Thanks for nothing, Ally


Nothing was laid bare more
explicitly last night than the feeble nature of Rangers’ present squad. The way
an absolutely dross Motherwell side tore Rangers’ defence apart and secure
three goals exposed the embarrassing and frankly pathetic truth of what this
Rangers squad is.
And for that we can squarely and
firmly thank the greedy incompetence of Ally McCoist, who has now surely
stained his once-glorious legacy entirely.

It is true that present manager
Stuart McCall’s tactics last night were wrong – the formation did not click, as
it did not against Hibs, despite the two goals, and as it did not against Queens, despite, again, Rangers nicking an equaliser. The
end results in both ties papered over the cracks of the squad, of which there
are many.
McCall deserves a great deal of
credit for giving Rangers something of a shout going into these playoffs, and
for getting them as far as the final. He has certainly added energy, and a bit
of passion into the team – but tactically, while some of his tinkering has
borne fruit (Hibs away, Queens away) he
probably is not the answer for Rangers long-term.
But this gets away from the cause
of Rangers’ problems on the pitch; Alistair Murdoch McCoist. The ‘manager’ who
abandoned promising young players like McKay, McAusland, Gallagher, Gasparotto,
et al and who completely ruined Aird, while signing such complete rubbish as
Templeton, Kyle, Cribari, and Argyriou to name just four, and slowly built a
frankly horrible team.
McCoist said Rangers would not
have won the third division then League 1 ‘with youth’. Curious then how Hearts’
sprightly young team, cobbled together by a rookie manager managed to coast the
infinitely-tougher Championship at the first time of asking.
McCoist knew a fairly short spell
into his career as Rangers boss that he was not cut out for it, but his ego,
monstrosity that it is, refused to allow him to resign.
Instead he blundered on, with
that equally monstrous £850,000 wage and continued to produce a travesty of a ‘team’
– a useless sham of a squad with the softest centre any Rangers team has ever
Charles Green is not popular, and
even I had enough of him by the end in truth, but he was absolutely spot on to criticise
McCoist and describe his Rangers team as the worst ever. But this warning was
not heeded, and rather than anything being done about it, McCoist continued on
and left Rangers like this.
McCall has done something of a
miracle job to get Rangers vaguely in contention, but the truth of Rangers’
hopelessness, as left by McCoist, was completely on show last night for
everyone to see.
You can all whine all you like
about ‘the spivs’ to blame, and ‘Mike Ashley’ this etc, but when it came to
signing players and producing a team – that was McCoist’s jurisdiction, no one
And when a ghastly Motherwell
swept three past them it became evident just how much damage Ally McCoist
actually did to Rangers.
And how utterly despicable it is
to watch him continue to siphon £850,000 a year for doing nothing.
The Super Ally I remember
disappeared when he went into his garden.


  1. lets be honest about all this. ally mccoist was not paid £850000 a year because of his skills as a manager but because he agreed o vouch for charles green when rangers fans doubted him. he was bought by green to give him an endorsement. he sold his loyalty for cash. some could agrue walter smith did the same by agreeing to be chairman for a considerable sum

    • Believe Walter was either paid nothing or very little. McCoist has ruined his legacy, partly with his hopeless team building and tactics but more so by taking a fat salary for doing nothing

    • McCoist lost legendary status when he waved his wallet at his testimonial. I loathe the man.

  2. I agree well said, don't think I could even say hello to the man in the street any more, Legend My A***

  3. its nothing to do with super ally get a grip once again the players have let us down so don't be a fanny and blame super ally evertime we get beat

  4. well written,all the staff who lost their jobs to economic cuts while he still draws his salary for doing fuck all, except watch the team he created perform on TV dedicated to the horror channel,I
    dont think McCall is the right man but thank him for his effort with such a bad lot.My choice is Billy Davies I know he is'nt everybody cup of tea, but knows how to work with youth and low budgets, lets hope somehow we can turn it around Sunday

  5. Time to move on. Nobody should be that surprised about the result last night. Very naïve approach to the game. Too many players charging forward and caught on the break throughout the game by a team who has a dismal away record. McCoist has made his decision, took the money, don't darken our doorstep ever again. Let that go, he is history.
    We have a great deal to look forward to with the correct people in place to take the club forward. Manager appointment is crucial! Can we please now forget all the McCall nonsense. Does not fit the profile that the club require. Thanks for your efforts Stuart and best wishes in you Scotland role.

  6. All players who didn't make it onto the pitch last night should be sacked this morning.

    All others except a few young lads should be sacked Sunday night. McCall included. McCoist should get an offer or told to take the club to court.

    Total wipeout needed and nothing less will do. If King thinks 40,000 bears will buy season tickets next year to watch Miller, Clark, Bell, Law et al…..he's fucking deluded.

  7. Ally Mcoist worst manager ever said it a hundred times time money grabbing drunk Stewart Mcoll also as I have said on this page many times won't do as a Rangers manager his choice of Miller and Boyd stinking mculiich and black last week outrages as a result another year in championship if we last that long but I fear the worst

  8. The original post has a lot of merit, some of our results recently have papered over the cracks of what is a terrible squad, bereft of craft and quality. We need to spend big and spend quick, however, I fear it will be to win the championship next season with a stronger squad – for me, the jury is still out on the Manager.

  9. Players signed by McCoist are worst in Rangers history. Enough said….Could have excepted last nights defeat, as I did not think we would have got this far with these players….Ability aside…those players should no heart or emotion for the cause….Boyd laughing and joking with their keeper and McManus….Wee McCall showed more dig on the side lines…total bunch of money grabbing wasters…..Butcher,Gough and Ricksen to name a few would have run threw a brick wall for the club…. #badtimes….

  10. McCall was handicapped by the rubbish that McCoist left him. McCoist never had it as a manager and should not have been touted by Smith. He had an opportunity to build a young exciting team and hadn't the ability to do that, opting instead for a bunch of mercenaries looking for a last big pay day.Used to worship the guy……………despise him now

  11. will people stop being so delusional that rangers are going to spend big in the summer. the club had debts via loans of £9.5m and is running at a loss of £9m a year. it has no credit line from a bank and cannot borrow against assets. this is inspite of having a very low payroll to turnover ratio of 29% (celtics is 45%) so the club is running at empty paying small amounts of wages and people think paying out huge wages is the answer. this is not the 90's this is now and we should get used to it

  12. All good comments and all moaning about the past think it's fair to say we are all sick to the teeth of it the stadium would have been empty if not for the late goal fans just won't pay to watch that type of football the tactics all wrong wide ball from side to side nothing threw the middle very very poor we need to run at their defence for ninety five min just to give us a chance

  13. Ally McCoist is a legend at Rangers, tremendous player and an equally tremendous leader of the club taking us through our darkest days, no one else could have handled the situation as well as he did for that horrendous period. End of

    • Handled it well in return for £2300 each and every day of 3 years.

      Disagree that no one else could have done that.

      Ally the player will always be a legend…..Ally the manager was an unmitigated fucking disaster. The latter is in danger of eclipsing the former.

  14. how dare you attack the greatest legend weve ever had if the board had kept their nerve aiiy would have got this team up he knew how to get the best out of boydy and miller and even black so please get of allys back a true blue to the end

    • The greatest Ranger my arse, Baxter,Greig, Caldow, Jardine, you got to be on drugs,
      mind you dont know his fucking garden?

    • must be difficult typing with one hand whilst trying to light a crack pipe – you must be on drugs writing that

  15. So McCoist was to blame forr last night, not the players, not the current manager and the current board who continued to heckle Ashley when if it had all been left until the end of the season we would have been promoted, considering new management for the top flight and probably have had a even greater board power but suppose there is still hope of a big turnaround on Sunday J

  16. We knew the squad he left was shite when he left, think the angle of your article is a strange one to be honest. He didn't cut it as a manager, should never have been given as long as he did, I can't disagree with much in the regard, just don't understand why you feel the need to attack him. As for McCall, I think his tactics weren't as bad as has been made out. The scoreline didn't reflect the game in my opinion, we started well and could have been 2 up from Law and Miller before they had got their first. I thought his changes were spot on, suprising but the two young boys sparked a bit of ugency in to the team and on a different night we would have got level.

  17. McCoist was fortunate that he played in a team stacked full of world class players and any half decent striker would have scored as many if not more goals playing off Mark Hately. Guys like Ralph Brand, Jimmy Millar, Jim Forrest and Colin Stein all offered a lot more to the team than McCoist and played for the jersey more than McCoist ever did. He has been money orientated from the day he signed as a player and his best moments were probably on Question of Sport where he was seen as a joker. A womaniser that has had more success in the bedroom than he ever had as a manager he clearly was only kept on, and paid the proverbial 30 pieces of Silver by Green and Whyte to appease the fans and keep them happy. He was a lazy manager that did not give the time or the effort to scouting quality players relying on seasoned pros interested in a pay day like himself and Rangers are suffering the consequences. As for our next manager, if the current Board are as ambitious as they would have you believe then it won't be McCall, and we will see a rafter of new faces in blue jerseys next season. Otherwise, I regret to say, Rangers will languish in teh Championship for many years to come.

  18. McCoist was average at the best. Done nothing Internationally, and was fed of some of the greatest players to have graced the Scotish game. End of.

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