Monday, 18 May 2015

Rangers prepare for life without 13 players

When Queen of the South came to Ibrox yesterday, the home team put out by McCall continued an increasing trend the new manager has been setting, whether deliberately for his own tactical reasons, or encouraged by the board.

That is, since McCall took charge, virtually none of the 13 out of contract players have frequently played.

Whether a deliberate tactic to hasten their departures as desired by the board trying to cut the wage bill, or McCall’s judgement that they simply are not good enough, their departures from the first team has been as dramatic as it has welcome.

For the visit of the Doonhamers, the side selected was;

Bell, Foster, McGregor, Zaliukas, Wallace, Murdoch, Shiels, Law, Vuckic, Clark, Miller.

Only one of these players sees their deal end this summer, and that is the recently-returned Foster, who is a forced choice at right back with the alternative also being out of contract this summer, and currently injured; Sebastien Faure.

Otherwise there appears a quite systematic elimination of all the ‘out of contracters’ from the first team; Ian Black, Lee McCulloch (recently), Steve Simonsen, Steven Smith, Kyle Hutton, Kris Boyd, Bilel Mohsni, Lee Robinson and Jon Daly have found their opportunities reduced to next-to-zero with McCall’s selections all being players who have medium to long-term futures at the Club.

Black, Hutton, McCulloch, Mohsni and Boyd to name just five were regular to guaranteed starters under McCoist.

As this entry revealed, the wage bill is set to be sheared dramatically this summer with the impending exodus, and it seems the Club is preparing for that by phasing out all aforementioned players where it can to prepare Rangers for life with the rest of the squad, and new additions.

Either that or McCall has woken up to how bad most of those players actually are.


  1. I think he is doing a good job of disgarding those not good enough and who will never be good enough.
    This is not to say that all those who did play yesterday are considered good enough. They are the best he has to work with, right now. But if McCall is here next season, I suspect half of those players will be on the bench or in the reserves.
    Foster, Zaliuskas, Vuckic will go, although the latter is welcome to return. Miller and Clark will fight for a place on the bench. I suspect Shiels will have to take a jersey from Law, or join others on the bench. They will all be replaced by better, and there will be a stream of young players fighting to get onto the bench and prove their worth. McCall has already made it clear he gives youth a chance.

  2. It all depends in what league we are in at the end of our season. I'm sure the board has thing in hand,,,but there has to be a more realistic wage structure to justify the means. We simply cannot afford the wages the current squad are enjoying,, the gravy train must cease immediately. I'm sure all will be revealed after our season is done,,, hopefully with promotion,, Good luck lads,, We're Aye Ready!!!

  3. Think Stuart McCall has done a good job....considering the players he has...but hopefully changes will be made and removal of the thirteen players named....will be a good start...

  4. get rid of the shi*e give mcall some cash


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