Miller: “More than capable of getting promoted”


Rangers striker Kenny Miller
believes Rangers are ‘more than capable’ of overturning the deficit left by
Motherwell tonight.
Speaking after the match, the
Ibrox front man suggested the tie is not over:
“It’s not over, same kind of position reversed
now, obviously, where we were going in with a 2-0 lead against Hibs and now we’ve
got to go and get a two goal deficit back which we are more than capable of

And he may have a point; some of
Rangers’ best results under McCall have actually come away from home, with a
solid 2-1 at Palmerston and of course that 2-0 victory at Easter Road, but of
course while it is not a mountain to climb, it is a very large hill but Miller
looks on the positive side.
“If we can take our chances on Sunday there’s
no doubt we can still do it. McGregor’s goal was huge because at 3-0 the task
is enormous but at 3-1 if you can get a goal you’re right back in it – it definitely
gives a far better chance than had it been 3-0.”
If Rangers are to pull off the
remarkable and gain promotion, it will be an achievement up there with the very
biggest in the Club’s history.


  1. Whaaaaaa whaaaaaaa whaaaaaaa…oh that was soooooooo funny…..mattress McCall lays down at ibrokes again…whaaaaaa whaaaaaaa

  2. I have to admit,, I have been a critic of Miller for most of the season,, however, he was the only player that seemed to understand the importance of tonights game,,because the rest of them just simply did not have a clue,,,, Vuckic?!,, Motherwell sure found his bottle!!!,, Wallace?, bottled it, utter garbage!!,, Law?,, well done, your brothers job is safe,,prick!,,,Bell?, Goram spoilt me, sorry!!,, Zaliukas,Pish,,,, McCall got it so wrong!!,, Murdoch, Walsh, Shiels, Foster, were just simply MINCE tonight,,,,,,, Black and Templetons should have been on tonight,, THOSE PLAYERS SHAT THEMSELVES TONIGHT,,, they visiably shat themselves in front of 50,000 fans,, WHY,,, cause they are not used to it,, they dont understand,, they are not experienced enough,,, and that is why McCall should never become the Rangers Manager,, we were down 3-0,,, and he did not change a thing,,, why?,, Cause he does not know how to,, he froze in front of the 50000 crowd too,,, just like McCoist and McDowall,,, they dont know how to change a losing side into a winning side,,,, We so badly need a coach, who can take an ordinary player,,and turn them into superstars,,, Murray Park?, as King said,, waste of bloody money,,,, and he was not wrong,,,,oh,,thanks Ally,,,, First Division for another year!!! your the man!!! Parasite, wage grabbing scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are dumber than a plank and obviously know nothing about football if laws late shot had went over we would have got drop goal decision and would be in game still

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