decent!! Wage!!" With! Some Kind Of "Win Bonus" Structured! As An INSENTIVE!! TO!! ACTUALLY!! GO!! OUT!! & WIN!!

  12. Reply to anonymous ….you are exactly the type of idiot we don't need around our club The well written constructive article asks us who we need to move forward as a club together.Rangers can only move forward with Rangers ideas.Why don't you channel your emotions into a positive force without involving them.When the chips are down and believe they certainly are down,comparing Rangers misfortune to their misgivings will get us nowhere

  13. No issue with the idea that better players are needed. But where are they? They will have to be free transfers and willing to play in the Championship for a year. That reduces the pool of available talent. Even if King does put in millions – the 6/7 or 12/14 players still need to be found. And quickly.

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