Will any of these players still be at Ibrox after Sunday?


“Rangers’ Class” seems to
be a completely forgotten phrase. Nowadays, with the level of the team at
something approaching negative values never mind the bottom, Rangers supporters
find themselves in endless debates with each other about which players of this
current squad would be good enough for an SPL Rangers.
Many suggest Bell,
Wallace, McGregor, Vuckic, and even Law; these sorts of players get repeatedly
peddled as good enough to play for Rangers in Scotland’s top tier, which only
goes to show just how standards have absolutely plummeted among Rangers

Let me be clear; not a single player in Rangers’ entire squad
is good enough for the SPL at this club.
The truth is after Sunday, no
matter the result, none of the players who have recently been lining up in the
Light Blue are likely to play for Rangers again. Certainly not as starters.
Squad depth, maybe, based on the likelihood that the board will not want to pay
all the rubbish off.
Newly-installed chairman Dave
King stated we want players who are ready to step up to the SPL when required, rather
than us having to construct a completely new team by the time we get promoted.
So, when the inevitable happens
and Rangers fail to make the grade on Sunday (and even if they defy the odds to
overcome the Steelmen) it is extremely likely a number of pay-offs will be
taking place to rid Rangers of players who simply are miles off the quality the
Club needs.
Look at the team who started last
night and compare them with the kind of team we had in 2011:
For Bell see                 McGregor
For Foster see             Whittaker
For Wallace see           Papac
For McGregor see        Goian
For Zaliukas see          Bocanegra
For Murdoch see          Edu
For Shiels see              Davis
For Law see                Aluko
For Vuckic see            Naismith
For Miller see              Jelavic
The gulf here is laughable. For
any Rangers fan to seriously suggest there is a single Rangers player in this
entire squad good enough to continue beyond this season highlights just how
depressingly below Rangers quality expectations have sunk.
The most common case is always
made for Wallace but he struggled to hold down a place in the SPL at Ibrox, and
instead of replacing Papac, often rotated with him. He has sacrificed the best
years of his career but his performance in these playoffs and these past three
seasons in general have not been of a player capable of playing at a higher
Think about it this way; which
players in this Rangers team would you trust to do the club some kind of
justice in the Champions League? When we look in the past and see the likes of
Beasley, Ferguson,
Cousin, Hutton et al, it is truly comical that anyone tries to make a single
case to support any of these present players as good enough for the SPL at
King wants a Rangers capable of
stepping up to the SPL. Well, Mr King, you have made your bed – it is time to
loosen the purse strings and replace near-enough the entire first team. Hearts
did it, at a fairly low cost – there are absolutely no excuses.
Win or not on Sunday; you have a
busy summer ahead.


  1. does anybody think for a minute if we dont go up king will put 30 million into our club lets face it he s not put apenny in yet all he does is borrow of the three bears and fuck of to south afica before anyone can ask him where his money is dont know about you but i can smell shite again

  2. Thing is we couldn,t afford the playersyou mention , yes they played for the mighty gers … but we had them on borrowed money….which really was cheating wasn,t it so…. we need to build up slowly again … never mind Hearts, they are a club with the right idea but if we follow their lead it will take years to build an honest team with dignity and respect …better to wait till we can steal playersfrom the opposition… after all we always have in the past …so look out alloa,and dumbarton were coming for your players cos after sunday you will be the opposition ! c,mon the teddy bears….. the cry is no surrender … buckfast rules ya bam…..

    • I see you write we???…..I that we as in the scumbags from the east end???…..away to your own dodgy sites and leave us true supports alone…..ya nugget….

  3. What we have not really been told is how much we are losing every month before King or other investers put money in. If we miss promotion I think we will be looking at another liquidation, quick way for King to get what he wants, hate to say this but we are going to miss Ashley J

    • Wait and see what we get from King, nothing but talk so far, he wants what he lost back, not anything else, Ashley at least put money in! J

  4. It's not the time for comparing ayers past and present. No point. Last night's shambles wasn't a surprise. Not for any bear who can watch a game whilst peering above the blue tinted specs.

    I wasn't surprised, not even disappointed….. I was and still am apoplectic with anger and rage. The mismanagement off the park has ended, the consequence of the mismanagement on it was there in spectacular technicolour last night.

    Wipe the slate in the football department, players, coaches (Wee Durranty included) and do it Sunday.

    £70M to win the 3rd & 2nd division. Enough's enough….do what we shoulda done years ago…build a team from the bottom up and drop the hangers on.

  5. 100% Mr McVelvet. We need a clean out of these jokers that purport to be Rangers players and we need to bring in a quality coach and a DoF.
    McCoist and McDowall were a joke but in reality McCall is not much better!

    • My fear is McCall will be loyal to a number of these charlatans. Law for one.

      Oot Skoot to the lot of them.

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